Vocal Unit’s Polaroids for K☆Star Lovers + Interview

The genius who is the team leader and songwriter! Woozi

Name: Woozi
Date of Birth / Blood type: November 22, 1996 / Type A
Charming Points: Lyricist, composer
Role in the Group: Producer, vocal leader
Ideal Type: Friendly/kind woman
Favourite Food: Meat
Hobbies: Sleep
Words You Want to Say to The Members: Always fighting! (<-Cheering)
Future Goals: SEVENTEEN’s success
A Message to Japanese Fans!: Thank you very much for always sending much love! We’ll work harder! I love you~

More beautiful than women! With Angel as his nickname, Jeonghan

Name: Jeonghan
Date of Birth / Blood type: October 4, 1995 / Type B
Charming Points: Long hair
Role in the Group: Members’ go-to for consultation of their worries
Ideal Type: Attractive/charming woman
Favourite Food: Pasta
Hobbies: [Laughing at] Wonwoo’s gag
Words You Want to Say to The Members: Let’s always believe in each other, and continue to be together as SEVENTEEN!
Future Goals: I would like to show my growth little by little, and I’d like to be able to enjoy myself on the stage more than now.
A Message to Japanese Fans!: Our Japanese fans, thank you very much for liking SEVENTEEN! I love you! We’ll show a much better appearance through growth!

Certainly an English native. Gentleman Joshua who grew up in LA

Name: Joshua
Date of Birth / Blood type: December 30, 1995 / Type A
Charming Points: Gentle voice, guitar 
Role in the Group: Sub-vocalist, [in charge of] english
Ideal Type: Gentle/friendly woman
Favourite Food: Beef, pork, chicken, boneless fish dishes
Hobbies: [Watching] Gourmet program, guitar picking
Words You Want to Say to The Members: Let’s spend our time together
Future Goals: I want [SEVENTEEN] to become a representative singer group
A Message to Japanese Fans!: Since it’ll take time to show you all of our charms, please expect a lot, please show lots of interest! Saranghaeyo! (I love you!)

Happy virus with powerful vocals, Dokyeom

Name: Dokyeom
Date of Birth / Blood type: February 18, 1997 / Type O
Charming Points: I am always [the] happy [one] among the boys (in short, happy virus/pill)
Role in the Group: Main vocalist, energy of the team
Ideal Type: A gentle woman that can touch the hearts of people and kind-hearted woman who helps people
Favourite Food: Ogyeopsal (5-layered pork belly meat from black pigs), grandmother’s doenjang jjigae (Korean soybean paste stew)
Hobbies: [Watching] Movie, singing, shopping
Words You Want to Say to The Members: Let’s unite more, make more fun music, and be together forever!
Future Goals: For SEVENTEEN as a team to be more widely known around the world! To be recognized as a vocalist!
A Message to Japanese Fans!: Annyeong haseyo (hello), I’m Dokyeom. I love Japanese music and anime! I’ll work hard to become a cool artist! AISHITERU (I love you) ~♪ 

Familiar show MC. Seungkwan who has variety talents

Name: Seungkwan
Date of Birth / Blood type: January 16, 1998 / Type B
Charming Points: Emotional vocalist, overflowing talent
Role in the Group: Team’s mood-maker
Ideal Type: Friendly woman (more of casual type)
Favourite Food: Dakgangjeong (sweet crispy chicken)
Hobbies: Fashion, and listening to music
Words You Want to Say to The Members: Saranghae (I love you)
Future Goals: Rookie of the Year award
A Message to Japanese Fans!: Please wait a little more, we will certainly meet.

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