Furry Feminists

My boyfriend likes nothing more than my silky soft skin; thighs, underarms etc. I too, feel sexiest this way, I like to feel and look smooth. I have well and truly bought into the gorgeous long legged women in the Gillette Venus goddess campaigns, the glamorisation of the beauty salon, how they’ve made pain, the Brazilian and plucking and preening a sparkly experience. In reality the process is anything but, with only the end result, resulting in anything glittering. 

We are sold tanned or fair skin, velvet soft, hairless beneath lacy lingerie. Blemish free armpits with happy smiles in dove deodorant campaigns, perfectly shaped eyebrows framing caked in make-up faces. So to sell us the process (razors, tweezers, threading or the salon experience as a whole) they package up the end result in a silky red ribbon - sprinkled in sequins. The reality of the process is wax strips in the bin overloaded with a mixture of sticky hard wax and dozens of hair, bright red plucked skin, incredible pain and the occasional in-grown hair. 

It makes me question whether it actually is sexier to be hairless or if the combination of a multi million beauty industry and years of drumming the ideology into society because of profit has decided this. If you really think about it, its crazy to think that its actually considered shameful by some to leave your pits unshaven - something that happens naturally, and for good reason. Have you ever forgotten to do it and felt embarrassed, ashamed or unsexy? That’s surely not normal. Something that takes time, effort and money to remove is worth pondering over, why have we conformed to this fabricated part of being feminine without ever questioning it? 

It turns out, if you haven’t heard, that there is a full arm-bush ambush and its kinda cool too. Many girls are freeing their inhibitions and growing their hair with Arvida Bystrom and Charlotte Free leading the way. Women are styling them long, short, pink, blue and in rainbow. I dare you to play around with a new armpitt barnett and tag me in your results!