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This is going to be long, but I have a really important thing to say lol. 

I am a black woman, and Here’s my opinion on cultural appropriation, white people wearing cornrows, box braids, dreadlocks, and stuff like that.  Also, A LOT of people on this unpopular opinions website think there is no such thing as cultural appropriation, but that’s not true, there is. It’s just that ALOT of people on tumblr overall take every little thing and claim its “cultural appropriation” which blows things out of proportion. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know what does and doesn’t count as cultural appropriation and I have actually studied this, so I’ll point it out for you.  I think this post is important to clear some things up. 

 For example, if you’re wearing something that has a true cultural or religious significant meaning behind it and you are just using it as a fashion accessory, then that’s wrong because someone’s culture isn’t a fashion statement. Also, it is truly wrong to wear something that is a part of someone’s culture in a way that MOCKS that person and their culture. It’s a serious part of their culture and it should be taken seriously. This shouldn’t be mocked or made fun of simply for the sake of fashion, or being funny. Like seriously, making fun of an entire culture of people or an aspect of a culture isn’t cool.  

Also, even though some sjw’s on tumblr can be a little too radical at times,  something that sjw’s on tumblr really are correct about, is the fact that when white people participate in a particular activity, or wear a certain hairstyle, they are praised for it. But when black people, do it, they are slandered for it.  For example, when it comes to hairstyles, society usually tells black people that they look ghetto and unprofessional for wearing dreadlocks. But when white people do it, fashion blogs and the media say that it’s “trendy and cool”. Also, i have seen lots of women, of different races, dye their hair different colors of the rainbow, such as blue, purple, pink, orange, green, red, etc. When black women do it, people say they look ghetto and ratchet. But when white women do it, people say they look trendy and alternative. And even though there are women from all different races and ethnicities that get hair extensions, weave, and wear wigs, black women are the ONLY race of women that are constantly shamed, slandered, and belittled to a tremendous extent because we wear weave, or other types of fake hair like wigs. I have never seen an entire race of women that have been constantly slandered for wearing fake hair collectively as a whole race, the same way black women have been slandered for wearing fake hair collectively as a whole race.

Even black women’s natural, unprocessed hair is constantly slandered, and society considers it to be “nappy”. But everyone loves white woman’s natural hair. To be honest, society never slanders white women’s hair or what white women choose to do with their hairstyles collectively as a whole in the same way that society slanders black women and black women’s hairstyles. 

 So long story short, tumblr is pretty much pissed off about how society is basically creating this ideology that no matter what white women choose to do with their hair, it’s considered a good hairstyle, but no matter what black women choose to do with their hair (even if they wanna leave their natural hair out) it’s considered ugly and bad. THAT is what sjw’s are pissed off about, and that is a reasonable thing to be pissed off about. The entire race of Black women do not deserve to be slandered for their hairstyles. Seriously. That’s so fucked up. 

 And, sjw’s are also correct about the fact that there are certain things that black people did actually originate, and they aren’t given credit for it, in the fashion industry. And that’s really not fair. for example, deadlocks, Bantu knots and cornrows were created by African black people YEARSSS AGO. It originated from Africans. But when the fashion blogs and magazines, and fashion shows/celebrity news shows, started putting box braids, cornrows, Bantu knots, dreadlocks, and other black hairstyles that originated from black women, in their media outlets, they constantly gave all the credit for the origin of this hairstyle to white women. That isn’t fair bc the real people who deserve credit for those hairstyles’ origins are black people bc they created it.  

However, as a black woman myself, when it comes to white people themselves wearing dreads, I generally do not care. It’s just a hairstyle and it’s not that serious to me. It would be cultural appropriation if a white person used a hairstyle to MOCK/make fun of black people, and degrade and slander blacks. But if a white woman is simply just wearing something like box braids, cornrows, dreadlocks, or Bantu knots, then that’s not cultural appropriation to me because it’s just a hairstyle. I will definitely admit that these hairstyles originated form African culture, because these hairstyles really did originate in Africa, and were used (and still are used today) to style hair, and/or to put African American textured hair in a protective hairstyle. However, there is no actual cultural significance to these hairstyles other than just that: styling hair and/or being used as a protective hairstyle for Afro-Centric hair. There’s no other cultural significance or deep rooted meaning behind these hairstyles, so therefor, white people who are simply just wearing one of those hairstyles, does not count as cultural appropriation to me. 

