hairless dan

He never damn missed

Phil edges Dan to the point that he cries.

Yo yo, this is one of those fics I write and then read back like how did I write this, how could I put my name on this without wanting to take a cold cold shower. Enjoy x

Warnings: at the beginning phil pushes dan against a wall in anger which could seem a lil like domestic abuse but that wasnt my intention but just to warn you muah x . Also choking, rimming, swearing the usual.

Extra tags: edging, Dom!phil, blow job, rim job, toys, angry sex, daddykink

Side note: this is fucking frustrating to read due to the edging like I nearly tore my hair out just writing it so be warned.

The tv shows had now all gone to teleshopping. Phil glanced at the clock, 2:15am. Phil huffed and switched the TV off. He wasn’t going to wait up for Dan now. How dare he stay out this late without so much as a text. But as Phil began to walk out the lounge he heard the key lock in the door. He could tell Dan was trying to be quiet as he was tip toeing up the stairs. Dan turned the corner to be scared out of his bones by Phil. 

“Fuck Phil sorry I didn’t see you, you scared me.” Dan stuttered, still a little blind sided.Phil just sighed.

“It’s 2am Dan. Where the fuck have you been?” Phils voice was stern and gravelly. Phil knew Dan had been out with some university friends but Dan promised to be home by 11.

“Well I kind of lost track of time an my  phone died so…” Dan trailed off looking at the floor like a child in trouble.

“You know my number off by heart you could’ve called me on one of your friends phones.”

“Phil I’m sorry,”

“Fuck off.” Phil spat. It wasn’t like him to get this angry. Phil stormed up the stairs. He could hear Dan following him taking two steps at a time.

“Phil please talk to me I’m so so sorry it won’t happen again.” Dan mumbled. Phil turned around and pushed Dan up against a wall. His breath was hot on dans neck. 

“No it won’t happen again.” Phil kissed dans neck and made him shudder.

“I prom-” Dan was cut off by phils grasp around his neck.

“Don't interrupt me. Be undressed, on my bed in two minutes and don’t even think about touching yourself.” Phil purred. Dan did as he was told, he knows he shouldn’t love Phil in this mood but god he does. Dan scrambled on to Phil’s bed whipping off his clothes as he did. He was already half hard by the time he was ready for Phil. He couldn’t help but Palm himself gently as he awaited his boyfriend. Dans eyes fluttered shut as he imagined all the things Phil was going to do to him. “Tut tut tut,” Phil scolded from the doorway. Dans eyes shot open. “I didn’t really want to do this but since you’re set on being such a disobedient slut I’m going to have to.” Phil said, walking over to Dan. Phil opened the bottom drawer of his bedside table.

“No Phil I won’t touch myself,” Dan blurted out.

“Yeah I know you won’t.” Phil said pinning Dans arms above his head. He bound Dans wrists together with his old school tie. Dan always whined that he hated being tied up, when really it got him going like none other.Phil began kissing down Dans hairless stomach stopping and starting to leave gentle bites. Dan knew he was going to get punished for what he did so he didn’t know why was Phil being so tender? 

“Now I shouldn’t rim you because that’s a treat and you’ve been very very bad.” Phil growled against Dans stomach. Phil shifted Dans thighs apart in a way that made Dans cock twitch. “I will though,” Phil murmured.Phil licked a stripe across Dans hole and gently sucked at it, in a way that made Dan squirm. Dan moaned a little in appreciation. As Phil began to lick inside Dan, Dans moans grew louder. He wanted to grab Phils hair and pull him deeper; he wanted to grab at the sheets; he wanted to bite down on his fist but he was so restricted. 

“Daddy!” Dan groaned, this made Phil Grow harder in his jeans. “Daddy please go deeper,” this earned Dan a sharp slap on his thigh, which only made him choke a moan. Even though Phil expressed he didn’t like being told what to do when he was playing dom, he muffled his ears with Dans thighs and began tongue fucking Dans hole. Dans moans were inconsistent and increasingly loud. His quick breath was stuttering his groans of Phils name. Phil reached up and began stroking Dans cock which made the younger boy buck up from the bed.“Oh daddy I’m close,” Dan stuttered,Phil moaned to spur him on while Dan shamelessly pushed himself further into Phils face. Then as Dan was seconds away from letting go, Phil stopped dead in his tracks and sat up away from Dan.
“Phil! What the fuck?!” Dan blurted out in frustration. He tugged at his restricted wrists forgetting he couldn’t touch himself, he threw his he’s back in frustration as he began to come down. So this was his punishment.
“I’m not done with you.” Phil growled.Once Dan became soft again Phil gently palmed him. Dan was sensitive so this made him squirm. Once Dan was half hard phil put his lips around the top of Dans length. Phil began bobbing down on Dan with his hands wrapped around Dans thighs. This made Dan writhe beneath him. Dans breathing became ragged as he began to hit the back of Phils throat. He was stringing incoherent phrases and moans at the pleasure as he grew closer and closer. Dans palms were sweating and his legs were trembling. The heat in his stomach was more prominent than ever. Phil looked up at Dan, his eyes were rolled to the back of his head; his hair beginning to curl from the humidity of his own sweat; his back arched ever so slightly and his restricted hands tangled together in frustration.
Phil pulled off Dan way before he could finish. He swore he heard Dan whimper as the warmth of Phils mouth left him. Phil just sat and stared at Dan as he came down. Phil palmed himself through his boxers as Dan stared at the ceiling in disbelief. Phil crawled up to Dans wrists and began untying him.
“Please tell me I’m actually allowed to cum tonight?” Dan practically sobbed.

