hairy potato

Hairy girl.

Since I just got a  VERY sweet message, allow me to share something:

When I was 12, I was in gymnastics and going through puberty so of COURSE my body hair was growing in. I got called “hairy-mashed-potato” and “ogre”[I’m not shitting you]CONSTANTLY by one of the assistants. Awesome thing to call a girl going through puberty and wearing a leotard. Cool. That’s the first time I noticed that being hairy was “not ok.”

Of course as I got older, I realized that was BULLSHIT.

The last time I shaved my legs because of “social pressure” was during my senior year of high-school.  I attended an ALL GIRLS CATHOLIC school, & definitely felt the burn when taking senior pics and going on stage to get our diplomas.

Before the class photo, I quickly ran to the school bathroom in a panic and grabbed one of the boarding students razors. I shaved my legs as fast as I could and, of course, cut up  my legs in the process. As I ran back to the photo shoot, the bottom of my white robe got drenched in blood. Not only was I getting scolded by my classmates for being late, I also was extremely embarrassed because I was in front and everyone could see the blood splatters on my robe.Lovely.  I was humiliated and got many many shitty remarks from classmates, teachers and  even the photographer.

I never cared about my body hair before that…Not really, anyway. A girl once made a comment on it during my water -polo try outs and I just decided to freak her out by rubbing my “nasty” legs against her face when she bent down. She wigged out.  Some guy I was with adamantly promised he didn’t care I was hairy, but the moment I told him I wanted to cut my hair shorter, he said “if you cut your hair, you also have to shave your pits.” Of course I went buzzed and ignored his desires.

I have not shaved my legs due to PRESSURE for years since then and when anyone makes remarks, I decide to shrug it off, make them feel uneasy or laugh about it. I don’t do this to make a statement, I don’t not shave because I want to make a point, I just enjoy what I enjoy and say fuck you to those who have a weird issue with MY body. My girlfriend is hairier than me and I love it! I love MY hairs and I love smooth hairless soft legs as well. People just gotta do what they wanna do and… Fuck what people say or want from you if you’re not comfortable with it. Do you. Whatever you’re about, do you.

People and Xehanort
  • Eraqus: He's my friend who scared me, but he's good now.
  • Terra: He's the only one I trust. Well shit.
  • Aqua: Who?
  • Ventus: Dad? I'm what?
  • Sora: He's the bad guy. STAY DEAD ALREADY!
  • Riku: I was a perfectly good kid and he screwed me up. But I'm good now, more or less.
  • Organization 13: He's the boss.
  • Maleficent: He's the boss.
  • Ansem the Wise: He was good until he back stabbed me and banished me. Burn him.
  • Fandom: Dick whose hot when young but a potato when old. A very creepy hairy potato that possesses people.