My choices do not invalidate your choices.

Seems that there’s tumblr drama today about hairiness or lack thereof.

The fundamental problem, to me, is people who see someone else's decisions about their own body to be in judgement of other people’s opposite decisions.

In my house, we have three women. I choose to shave and wax. One of the others grows her pitfluff. The third is fair, and I don’t actually notice either way. You know who our decisions affect? Us individually, and our sexual partners who may express a preference one way or the other. I chose what I want to do with my body right now, and it’s not a judgement on anyone who chooses differently.

Yes, there are sanctimonious shitbags on the extreme sides of both arguments. And their arguments are heard the loudest because they are so weird. The ones who insist that removal of hair is enabling pedophilia or some shit. The ones that insist that hairy women are smelly germfarms. I’d like to think they’re a minority.

I think it’s the same mentality behind a lot of things. Some people who don’t like pot will aggressively point out the negatives of smoking. Some people who are monogamous will tell the non-monogamous that they’re going to get every STD and die leaving only their children of questionable paternity to mourn them.

This sort of reaction? It speaks to me of a lack of conviction in one’s own personal choices. If you were truly happy with your decisions, you wouldn’t give a shit about someone else’s.