The number one thing that I, as a black woman am pissed off about, is the fact that society slanders just about anything we as black women choose to do with our hair. When we wear weaves/or wigs, society says we as black woman are “fake” and make fun of us for not wearing our natural hair out. But when we do leave our natural hair out, society considers it to be “nappy”. If we perm out hair, society says we’re “trying to straighten our hair to be white”, when we put it in box braids, cornrows, or dreads, society says our hair is “unprofessional”. That’s so fucked up. If you don’t necessarily like a certain hairstyle on a particular woman who just so happens to be black, that’s fine, you’re entitled to your opinion. But to just slander the majority of black women’s hairstyles collectively as a whole is just racist as hell, and just so fucked up.

And having said that, I am NOT actually mad at the white women themselves who choose to wear hairstyles like that. I’m mad at the racist people (and the fashion media sometimes) who believe white women are the only race of women who can look good with those hairstyles. I’m mad at the racist people  who refuse to believe that black women can do whatever they want with their and don’t deserve to be slandered for it. I’m mad at the racist people who slander black women for choosing to do what they want with their hairstyles.

I don’t understand why other black women are actually mad at white women themselves for trying these hairstyles. Shouldn’t your anger be targeted towards the racist people who believe only those white women are beautiful with that hairstyle and you are not? Because that’s who I’m mad at. I’m not mad at white women. They didn’t do anything except for try a hairstyle, so what’s wrong with that? I wouldn’t tell a white person to not do a certain hairstyle, because that would be just as prejudiced as someone telling me that I shouldn’t do a certain hairstyle. I know how much it hurts when someone slanders my hair & my hairstyles, so I’m not going to do that to another person and their hairstyle, white or black. 

I see a lot of black women on tumblr getting pissed off about the fact that media outlets and the fashion media praises white women for certain hairstyles and slanders the exact same hairstyles on black women.  And it is completely understandable that black women are mad about this: it’s clearly racism and racism is wack. However, I often see how many other black women believe the solution to this racism affecting black women’s hairstyles is that white women simply shouldn’t wear dreadlocks, cornrows, weave, or box braids at all. And in my opinion, that’s not the problem. The REAL problem is the media outlets and the fashion media. This is because the media outlets and the fashion media refuse to believe black women are beautiful with certain hairstyles, they refuse to give the REAL credit to the origin of a hairstyle, and they refuse to praise black women for the same hairstyles. 

So what are yall’s thoughts on my post? You can leave some feedback and let me know what you think! :-)

anonymous asked:

i know this probably sounds strange but i really love tony's haircut and want to get mine cut like that, but i'm not really sure how to go about bringing your art to a barber? are there any specific images/time-periods with the hairstyle that inspired his hair of real-live (if that makes sense) people that i could bring to one? thanks!!!

Hello! Man I’m really endeared! It’s kinda hard to explain the style since I just draw a sorta nonspecific cartooney pompadour, but I found some images that I hope are helpful for the general kinda vibe I would imagine…

good luck! I hope this is helpful in any way…



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Reply 1988 - Lets Break Down

Red Herring….Yes the hints are all double sided. Which means, the writers did purposely throw all this clues with some can point strongly to one contender, while some favouring to the other hero. Or may be to both men since some clues are mutually exclusive. Allow me to just dissect each one:

Hint#1 Mr Husband overall vibe/character/even hairstyle. This scream Jung Hwan. One thing about Kdrama, they always make the young and adult character to have the same hairstyle. ALWAYS. I know i know people do change their hairstyle in the real world as they growing up. But this is not necessarily true in Kdrama world. 

Hint#2 Smoking. Yes this is leaning towards Taek since we don’t know if Junghwan pick up smoking or not after their school years. Well, being in army can easily make Jung Hwan pick up smoking yes may be?

Hint#3 Mr Husband awkward with grown up No Eul? I don’t know why but i feel like when mr husband said he was awkward with No Eul in the present day it sounded like a joke to me. Like he was trying to pull his leg by saying that since No Eul was looking so old than his age. (i.e. Mr Husband is someone that likes to pull jokes- so like JungHwan) The flash back in ep. 18 showed that JungHwan speak in banmal with No Eul when he passed the christmas gift. Also someone did posted that Teak speak banmal with No Eul too but I don’t remember when the two had any exchange in line before this.

