I was just telling someone about my cruel and unusual low iodine diet for treatment and they were like “Oh, so it’s really healthy”… 

UHHH, how did we get here, brethren??

Eating only a few tasteless foods for weeks on end is not “healthy”! It’s not healthy from a nutritional standpoint and it’s even less healthy psychologically (and those things are not wholly distinct).

If your idea of health requires unnecessary suffering, like some zealous medieval weirdo, how about you just get yourself a hairshirt then go ahead and eat dairy products

The dependence saddens and disgusts me
But I know the leash won’t tighten
And I know the eyes won’t strain
And not one part of you
Yearns for whatever is beyond
The plot you lawfully purchased
But I still have a hairshirt of purpose
That I claim to love

I keep it in my closet
And dream of the day
That I don it again
And subsequently set it ablaze

A look further back
I see nothing; no wooded area, no thaw, and no freeze
Just scuffs and pinholes
In drywall that’s twelve years old
So I party eremetic

casesuit  asked:

I know that Cleganebowl isn't going to happen (thank god), but I am wondering who The Faith is going to choose as its champion in Cersei's trial. This is obviously going to be a person who dies horribly, but who the smallfolk will love, at first. He needs to be a warrior of great skill, to even stand a chance against a knight of the Kingsguard. My initial thought was Garlan Tyrell, because of family etc., but he has things to do in The Reach. Who do you think is going to go to bat for the Seven?

I’m thinking the Faith will probably put up one of their own. And considering over 100 knights have joined the restored Warrior’s Sons, they have a lot to choose from. But if you’d like to hear of names we know, let me mention a few:

  • Bonifer Hasty, called “Ser Bonifer the Good”. Pros: used to be a famous tourney knight; his romance with then-Princess Rhaella Targaryen is something the smallfolk would love; as is his devotion to the the Faith after Rhaella was married; holds Harrenhal, so could suffer the Harrenhal curse and also his facing Gregor would be somewhat ironic. Cons: is kind of old and not the warrior he used to be; holds Harrenhal, so they may not want to call him away to King’s Landing to be a champion (not that that stopped Gregor, before); it’s not known if he’s joined the Warrior’s Sons (though it does sound right up his alley).
  • Lancel Lannister. Pros: a hero of the Blackwater; is fervent in his faith; was a friend of the previous High Septon; one of Cersei’s accusers; once handsome; almost certainly doomed in general. Cons: since his injury at the Blackwater he’s been very sick and weak and furthermore he fasts for his sins so he’s not getting any better; now that his father’s been murdered, he might not stay with the Faith (but he probably will); not sure of the law— can one of the witnesses against Cersei even be a champion against her?
  • Theodan Wells, called “Ser Theodan the True”. Pros: commander of the Warrior’s Sons; very pious, one of the first to pledge himself to the reborn Faith Militant; was mentioned by name often in Cersei’s AFFC/ADWD chapters, which could be setting him up for this. Cons: um… nothing that I can think of?

Other options for the Faith’s Champion could be a Warrior’s Son that hasn’t been named yet, maybe one of Bonifer’s Holy Hundred. (I wouldn’t be surprised if most of them are the knights that joined the Faith.) Or some ~mystery~ knight, though I most sincerely doubt it will be anyone the theorists have considered. (*cough* Sandor *cough* Loras *cough*) But anyway, I’d put that sort of surprise as much lower odds than the Faith choosing a holy knight fervent in his beliefs that the Seven are on his side. Especially if they suspect the truth about Ser Robert Strong.

“I fear no shade, ser. It is written in The Seven-Pointed Star that spirits, wights, and revenants cannot harm a pious man, so long as he is armored in his faith.”
“Then armor yourself in faith, by all means, but wear a suit of mail and plate as well.”

— Bonifer Hasty and Jaime Lannister, A Feast For Crows

'Lost Boy' Verse (Nostelle) Part 16/19

Pairing: Nosty + Belle

thestraggletag prompted: Unconsciously, Nosty begins building pillow forts in Belle’s living room. He likes to curl up inside them with Belle.

anonymousnerdgirl prompted: Nosty sleeps rough away from the lads on his first night back on the streets, and he remembers making love to Belle. His mind takes the scenario and distorts it.

A/N: There was a washing machine interlude (x).

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