Lookie he’s a grumpy old admiral now. I mean, yeah, he has every right to be given all of the shit I’m going to put him through for Stellar Abyss.

I’m a terrible person

(Okay he’s 57 so he’s not that old)

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so i really want to cosplay mercy but i'm not sure about the wig. which one did you use? also bc the hair is in a ponytail do i need to get a full lace wig so my real hair doesn't stick out the back?

Mine’s actually my old Sigyn/Enchantress wig! Its super fucking long, I had to trim it a bit, then I did my “folding” technique to make a high ponytail. 

I bought this wig from GothicLoli wigs. 

BUT TO BE HONEST WITH YOU I wouldnt recommend this. There are already some AWESOME pre-styled mercy wigs, that I would want instead. I just did this because, that what was on hand and I made my mercy the day before the con.  Not to mention they are way, way cheaper than mine. 

EDIT: Just to clarify for you – A LACE FRONT means the front edge of the wig has a HAIRLINE. This does not mean the nape/neck area does. No lace front also covers the neck area unless its specialized. I did not use a lace front for my Mercy, since her bangs cover her hairline. This distinction is important because Lace fronts always run from 70-100+ bucks. They are expensive. 

amongst all the recent interviews from magazines (pash!, crea etc.) and the yoi event that just happened today we find out officially:

yuuri bought BOTH the rings.

yuuri and victor are soulmates.

victor ignores JJ not because he dislikes him but he’s the type to not remember or pay attention to things he’s not interested in.

victor is not balding victor is NOT BALDING LOLL he’s just got a high hairline.

mysterious man (aka chris’s boyfriend) is from the Swiss ice skating federation and was once an ice dancer. his relationship with chris is unconfirmed. he is nicknamed masumi by kubo because he resembles masumi hayami from glass mask.

during kubo’s signing session a fan found out that victor knew of yuuri before the banquet and knew yuuri was his fan through his skating (since as a fan, yuuri incorporates some of victor’s skating style/elements).

otabek DJs for fun, is a cool street boy and has mischievous friends.

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How do you always draw hair so amazing?? I don't understand, like what is your process and everything?

Ohh, well thank you so much! 💛 Well, I really just follow the basics and sort of improvise from there. But to start, I think of where the parting is. 

Then how the physics of the specific hair works. Some hair has more volume and flexibility than others. Keeping it rounder gives it more mass.

An easy way to give hair texture is through repitition of thin, long and short lines

Again, consider how hair falls under any condition, and how it specifically wraps around the person. Sharper lines make the hair look thinner, rounder lines make it look thicker. 

And finally, I color it, the lines and add a bit of highlights and shading. 

Chances are, you’ve probably these tips a lot, but once you learn the basic physics and fundamentals of how hair roughly works, it gets pretty easy to experiment with it. Hope this helps! 💛

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Would you be able to do a side by side comparison of Ariana's hairline from her red hair days vs now? I want to see if it has actually changed that dramatically or if we are over reacting lol.

I have a picture from nowish to around 2015 and the difference is honestly dramatic enough. I don’t think I need to go all the way back to her red days- just a few years ago that hairline wasn’t too bad, take a look:

Obviously some of her hair is down in picture 2 but the parts that are up are all round her ear and the whole hairline has moved radically up.