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I thing the floor- thing was so we could see Louis holding him while having the camera on his face mostly. Otherwise why not put the cake on the table with the baby comfortable on his chair while they sing happy birthday?I mean, people walks on the very floor, it's disturbing but in the case the camera would have been on the kid face and not Louis or 'let me fix my hair/ I'm so beautiful's. They want to be credible and end up doing the most pointless thing. (Sorry for my english)

I agree



  • IF I’M DANCING PULL BACKS - Planning on doing 2 more version so there will be 3 in total.
  • SLUMBER PARTY BUNS - Planning to do one more bun so there will be 3 in total.
  • Invitation Pony’s - I don’t know how many I will end up making, I have another one half UVED in Blender right now so there will be at least 3. I want to get a few more of the pony’s from packs and attach them but it matters on how the UV mapping goes. Some just do not work(I tried the Spa Day and Movie Hangout pony’s and they looked really weird).
  • Invitation Braid- Probably only going to have one version, as their aren’t any other braids like this, and I don’t know if I can attach the Spa Day side braid, I will try though.

Right now all the hairs you see are finished, the hat chops are done, so I just need to finish the other variations. Does anyone who see’s this post want them all as soon as I get the final variation done(Like say I finish the last Slumber Party Bun tonight but still need to finish everything else, and release the SP Buns tomorrow)? Or would you like a mass release with me posting all 4 hair sets at the same day at the same time? I’m very versatile, so I can do whatever.

I did all of them yesterday and got the ‘If Im Dancing’ one finished in like 3 hours after I woke up this morning, so I think they’ll all be out by Thursday. 

I just cut my own hair and I’m not sure if it was one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done or if it actually looks decent and I’m not posting a pic of it because I might have fucked up

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heyo! I'm a transboy and I need some help. I have really long hair and my parents won't let me cut it because they (and i quote) "you're a girl and girls look prettier when their hair is long!". I'm not planning on coming out to them soon, so I can't avoid this. I've been stuffing my hair in a beanie for three years now, but it's so hard to keep this much curly hair intact, I always have to keep adjusting it. Could you give me some advice on other methods of making my hair look short?


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Okay but imagine Harry flying to LA the day after the women's march to see his girl. And as soon as he walks in the door he sees the discarded posters in the foyer and his girl standing there happy and grinning and excited and suddenly he can't control his excitement and he's running at you and scooping you and planting kisses wherever he can land his lips on your face and hair saying, "I'm so proud of you. So so so proud Y/N. tell me everything" and then you're telling him everything and

Showing him all the pictures and posters and describing the overwhelming feeling of pride and happiness and togetherness and both you literally can’t stop smiling. Then when you’ve finished giving him every single little meaningless detail, he’s grabbing your hand and running to your bedroom and laying you on your bed and removing you clothes and saying, “today is all about you. You deserve the world. All about you,” and you giggle as he kisses and massages your skin, protesting with a goofy



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You're so pretty!! You're hair reminds me a lot of my hair and I'm realy self conscious about mine. But yours is so pretty!!! Maybe mine isn't as bad as I think

Aw thank you!! I also sometimes don’t like my hair sometimes so this is so nice! Your hair is absolutely amazing 💕💕❤❤

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we don't know what kind of character lotor's going to be, but a chunk of the fandom is hoping/assuming dw+sm will make him less creepy and more 3d. i'm hoping his physical design is similar to yours. pls continue to be amazing. ^^///

Yeah me too! If they are going with his white hair, I’m going to give my guesses that Haggar is his mom 8^)


Heyo ! I’m Kode ! I’m a 17 yr old trans boy. I like photography, art, writing, and music. I really like Fall Out Boy and Neck Deep atm. I look creepy here but I swear I’m nice lol. I’m also gay and aromantic. I’m looking for possibly a boyfriend around the age of 16 or 17. Even if you just want to chat I’m at @arsonistjpg !! I swear I’m nice and I don’t bite !!!


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i’m so weak for jimin with his big red scarf and for jikook being in love and jimin with that curly messy hair :// 💘

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That facial expressions meme has a few entries that got me thinking about what the modern-day verse house of Finwe might look like… just for fun, I’m gonna list the haircuts of the ones I’m quite certain about:

Feanor - short, all sharp edges on top, probably razored at the sides
Nerdanel - very long and always up in a rough bun or held by two pencils or another work tool

Maedhros- short and unruly
Maglor - shoulder length + (lyrical rock style)
Celegorm - not sure actually but I could almost see him trying dreadlocks
Caranthir- that kind of almost shoulder length, unkempt hair, which screams “I’m a virgin!”
Curufin- same as his dad
Ambarussa - short, both of them

Celebrimbor- short, but softer edges than his dad and Feanor

Fingolfin - very short, like almost zero cut, used to be longer, but since he went to war he had no time to groom it
Fingon - short and razor cut at the sides, gold ear-piercings showing
Turgon - like his dad
Aredhel - very long but styled in a braid or dreads
Argon - zero cut

Finarfin - very long, loose and wavy, hippy dad style
Finrod - long, wavy with undercut on both sides
Orodreth - short and unruly, always gets in his eyes
Galadriel - most fab hair you can imagine - very long, styled by the latest fashion
The other two - not sure 🤔

Do you agree with these?