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More Trollhunters fic ideas (help me, I think to much)

- Jim loses a bet with Claire and has to dye his hair. She decides to be merciful and allows him to go with that hidden colors hairstyle, with the top layers seeming normal and different shades of blue and violet underneath. (Claire isn’t skilled enough to do this herself, she either gets help from a friend or they go to a salon. Jim is embarassed, especially when the trolls notice the change and won’t stop poking his hair in fascination)

- Halloween themed fic: Jim and Claire in matching outfits of dark cloth and spooky blank masks. Toby calls them boring and generic costumes, but the trolls are a bit spooked, especially when the two keep moving and speaking in perfect sync. Of course when Blinky starts giving them slightly concerned looks they break character to giggle and reassure him.
Bonus: Claire and Jim don’t spend long collecting candy before they climb up on someone’s roof and start singing haunting songs at random passersby. Toby films the whole thing to show the others later.

- parkour Jim. He just starts climbing on random things at every given opportunity. There is a reason for this. One day when they encounter a changeling, Jim immediately gets to a vantage point above them, and just drops, summoning the armor mid-fall and stomping on their back.

- the kids coming up with various codes and phrases to use if they think one of them has been replaced with a changeling or something else that mimics. All of the codes are based on memes or song lyrics.

- the trolls are concerned when the kids use dark humor. Toby goes “I just realized. I wouldn’t have to deal with this mountain of homework if I just set myself on fire.” *cue concerned looks* Jim replies “nah, that would also hurt. Like a lot” *slight relief* Jim continues “it’d be better if you grabbed an electrical cable. if your heart stops they can revive you” *conCERN INCREASES* “well if I’m not going to die, then what’s the point Jim” *CHILDREN WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS*

- I really want to write a thing where Toby and Jim are severely sleep deprived and really showing the signs of it. Giggling at almost everything, walking and bumping into random objects, having outright bizarre conversations. It ends in fluff, with the two of them falling asleep side by side while Arrrgh sits near them protectively, to ensure that they are safe through the night.

- Claire makes that joke about “drink a mug of Deathwish coffee spiked with Redbull and crushed caffeine pills so you can astral project into a Dennys parking lot and fight your shadow self” and the trolls are just “??? W h a t ?????”

- Jim is temporarily incapacitated, by burns or poison or some other injury, and he has to take a week or so off training to recover. He feels guilty, because he certainly can’t improve his skills by laying around, and he’s frustrated, because if he’d been a troll and not a fragile human, the injuries wouldn’t have even happened. The others reassure him, and bring up his human traits that have given him the advantage (ie his creativity and quick thinking, the nimbleness that allowed him to best larger foes, and his outright refusal to give up in hopeless situations)

That’s all for now, feel free to add your own ideas if you wish!


Several months ago, we finished another Princess Vanellope 12″ Doll for a commission. We strove to make her even more accurate than the first. :) She also has a new faceup and hairstyle. She has 6 layers of gradient pink-fuschia skirts, tons of puffballs, seed beads, and a long fuschia velvet cape with white lace edged neckdress.

What do you think of her?

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Men’s fashion, ca. 1830: Masterpost

Finally we’re done with men’s fashion, and we can have a masterpost!  Every time I do a men’s fashion mini-post in the future, I’ll update this.

1.) Hairstyles.

2.) The bottom layers (shirts, underwear, trousers, braces, corsets).

3.) Cravats.

4.) Waistcoats.

5.) Coats.

6.) Other coats.

7.) Accessories (shoes, hats, gloves, jewelry, walking-sticks).

8.) Eyeglasses.

SO i work behind the bar for a wedding company and last night. there was this tall skinny guy who i didn’t really pay any particular attention to apart from him being quite cute in a youthful kind of way? and was wearing a waistcoat but with black skinny jeans and more casual shoes which was kinda cool in a hipster way. anyway as everyone was leaving and waiting for taxis he got all his stuff out of the cloakroom and put on a grey fucking hoodie and a snapback? so anyway here’s me coming back from the stockroom and look over towards the sofas and notice this guy in a grey hoodie with blonde curls poking out from under a backwards snapback, hunched over his phone with long legs in black skinny jeans… i swear i nearly had an aneurysm

As a self-confessed Pre-Raphaelite - a term that by the 1880s was interchangeable with ‘Aesthete’ - Constance was carrying a torch whose flame had ben lit in the 1850s by a group of women associated with the founding Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood painters. Women such as Elizabeth Siddal and Jane Morris, the wives respectively of the painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti and the poet, designer and socialist William Morris, had modelled for the Pre-Raphaelite artists, wearing loose, flowing gowns.
But it was not just their depiction on canvas that sparked a new fashion among an intellectual elite. Off canvas these women also establised new liberties for women that some twenty years later were still only just being taken up by a wider female population. They pioneered new kinds of dresses, with sleeves either sewn on at the shoulder, rather than below it, or puffed and loose. While the rest of the female Victorian populace had to go about with their arms pinned to their bodies in tight, unmoving sheaths, the Pre-Raphaelite women could move their arms freely, to paint or pose or simply be comfortable. The Pre-Raphaelite girls also did away with the huge, bell-shaped crinoline skirts, held out by hoops and cages strapped on to the female undercarriage. They dispensed with tight corsets that pinched waists into hourglasses, as well as the bonnets and intricate hairstyles that added layer upon layer to a lady’s daily toilette.
Their 'Aesthetic’ dress, as it became known, was more than just a fashion; it was a statement. In seeking comfort for women it also spoke of a desire for liberation that went beyond physical ease. It was also a statement about female creative expression, which in itself was aligned to broader feminist issues. The original Pre-Raphaelite sisterhood lived unconventionally with artists, worked at their own artistic projects and became famous in the process. Those women who wore Aesthetic dress in their wake tended to believe that women should have the right to a career and ultimately be enfranchised with the vote.
[…] And so Constance, with 'her ugly dresses’, her schooling and her college friends, was already in some small degree a young woman going her own way. Moving away from the middle-class conventions of the past, where women were schooled by governesses at home, would dress in a particular manner and be chaperoned, Constance was already modern.
—  Constance: The Tragic and Scandalous Life of Mrs Oscar Wilde, Franny Moyle.

I’m bored again, and since I won’t be home until after nine tomorrow, I’ll probably have a lot of free time.

I’ve always had a hair aesthetic. Send in a character (mine or not, as long as I’m somewhat familiar with them) and a hairstyle (bobbed, long, layered, up braid, ect), and I’ll draw a bust of them with that hair