Double Protection

Everyone knows that there is nothing like the feeling of well moisturized ends. Depending on the porosity levels, density of the individual strands, texture and state of your hair (transitioning, coloring, heat styling) some may have to seal their ends more often than others. Still, these simple tricks will allow any hair texture to maintain moist, supple ends, which we know is a vital component of length retention. Thicker oils and butters (castor oil, shea or avocado butter) can often yield more long-lasting moisture for your ends. Remember! Your oils act as a barrier to seal in the moisture from washing and conditioning or applying your favorite water-based moisturizer. However, having excess water hanging onto your ends can reduce the effectiveness of your oils/butters. So make sure you seal your hair when damp rather than soaking wet. Your ends are the oldest part of your hair therefore more thirsty. Sometimes natural scalp oils do not reach your ends at all so it is imperative that your ends receive twice the coverage when it comes to applying oils or butters to your hair. Lastly, tucking, bunning, or twisting your freshly sealed ends and help them retain even more moisture as they dry. #hairfinity #hair #haircare #hairvitamins #hairgrowth #longhair #hairfinityresults #hairfinitypictures #hairfinitybeforeandafter (Taken with Instagram)