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ID #96604

Name: Rebecca
Age: 24
Country: Canada

Hello! I am a 24 year old lesbian who loves her wife and her dogs. I am an almost hairstylist but that’s a long story. I am looking for a pen pal because, in 5 months I am embarking on the biggest adventure of my life (moving to the west coast). Also, more about me, I love country music and I am a singer. I love to make people smile and I live to bake for my closest friends. I love photography, camping and astrology. I am obsessed with winnie the pooh and getting tattoos. I could go on and on,

I am specifically looking for pen pals because like I mentioned, I like making people smile, sending them little gifts and things I see that would make them smile. I am also looking for maybe making new friends on the east coast that I can make new life long friends with :)

Preferences: I would prefer someone over the age of 21. Someone lgbtq+ friendly. I enjoy writing through snail mail but I will write through emails too. Whichever works best.

I’m not sure if I’ll have time to do this in the long run, but I’d love to add a hairstylist spotlight to this blog. It would be liiiike featuring a different stylist’s work every week so others can discover them or even go to them if they’re in their area! I don’t know - would anyone like that?? Or, if you’re a stylist, would you want to participate?