“We’ll see,” Phil purred. Dan sighed in relief, phils ‘we’ll see’ never meant no. Dan sighed as his hands were finally free but he was now completely limp and extremely agitated. 

“I’ll be back in a second, be hard for me when I come back.” Phil asserted.
Dan unenthusiastically began stroking his length. He wasn’t sure if he could keep this up this was killing him. Phil sure knew how to teach a damn lesson.
Dan was half hard when Phil came back in the room. He had some thing hidden behind his back. Phil could almost laugh at Dans state, he was sweating all over, his breathing was uneven, he was pink in the cheeks and he was looking at Phil as if he was angry but really he was just frustrated.
Phil climbed up on the bed and revealed a vibrator from behind his back. Dan knew he was fucked.

“Okay my only rule, if you touch your self you will not cum tonight.” Phil growled. Dan nearly cried out at Phil but they both knew that would not bode well. Phil locked eyes with Dan as he slicked two fingers with lube. It was never hard to stretch Dan as he was stretched so often. He teased at Dans rim and gently pushed a finger in. Then a second, and he began moving them to edge Dan open. The vibrator wasn’t big so he wouldn’t have to be fully stretched. Dan was now fully hard again and had his fist in his mouth so he could bite down on it to stop himself jerking off. Then he heard the vibrator begin to purr. Phil gently pushed it in and hit dans prostate spot on. Phil had mapped out exactly where it was a while ago so he never damn missed. Dan bucked off the bed when it was hit. Phil circled the vibrator on Dans bundle of nerves which caused Dan to near scream. 

“Fuck fuck daddy! FUCK-ah” Dans moans were louder than ever. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and he could barely control his mindless grinding on the object inside him. His stomach was pooling and he was practically writhing as it was all too much. Phil notched up the vibrator till it was on full power and Dan was a hot mess. He was grabbing at the sheets, biting down on his knuckles tangling a hand in his own hair. Anything to stop himself touching his cock. “Daddy please! I can’t take it.” Dan cried.The vibrator was sending constant waves of pleasure throughout his whole body and his eyes were clouding over, he was seeing spots he was so far gone. And then phil pulled out the vibrator and left him empty. Dan cried out. He opened his eyes to a blurry vision of Phil, smirking down at him. 

Dans eyes were watering. He couldn’t believe he was pathetic enough to cry in frustration but he couldn’t feel embarrassed. Phil wiped a tear that had rolled down Dans cheek away with his thumb.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” Phil asked gently.Dan nodded frantically, still with a few tears spilling. Phil was quick to lube his cock and Line up with Dan. Dan just nodded to signal Phil as he had no energy for anything else. Phil slipped in slowly before pulling out nearly all the way then slamming back in, causing Dans body to rack the bed. Phil didn’t believe what he heard at first but he was nearly certain he heard Dan sob. Phil was slamming into Dan fast and hard as the bed slammed against the wall. Dans voice was raspy;

“Daddy please please let me cum,” Phil couldn’t say no it wasn’t often Dan begged. he gave him a quick nod and before he knew it Dan was gone. His body shook as he came, it was the first time he’d made Dan scream. The pleasure ran over his whole body and he couldn’t see, his whole body fell limp. Dan didn’t even notice he was still being pounded into, until it stopped as Phil had reached his high and he too fell limp.After a few minutes of silence Dan turned over to Phil.

“I’ll never be late home again, hell I’ll never go out again. Although that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had, never put me through that again.” Dan said with a slight smile on his face.

“That’s alright I forgive you, I can’t believe you cried though.” Phil chuckled.

“I can’t believe you MADE me cry.” Dan pushed Phil gently on the shoulder. Phil just smiled in response as Dan crawled onto Phils chest and fell asleep.

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Would you ever draw d&p as harley and ivy? I love Dan as her

After all the crossover AU drama, I honestly am not looking forward to do anymore in the near future :/
But you should totally check out @bowtiewizard​‘s amazing harley & ivy phanart here!!
UNFF~ 10 outta 10 👌👌👌!!!

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Morning Sex

Genre - fluffy smut

Desc - Phil wakes Dan up to have morning sex with him

A/N - i wrote this like two weeks ago in literally a day so sorry if it’s terrible


“Mmmph,” was the response Dan gave to Phil waking him up with a kiss. Obviously not expecting it, as well as the hand trailing down his chest and stomach.

“Phil?” Dan croaked, his voice laced with grogginess and eyes still closed.

“Good morning,” Phil said. “Now just relax. I want to make you feel good.”

Dan rubbed his eyes, ridding some of the sleep and blinked, getting used to the morning light. He adjusted, and soon came to terms with everything and laid back onto the green and blue pillows as Phil was down in between his legs, stomach near his crotch, lips on his chest. He kissed his collarbone and down, sucking a mark on his peck. When Phil looked up at him, Dan’s eyes were opened wide again and his head was sunk into the pillow. He leant up close to Dan’s face.

“Relax,” he repeated, kissing both of his eyelids. Dan smiled and listened to his commands.

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