Dating Blink Would Include...

Anonymous requested:  I loved your dating Diana Prince would be like…post! Could you do the same topic but with Blink from X-Men Days of Future Past? Thank U!

  • Blink’s a unique looking mutant
  • (Beautiful, but unique)
  • She was self conscious 
  • And thought that her entire life would be dedicated to helping mutants with no time for romance 
  • Until you came along
  • You thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world
  • You could stare into her green eyes for hours and never get bored
  • And she thought you were just as beautiful too
  • So she made the first move
  • And you have been in love with her ever since
  • You thinking her powers are totally badass
  • “So if I’m in a… situation, can I just text you and you can open a portal that I can jump through?” “By situation do you mean getting murdered?” “Yeah… or maybe I’m just in awkward situation, ran into an ex, creepy guy hitting on me, awkward family dinner…” “You’re lucky I love you.”
  • Blink constantly playing with your hair
  • Worrying about her every time she goes on a mission
  • Immediately clicking with the rest of the X-Men when you meet them
  • Being best friends with Kitty Pryde
  • Making out
  • A lot
  • Whenever Charles reads her minds, he always sees you
  • “Clarice, can you stop thinking about Y/N for one second and focus on the mission?”
  • Her favorite feeling in the world is the feeling of you being in her arms
  • Blink giving you all the love she can offer
  • And you giving her the same