Hair Bleaching and Dyeing Journey

Here it is! Finally I’ve put together a post and video set with all the info on how I bleached and dyed my hair to what it is today!

Watch the accompanying video here!

<<NOTE! super long post up ahead with lots and lots of details!!>>

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This trio of gorgeous head scarf wearing beauties reminded me of @julianaluna
Express your personality and your self-love all the while protecting your hair at the same time. #headscarf #crown #afrochic #blackbeauty #ethnichic #naturalbeauty #naturalhair #kinkyhair #curlyhair #ayurvedaforhair #ayurvedaforlonghair #longhair #loveyourhairloveyourlife #lovemyhairlovemylife #hairgrowth #hairegimen #hairoutine


Hask: Monoi Oil Nourishing Deep Conditioner review

This is my first time using a deep conditioner, so i’m not sure what to expect. I don’t really have a lot to say.

I personally don’t have a lot of hair because I cut it short, so I don’t need to use a lot of this to cover my entire head thoroughly. I think I managed to get 8+ uses out of this packaged.

Cost wise, I think it was $2-3. Pretty expensive for such a small amount. But then again, other products from Hask are pretty expensive considering the quantity. 

Overall, I really didn’t see any difference at all using this. Nothing changed visibly.

Definitely would not repurchase; and I can’t really rate it because it was bad or good, but it also didn’t do anything. I’m not sure what to think.

Hask Macadamia Oil Revitalizing Shine Hair Treatment (18mL) review

Same thing as the other Hask hair treatment oil (the Argan oil one) that I bought, this one was also $2.46 w/o tax. I decided to buy this one after using up my previous Argan oil bottle because I wanted to try something new.

When I bought this hopes that this would help dry my hair quickly as well, and it did, but not as well as the Argan oil. The Macadamia oil did dry my hair fairly quickly, but the Argan oil dries my hair at the speed of light.

I would say that this oil makes my hair a lot smoother and softer than without using, and even more than the Argan oil. I though my hair looked amazing with the Argan oil, but THIS STUFF reeeeally does the job.

This Macadamia oil smells like really strong vanilla; so if you don’t like scented products this is not the one for you.

My hair was shinier, smoother, brighter, softer, and just really healthy looking.

This is a completely weightless oil, with no residue what so ever.It’s very light and shiny, and your hair will just absorb it up right away! This Macadamia oil is also great for control frizzy hair.

You only need a tiny glob (about 2cm diameter) to work your entire shoulder lenghth hair, and after you can use another even smaller glob for just the ends.

I really do recommend this oil (as well as the Argan oil) to eVERYBODY! So check out other peoples’ review here.

I rate this product 9/10

Hask Argan Oil Healing Shine Treatment (18mL) review

So I bought this at Walmart for only $2.46 w/o tax. This is my first time using argan oil, and I’ve heard that it should be at least $20 because of labour work, and that’s understandable; but only about three bucks?? wHAT!!

Either way I decided to try it out since I’ve heard argan oil is good for your hair as well as it helps dry your hair quicker, so why not?

Holy SHIT! Let me tell you, this things dries your hair instantly! In just ONE freaking minute my hair was so dry! Normally it would have taken 45 minutes of air drying to get to this state. oh my god. Holy shit, there’s no way to describe how amazing this is.

After just a few uses my hair was soooooo smooth and soft, it’s amazing. It smells like oranges by the way. It also made my hair look a lot shinier, and just healthier in general. My hair was never really damaged before using this, nor was it thin or easily damaged, but this stuff just makes my hair look a billion times better.

I think this is totally worth it, it’s $2.46 for me and the bottle lasts me about ten uses.

Check out other peoples’ review on this argan oil here.

I rate this product 10/10, would most definitely recommend it to ANYONE! 

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Vacation Essentials for On the Go (Hygiene and Beauty)

I’m going on vacation soon, so while i was packing I thought why not film a video on the things that I think are essential.

This is an early post because I plan to post again during the weekend. So stay turned for that!

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This week, i’m going on “hair vacation” - which means that i’m only doing protective styles. This morning, i’m sealing my ends with Shreyas Ayurvedic Butter and covering it with a scarf to hit the gym.
Cette semaine, je prends des “vacances capillaires”. Je vais laisser mes cheveux se reposer et ne faire que des coiffures protectrices. Ce matin, pour aller à la gym, j'hydrate bien mes pointes avec le Beurre de Shreyas. #shreyashaircare #shreyas #ayurvedaforhair #ayurvedaforhair #hairegimen #hairgrowth #hairretention #hairoutine #curlyhair #cosmonistashreyas #kinkyhair #stretchedhair

Gorgeliscious Lebanese super singer “Queen of Stage” @myriamfares is definitely a Shreyas ultimate hair goal sexy girl. Owning up to your gorgeous curly hair also means being fun and creative and awe-inspiring about it! As moisture is the key to every kind of ethnic natural hair, make sure to always seal your ends with a highly moisturizing butter like #shreyas Mango and Avocado Ayurvedic butter. To view tips on how to use Shreyas products, Check out my blog articles and videos posted on #superhair #naturalhair #natureattitude #hairgrowth #hairadventure #hairegimen #hairretention #hairoutine #shreyas #cosmonistashreyas #shreyashaircare #ayurvedaforhair #ayurvedaforlonghair