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Whipped Shea Butter Recipe 

4 oz. unrefined shea butter
2 tablespoon base oil; for example extra virgin olive oil
10-20 drops essential oil(s); optional, for example you can use lavender oil
mixing bowl
electric whisks mixer
one clean empty 8 oz. jar, or two 4 oz. jars, because volume will be increased

Steps for making whipped cream:

Before you start to prepare whipped shea butter, make sure your unrefined shea butter is on a room temperature. Do not melt or heat it! Put your shea butter in a bowl and mash it with a fork. The same way you make a mashed potato.
Add base oil(s) and mash it little bit more.
Put the mixture into the mixing bowl. Mix it on a high speed with electric mixer for approximately 5 minutes.
Believe it or not, this is it! Optionally, you can add chosen essential oil(s) and mix it few minutes to blend it with your whipped cream.
Put whipped cream in a clean jar(s) and close it. Keep it in a dry, dark and cool place. Room temperature is fine.

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Recipe courtesy of shea butter guide

Soft Wavy Hair How-To 



Shampoo and condition your hair. It’s good if you use a good conditioner that shines you hair and moisturizes the hair too.

Towel dry your hair to at least about 15 percent.

After that, use a De-tangling spray and brush the knots out. This helps so you won’t have knotty curls or messy. 

If you like, put in a leave in conditioner so your hair would be soft. Also put some on the ends too.

Put mousse in your entire hair, now don’t put too much because then its going to look like more crunchy waves/curls and not that natural look when you’re done with this routine.

Now it’s time to put in the foam rollers. Section your hair and take a foam roller, start at the ends and roll til the roots.

Repeat step 6 until your head is covered with rollers.

Spray on hair non- alcoholic spray.

Now it’s time to sleep on with the rollers or air dry them until they’re dry.

Once dry, take the foam rollers off and style your lovely waves/ curls. Add hair-spray then a moisturizing lotion/balm.

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Tutorial courtesy of wikihow