“(Woman) While sightseeing in Insadong, I thought this hairpin was really cute. So I said, ‘let’s buy it.’”
“(Man) At that time, I thought people couldn’t really see it since it’s so small.”
“After wearing it, what did you think?”
“(Man) Ah… that if I feel embarrassed I will pretend to be Chinese.”

“(여자) 인사동 구경하는데 너무 귀엽더라고요. 그래서 제가 사자고 했어요.”
“(남자) 그때는 이게 작아서 눈에 잘 안 보일 거라고 생각했어요.”
“쓰고 나서 어떤 생각이 들었나요?”
“(남자) 아.. 민망하면 중국인인척 해야지.”

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3 flower hairpins coming from 3 different users. Each has its own different meaning

Saiunkoku Monogatari

This was given to Kou Shuurei 

This was given to To Eigetsu 

“And there is one other gift I would like to present to you. I present these flowers to you. They carry the meaning of limitless possibility and hope. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of flowers you will bloom into in the future. When these buds fully bloom, then I will present to you with flowers in full blossom” - Shi Ryuuki, Emperor of Saiunkoku

In the point of view of Li Kouyuu, Vice secretary (or Vice Chamberlain) in Civil Administration Department and General Ran Shuuei, General of Shaolin Army:

“Flowers are indicative of absolute trust”

“Up until now, the only ones to have received flowers have been Kouyuu and I.”

“In other words, this indicates that these two will be the support of both the Emperor and the nation in the future”

“Any who try to cause them harm will be enemies of the Emperor himself”

The flowers received coming from the Emperor means “Absolute Trust”. It’s the same with the purple iris flowers he gave to Kouyuu and General Ran. Those who received these kind of flowers symbolizes a steadfast trust which  establishes the young emperor’s reign with the support of the top two rising officials of the palace. They openly received and accepted it as a token of loyalty and their beliefs in Ryuuki as a worthy Emperor.

The purple iris that Shuuei received was later engraved to his sword given to him by the Emperor. 

The woman who used this hairpin was Shuurei as an appointed new governor for the Sa province. She also had a candidate-mate named Eigetsu who like her was successfully appointed as a governor too on the same province. Both of them passed the Imperial exams as a government officials. Meaning to say, there were 2 young governors ruling on the Sa province. Before the appointment of positions, Ryuuki himself had spent days and nights considering the matter in Sa province recently and it’s hard for him to put Shuurei’s name on that case but because of her strong will and eagerness, he put his faith on her and trusted her by using flowers as symbols. This was same too with Eigetsu 

Shuurei with a hairpin

The flower hairpin in real life

Kamisama hajimemashita 

“If that’s the case, swear to me one more time, that you’ll definitely become my wife. As a proof of your promise, hand over your hairpin to me please” - Tomoe, 500 years ago

The hairpin means “A Vow to Each Other”

The hairpin shown here has a significance for both leads of the story. Using that, they exchanged words-of-promises as an assurance they’ll be both together and agreed to become real life partners when that time comes. It happened 500 years ago. In the present, Tomoe (with an amnesia) gave this hairpin to Nanami when he was fixing her hair since after their ride from a roller coaster, her hair became messy so he asked her permission if she may allow him to fix it and after a couple of few minutes, she let him. Without noticing.. After their conversation around afternoon, she bumped her head several times on the window inside the Ferris wheel shuttle until her hair which he fixed earlier became undone and it revealed that he used a hairpin that Nanami saw earlier when she’s convincing Tomoe to go with her to the amusement park. Tomoe entered back to the scene as he was looking for her all day and then discussed that he bought it in the red light district because it’s rare for him to see Nanami fixing her hair with an elegant hair accessory. In the past, Nanami used that gift and prayed to become its guide while leading her to the fallen God and also careful not to change the history since past is past but unfortunately it turned out that the Yukiji mentioned was her which suppose to be called in her real name but she used it to protect herself and the history that Tomoe had with Yukiji and in a while, softened Tomoe’s ice heart and eventually fell in love at her, Before they part ways, they swore to themselves once again as they use it while she’s giving her hairpin to him and disappeared after he left. In the future after 500 years, it was later revealed that Nanami was the Yukiji and is Yukiji’s descendant Mikage was mentioning to Tomoe as she returned back with a hairpin she ‘d given to him 500 years ago and was saved from his curse. He went out to remade it so Nanami can use it again whenever she likely to and they became couples

Nanami with a hairpin

The flower hairpin in real life

Akatsuki no Yona 

“I love your hair Yona. It’s a beautiful Crimson. It’s the color of the dawning sky. How simple” - Soowon, current Emperor of Kouka

The hairpin means “A birthday gift, A parting gift”

After reaching her 16th birthday, Suwon her cousin gave a hairpin to Yona as a birthday gift to her as it suited her hair like a dawn in the sky. On the evening after her birthday occasion ended, Yona cannot hold back her feelings anymore to Suwon so she went to her father to talk more about it. Much to her surprise as she opened the door to her father’s room, she witnessed Suwon killing her father infront of her eyes. Couldn’t believe what she saw, she still convincing herself that her died father needed fast medication but was declared that he’s already dead and it was her beloved cousin who told it to her facely. Traumatized and scared, she ran away to save her life until Hak found her. Both of them escaped safely from the castle. As she journeys faraway from her home, Yona was unable to accept the fact of Suwon’s changing treatment towards her and his father’s death appeared to her eyes. But over the time, as she meets new and different people and tribes along the way, she learned to accept the reality facing her, helped herself known the whole differences of weaknesses and strengths and fight battles of courage and strong faith together with her 4 dragons and 2 human allies. 

Yona with a hairpin

The flower hairpin in real life

Those what I think I’ve found the usage of these flower hairpins in the series so far.