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Devaronian worldbuilding | biology & sexes

[ More worldbuilding for Devaronians, concerning the differences between females and males this time! With a little doodle to illustrate it (under the cut). Enjoy! ]

[picture source: official Star Wars artwork]

Devaronian biology

The Devaronians, or Devish, are a sentient species, native from the planet of Devaron.

Devaronians are mammalians.

The average height of an adult male Devaronian is 190cm (6'3), females are known to be just slightly smaller – thus, the Devaronians are known as being relatively tall and impressive.

The Devaronians have evolved from a species of horned primates who lived in the jungles of Devaron, millions of years ago.

Devaronians have black, silver-based blood. Because silver, as an element, does not carry oxygen very efficiently, Devaronians have two livers : they work doubly hard to filter the carcinogens from their blood stream, and thus to deliver oxygen to every parts of the body. As such, Devaronians are extremely resistant to most illnesses and most poisons, and it takes many, many drinks to get them even just a little inebriated.

Their tongues are extremely long.


The native language of Devaronians is called Devaronese. It is a very complicated language, and very hard for outsiders to learn. The language is very guttural, and is a mix of words and growls. As a result, a conversation between two Devaronians talking in Devaronese is remarkably unsettling to witness for an off-worlder. Few Devaronians (especially the males) bothered to learn the language as Basic was more used and widespread. Both males and females were known to speak Basic with a very noticeable accent, though some of them lost it if they spent many years offworld without ever speaking their native language again.

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Adventures in Middle-earth pt. 6

Word count: 1,714
Warnings: Mild sadness!
Synopsis: You were an extreme introvert and you stumbled into the world of Middle-earth and becoming part of the company where your feelings for the dwarf king grew.

Originally posted by nafanya-a-a

Mirkwood was a dark and dingy place, you did not like it at all. It was nothing like the forest outside your back garden which was full of wonder and mystery, this one felt sick and dark and humid. You hated the smell it had as well, it wasn’t fresh like nature usually smelt, it was a dead smell that really made you feel queasy. You began feeling light headed walking around in this forsaken forest.
“I don’t like this forest, it feels sick.” both you and Bilbo said almost in unison,
“We have no choice but to go through it if we want to get to the mountain before Durin’s day.” Thorin sounded stern, that wasn’t out of the ordinary though. You were wondering what could be going on in his head, was he really shy? Maybe Kili was right, maybe he did have feelings for you but he didn’t want to admit it. Why else would he have ignored you? You almost wanted to just walk up to him and even in front of the company just confront him but that was just not appropriate, you can’t put your feelings before the well being of the company.

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bundáskenyér [ˈbundaːʃkɛɲeːr]
[Literally::: bread with fur]

bundás’ (slang)

bunda [ˈbundɑ]
1) fur (the hairy coat of a mammal)
2) fur coat (the coat made out of fur); pelisse
3) bribe (slang)

kenyér [ˈkɛɲeːr] – bread


at least 2 eggs
2-3 slices of bread
Sunflower oil

1) Break the eggs and stir them in one plate, as if you were about to make an omelette.
2) Put sunflower oil in a sauce pan and start heating it.
3) Take a slice of bread and put in the plate with the omelette-want-to-be-eggs. Let it soak up a second and then repeat with the other side.
4) Put the slice of bread in the preheated oil and fry it. Repeat it with the other side. Keep it there for a while. Take a plate or pot and put a napkin in it. When the bread gets that nice yellow-brown color you can see on the photos, place it into that plate or pot with the napkin, so that the napkin can soak up the oil.
5) Now you have your first slice of bundáskenyér. Sprinkle with salt and eat until the slice is warm. You can pour some ketchup on it, or dunk/sop the bundás’ into ketchup a bit.

Seventeen as Bad Dad Jokes

S.coups: what time was the mans dentist appointment? Tooth hurt-y 

 Jeonghan: I’m hungry. “Hi hungry I’m dad" 

 Joshua: dad can you make me a sandwich? "POOF! You’re a sandwich" 

 Jun: what do you call cheese by itself? Provolone 

 Hoshi: what did the pirate say on his 80th birthday? Aye matey 

 Woozi: hey dad what’s your best dad joke? "You." 

 Wonwoo: what do you call a fish with no eyes? A fshhhhh 

 DK: what’s the difference between a poorly dressed man on a tricycle and a well dressed man on a bicycle? Attire. 

 The8: why do bears have hairy coats? Fur protection. 

 Mingyu: what’s this movie about? "It’s about 2hrs" 

 Seungkwan: "knock, knock.” Who’s there? “Ice cream soda.” Ice cream soda who? “i scream so da everyone can hear meeeeeeee!" 

 Vernon: what was Beethoven’s favorite fruit? Ba-na-na-naaaa 

 Dino: whiteboards are remarkable