Split End’s Cause And Cure 

Split ends occur when the hair follicles become dry, brittle, and lose their natural layer of protection. Excessive washing, harsh combing, brushing, and down right generally poor hair care are among the leading

 causes of split ends. Split ends tends to feel drier ,harder, lack sheen. Heat and dryness are not a great combination because in order for your hair to become silky straight the cuticles of the hair shaft have to open and expand. The cuticles of the hair shaft normally lay flat, but when they are opened up, the hair begins to become brittle, dull, and dry leading to split ends and damage. Heat should only be applied 1-2 times a month if that, for healthy hair growth and preventive measurements. If you are going to flat iron your hair make sure it is done on freshly washed and deep conditioned hair only. Using a heat protectant serum or spray will help to coat your hair with a layer of protection to keep your hair from becoming split, scorched, and damaged.

How To Protect Your Ends From Splitting 

*Protective styles- Are the most effective way to eliminating breakage, knotting and tangling. Protective styles do not require daily combing, styling, or heating tools that wear and tear your hair causing damage and breakage. Low manipulation styles help in retaining length because they do not require heat. Heat is one the main contributors of split ends and breakage therefore, low manipulation styles will help to ensure longer damage free hair for the most part. Low manipulations styles will allow you to remain beautiful while wearing your hair out and about and will enable you accomplish your hair growth goals.

* Baggy Method- The ends of your hair are really delicate and are more prone to breakage. if they don’t get the adequate levels of moisture. The baggy method can be used daily after moisturizing and sealing your hair to lock in moisture. 

*Protein Treatments- Use protein treatments to rebuild hair structure and strength. Your hair is about 88% protein. These proteins are of a hard fibrous type known as keratin. When hair is chemically straightened, these bonds are broken, causing the hair to lose strength. If this protein is not replaced, it will eventually cause the hair to break. Egg treatments are effective protein treatment for hair and usually stops breakage immediately.