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Seventeen's reaction to you turning around quickly causing you to smack/whip them with your hair.

S.coups, Jun, Hoshi, Mingyu: would tell you that you hit them with your hair and expect an apology, except… they’re really greasy about it and want you to do something like giving them a kiss to earn their forgiveness

Jeonghan, Joshua: wouldn’t comment on it at all because they don’t think it’s a big deal, and they know that you didn’t mean to do it

Wonwoo, Woozi, Vernon: honestly… wouldn’t comment on it because your hair smells nice… they didn’t mind getting smacked with it tbh

DK, Minghao, Seungkwan, Dino: they would also tell you, but just to let you know. they would be neutral about it, and just want a regular apology. DK and Seungkwan may or may not overreact on how much it hurt

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Dylan and Cole Sprouse do some wild hairflips. Love hearing Cole curse lol.