Hint#4 The Sun Woo confession then rejection. The strongest hint leaning towards Jung Hwan. Yes Mr husband knows all about this. But of course, Writernim can always throw one flash back that Taek was just nearby and he saw the whole thing. Who knows?

Hint#5 The postcard sent to radio show- Crush on Sun Woo. This is another strong clue in Jung Hwan favours. Because the only way for Taek to know this is if Junghwan or Deuk Sun actually break the story to the gang. And we know that will be very unlikely. 

Hint#6 Their bickering. We saw how Mr husband and Deuk Sun exchange arguments, banters and bickers so much as well. That neon signs Jung Hwan. Also even in 1994 (ep. 18), when the five are together everytime they bullied Deuk Sun  (saying she’ll get dumped) notice it was always the other 3 guys that was all loud. And notice that Taek usually just all smile without actually joining them in bullying Deuk Sun. It shows that Taek won’t be in that kind character with Deuk Sun. He was and probably will always be nice and sweet towards Deuk Sun especially since he loves her even after years of marriage.

Hint#7 Interview Awkwardness. In ep 18. we were told by Deuk Sun that Mr Husband hates being interviewed. That is back leaning towards Taek. And notice how when Mr husband arrived he was all weird and awkward in front of the camera and all.  Much like Teak awkward character. But of course, we don’t know if Jung Hwan could be awkward in front of camera as well or not. After all Jung Hwan was not some famous baduk celebrity. Mr Husband also seemed to recognise someone in the crowd behind the camera. Could be a reporter from the past during Taek glory days? or may be just the interviweer from their house last time? who knows?

Hint#8 Mr husband being left-handed?. It was shown before that Mr Husband dominant hand seemed to be the left-hand side. The way he was holding his coffee or a cup of water. At a glance he seemed like a natural left-handed person. We know Taek is left-handed. But that is just from our general observation. Mr Husband nor Deuk Sun never claimed him being left-handed. So a right handed Jung Hwan can of course hold the coffee with his left hand with no problem.

Hint#9 Manhwa Fan. Mr Husband seemed to be an avid Manhwa fan including the weird kind. Well, we know Jung Hwan was one back in the school days, but i think Taek did share the same hobby as well. Not a surprise since the gang basically do everything together in Taek’s room.

Hint#10 Dressed down during winter. I think this is leaning towards Taek. And I remember Deuk Sun used to nag him about not wearing thick enough jacket or even not wearing socks when the weather was cold.

Hint#11 The Photo. Hard to say. Well both men smiled in the said photos. Mr husband also seemed to remember the event leading to the photo quite well at the back of his head. Think about it both Jung Hwan and Taek did treasure the photo with one keeping it close to him in his wallet and the later keep it safe in his diary. So hard to say.

Hint#12 Mr Husband is embarrassed with Deuk Sun’s weird dancing. LOL. With this one i can’t think of anything but Jung Hwan. While I’m sure he has a second hand embarrassment when Deuk Sun did something goofy and silly. But I’m sure he doesn’t hate it either. Remember when Deuk Sun was goofing with Jung Hwan’s dad. That was gold. Jung Hwan was forever smitten. 

Hint#13 Deuk Sun claimed Mr Husband dated a lot of girls (a lot can be very subjective) In episode 18 Dungryong did asked Junghwan why he never dated seriously. He went to a few matchmaking and did date for 1-2 months. That means Jung Hwan did meet up with other girls after their high school year but may be number wise not that many. For Taek, it was also mentioned in this episode that he went to many matchmaking (more than the other boys) but never actually successful. Sun Woo clarifies that all the girls found him boring after actually meeting him since he doesn’t talk much. So that means both of them are possible.

In conclusion, it was obvious that the writer did throw clues for both sides. The writer did mentioned that they still haven’t decide the husband in an article that was published at the end of Dec 2015. Only after the first week of Jan 2016, they clarified that they’ve picked one husband as the show continue filming episode 19 and 20.

Therefore, I’m sure they will end up throwing some flashback scenes to justify the clues so the puzzle will finally “fit” the story.

Unlike AM1994, where they filmed both possible endings (my personal opinion still think this was ridiculous since oppa was meant to be the husband no matter what and it doesn’t make sense otherwise), with AM1988, only one possible ending is being filmed. So Mr Husband is that one person. 

That aside, #teamjunghwan for the win #teamiloveyoutaek still!