dom!Peter vs dom!Y/N would include

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  • Peter Parker may be an adorkable goofball 
  • but when he gets jealous his adorableness turns into sexiness and his awkwardness turns into dominance
  • whenever he sees any other person being close to you or checking you out, he gets this burning desire to let you know who you belong to
  • having a tight grip on your arm as he’s taking you to his bedroom
  • but not to tight because he doesn’t want to hurt his angel
  • as soon as the door is closed, he starts ripping your clothes off your gorgeous body
  • leaving hickeys all over your neck and chest
  • biting your lower lip every now and then
  • “tell me, whose making you feel like this?”
  • leaving open mouthed kisses on your tummy
  • “you are mine and mine only, angel”
  • thrusting deep into you as you’re moaning his name
  • “say it doll, say that you’re mine”
  • holding the back of your neck with his hand and firmly kissing you
  • “no one is allowed to see you like this, angel”
  • him making you see stars
  • leaving sloppy kisses on each other as you’re both coming down from your high
  • -2 minutes after-
  • “i didn’t hurt you doll, did i?”
  • “i’m sorry angel if i hurt you, i adore you”
  • “want me to order a pizza for us, your favorite?”


  • this usually happens when you’re on Tumblr and you’re reading a sub!Peter smut
  • making him sit on your bed
  • standing in front of him in nothing but his shirt
  • “take off your clothes Peter, right now!”
  • him hardening from seeing the dominant side of you
  • slowly going near him and sitting on his lap
  • biting his earlobe as you’re whispering what you’re going to do to him
  • tugging on his curly brown hair
  • rolling your hips on his at painfully slow race
  • him trying to caress your inner thigh
  • “tsk-tsk Peter, you’re not touching me until i tell you so”
  • him moaning desperately for your affection
  • “p-please doll, let me touch you, let me make you feel good”
  • licking his lower lip before biting it
  • palming him through his boxers
  • him being a moaning hot mess under your control
  • hearing his voice crack as he’s begging for release
  • leaving open-mouthed kisses on his neck as he comes in his boxers