hairy potato

kwillow replied to your photo “between prask and abel they only got 2 eyes. Depth perception? Hardly…”


he’d be a dark, hairy potato omg…

but it would be fully possible. The way I’ve been picturing things, there are a scant few werewolf bloodlines and they all hate each other (and typically everyone else for good measure) and as a result have Many Sworn Family Enemies, which definitely fits the profile of the Norths.

Then again I could also see Jo as High Vampire Nobility* which are ALSO feuding dramatic shit starters.

(*”vampire nobility” tends to be self declared and hinge on who can defend the title, but the older vampires tend to have obsessive customs re: respect so they’re sort of socially obligated to go along with calling each other “count” even if it’s self-appointed unless they like, prove themselves especially inept and have little to no minions or thralls or LAND)

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Headcannon about you? You're beautiful. Inside and out. You have a great smile and warm hugs that you give to those who really need them. :)

Awwww well now that I think about it I don’t hug many people at all! Heheh but when I do I like to think it’s a pretty good hug. :3

Also I’ve found it’s much easier to be nice to people online than irl… I dunno why


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Hairy girl.

Since I just got a  VERY sweet message, allow me to share something:

When I was 12, I was in gymnastics and going through puberty so of COURSE my body hair was growing in. I got called “hairy-mashed-potato” and “ogre”[I’m not shitting you]CONSTANTLY by one of the assistants. Awesome thing to call a girl going through puberty and wearing a leotard. Cool. That’s the first time I noticed that being hairy was “not ok.”

Of course as I got older, I realized that was BULLSHIT.

The last time I shaved my legs because of “social pressure” was during my senior year of high-school.  I attended an ALL GIRLS CATHOLIC school, & definitely felt the burn when taking senior pics and going on stage to get our diplomas.

Before the class photo, I quickly ran to the school bathroom in a panic and grabbed one of the boarding students razors. I shaved my legs as fast as I could and, of course, cut up  my legs in the process. As I ran back to the photo shoot, the bottom of my white robe got drenched in blood. Not only was I getting scolded by my classmates for being late, I also was extremely embarrassed because I was in front and everyone could see the blood splatters on my robe.Lovely.  I was humiliated and got many many shitty remarks from classmates, teachers and  even the photographer.

I never cared about my body hair before that…Not really, anyway. A girl once made a comment on it during my water -polo try outs and I just decided to freak her out by rubbing my “nasty” legs against her face when she bent down. She wigged out.  Some guy I was with adamantly promised he didn’t care I was hairy, but the moment I told him I wanted to cut my hair shorter, he said “if you cut your hair, you also have to shave your pits.” Of course I went buzzed and ignored his desires.

I have not shaved my legs due to PRESSURE for years since then and when anyone makes remarks, I decide to shrug it off, make them feel uneasy or laugh about it. I don’t do this to make a statement, I don’t not shave because I want to make a point, I just enjoy what I enjoy and say fuck you to those who have a weird issue with MY body. My girlfriend is hairier than me and I love it! I love MY hairs and I love smooth hairless soft legs as well. People just gotta do what they wanna do and… Fuck what people say or want from you if you’re not comfortable with it. Do you. Whatever you’re about, do you.

REQUEST EXO REACTION when you’re tired and you talk in your mother language


As you keep mumbling in your mother language he’d grow too curious and would really want to know what you’re talking about. Where is that goddamn translator app when you need it..


He’d just watch you with a loving look as you keep talking. Admiring the way your mouth forms such beautiful sounding words he never heard of. Later on he wouldn’t miss the chance to ask you if you could teach him some of them.


Because you were too tired you didn’t realized you switched languages and as you ask him a question and look at him expectingly he would just laugh very akward and very loud. “HAHAHAHA yeah no, I have no idea what you just said, babe.”


D.O would slightly grin but not saying a word because firstly he thinks it’s way too cute that you don’t realize your mistake and secondly he likes the sound of your mother language.


He’d be so confused but wouldn’t want to show it so he covers it up with his dorky self:“Yah! You know you’re not the only bi-lingual genius here, right?“


Since he’s very good with languages he wouldn’t mind you talking in your mother tongue. Actually he would rather enjoy it, probably encouraging you even to talk more. “You now (y/n) that sounds pretty sick.”


I think he’d find it pretty appealing when he hears you talking. You look so careless and free because you don’t have to translate everything so he’d watch you in awe.


Because of your tiredness you would constantly switch languages every few seconds, even inbetween sentences. Not being able to understand the full content he would start to laugh as he only heard some familiar words which made no sense. Aish what is this girl talking abot? Potato .. hairy .. dolphin?


Trying to troll you, he’d start a conversation with you as he talks gibberish. But as he sees that you failed to realize it he can’t help but burst into laughter.


Oh dear god. Should I interrupt her? But she looks so cute. On the other hand she could tell me how much she loves me right now and I wouldn’t understand that. Aah, decisions decisions..


You were just telling him a pretty exciting story but because you got more and more tired and lazy you simply switched to your mother tongue. Tao’s reaction was rather frustated as he was very eager to hear the end of it. “Oh come one (y/n)! Are you being serious?”


Xiumin would swing infront of you, trying to catch your attention somehow again as you are babbling in your mother language again. “Babe, are you there? I’d really love to know how your shoe landed on the street but for that you need to speak korean, pretty please?”