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Tragedy of Ignis

I feel like I already have a post like that. Well I’ll have two then. But you know what’s really sad? Ignis is a function character. It’s not me shitting on the story, there are actual real life people who live like that, molding all their lives around someone else. Typical thing for mothers, maybe that’s one of the reasons why fandom thinks about him as a mom-friend despite the fact that he is adventurous pun master dork. But really all his life since the early childhood was dedicated sorely to Noctis. There are Gladio and Luna who are quite literally live for Noctis to fulfill his role but still, Luna has her oracle shebang, Gladio expresses characteristics that has nothing to do to Noctis: he loves his sister, likes reading, hiking, getting stronger, even those cup noodles. 

Every habit or quality Ignis exhibits is there for Noctis. He may enjoy cooking but he got into it to lift the prince’s spirits after the Tenebrae attack. His knowledge, his manners, his skills at fight all were developed to guide a young king to his fullest potential. And not once he shows even a trace of resentment toward Noct, even having every right, even after this quest leaves him fucking blind. The depth of his devotion and selflessness is truly mind-boggling. 

And the saddest part? It’s all for nothing. He dedicated every second of his life to make Noctis a perfect ruler he never meant to be. 

King Regis never pressed his son to be a great leader because he won’t be, it was good enough if he lived happily for those short years he had. But Ignis didn’t get the memo so he kept on trying.  

I mean even the fact that each bro gets an episode to dive into their character, lives and motivations exclude Ignis. Because “his” episode is still emotionally Noct’s story of coming to terms with his father’s mortality and his own role as an heir.     

Honest Musical Titles

Sweeney Todd= I’m Never Trusting My Hairdresser Again

Love Never Dies= Love Is Dead, Like, The Entire Time

RENT= Hipsters: The Musical

Cats= When Furries Make It To Broadway

The Secret Garden= Stop Complaining About Your Dead Wife, Archibald.

Hamilton= Epic Rap Battles Of History


Matilda= British Stereotypes

Evita= Argentinian Politics: The Musical

Barista Jaebum & Hairdresser Jackson AU
  • So Jaebum and Yugyeom work as baristas at a quality cafe in the city
  • Across the street is a super super fancy hair salon
  • Jackson is the lovable, excitable hairdresser-in-training at said super fancy hair salon
  • and is also Jaebum’s bf
  • During his break times, Jaebum walks over to visit Jackson and always brings him his favorite drink
  • Jackson loves telling him about his customers, and about the new things he learned from the owner of the salon (jyp)
  • The other hairdressers are in love with Jaebum too (because sometimes he brings them drinks too)
  • And when Jaebum leaves, they all get giddy and talk about how cool Jaebum is
  • Jackson sometimes gets embarrassed because they talk so loudly, gossiping with each other across the room about the two of them while working on customers’ hair
  • But tbh Jackson loves it cus he loves when people see Jaebum for the softie he is
  • “Your boyfriend looks so scary but oh my god youre too cute”
  • “He’s a keeper Gaga”
  • “How did you even snag him what the hell”
  • And Jackson would tell them stories of him and Jaebum and answer all their questions
  • Because he really loves talking about Jaebum
  • Sometimes while he’s talking, he stares dreamily into the distance and the other hairdressers look at each other and actually cry because its so adorable
  • There’s a piano in the salon, and Jackson loves to perform for his coworkers even if he didn’t know many songs and always forgot the lyrics
  • After playing them a song once, Jackson tells everyone that Jaebum would have sung it better
  • (and then starts on a rant about how good of a singer his boyfriend is)
  • So now every time Jaebum comes over, they beg him to sing for them and he begrudgingly agrees
  • Back at the cafe, Yugyeom teases Jaebum about it, pushing his limits
  • And Jaebum would give him such a good ass kicking if they werent in public
  • Alas they were, so all he could do was get flustered and red and try to ignore it
  • The few times Jackson comes over to the cafe, Yugyeom gets all quiet and shy cus Jackson’s so handsome and nice but intimidatingly so
  • And Jaebum can never keep the smug grin off his face
  • Like “hell yeah this is my amazing boyfriend, what you got?”
  • But with time, Yugyeom and Jackson become buddies and start hanging out, to Jaebum’s absolute horror
  • One day, Jackson requests Jaebum bring Yugyeom with him during break time, and Jaebum can’t say no
  • even if he really really REALLY wanted to say no
  • The hairdressers instantly start doting on Yugyeom and somehow get him to sing for them too, and Jaebum’s just dumbfounded
  • Enter Bambam, the new stylist
  • stopping here because im seriously gonna write this hecky gotta keep some suspense amirite

story time. so i love my ends being different colours, like pink, blue, purple. i just enjoy the process of changing my hair colour, and i like the bright colours, i feel like it brings a lot of colour into my life. it just became a part of me because i’ve been doing it for about 2 years. so the other day me and my best friend tried to bleach my hair again because i wanted it a silvery purple. i noticed in the shower that an unusual amount of hair was coming out, and then when i dried it i had noticed that some of my ends had fallen off, i would pick up pieces of hair and the ends had just come off. my hair was dry, and basically dead. i cried a bit, and people might think “it’s just hair” but i had long thick hair, and what i called “mermaid hair” that i actually liked, and i had stupidly ruined it. so the next day it resulted in a trip to the hairdressers because there’s nothing we could do. it had to be all cut off into a bob, and i had it dyed back to brown. it was a challenge for the hairdresser to fix it, but she did it, and i’m thankful she did. but the moral of the story is change is good. i don’t like change. i don’t cope well with change. but this showed me that change is good. i found out through this whole thing that i depended on my hair, that was my favourite part of me, which is fair enough, but i depended on it.  i’m not that confident with my appearance anyway, and i have bad days where i just simply don’t like me, so my hair was so important to me. i focused on it, and i felt like it made me, but now that it’s gone i want to focus more on what’s inside. and, i need to learn that no matter what my outer appearance, whether my hair is pink, or brown, or even if i have no hair, it’s inside that counts. i need to focus on my personality, and love that, and better myself. i need to learn to love myself no matter what’s on the outside. and change is good because it’s a fresh start, it’s turning a new leaf, however you want to say it. it makes life interesting. if you never change, you never push boundaries, so when you make changes it flourishes your life. i really didn’t want my hair short, and i really didn’t want it what i called “boring brown” because i was so used to the colour, and i still didn’t like it after it was done, and i’m still not sure about it now. but, change is good. it’s fun to change things up sometimes. if you have been debating getting your hair cut, or getting it dyed a wild colour, or even repainting your bedroom, or changing your job, or making new friends, or trying new foods, whatever it is, do it. you’ll feel different, you’ll feel proud of yourself, and brave and free. another moral of the story is that where there is a down, there’s always an up. my hair started to fall out, and i was upset, and in tears, but the point is it was fixed. it’s now happy, healthy hair, and even if it’s not exactly what i wanted, i can’t be too bothered because it’s healthy, and that’s all that matters. it’s no longer falling out, or dry, and split. it’s smooth, and glossy and so much better than before. so there’s always an up. there’s always a positive. and focus on the positive. push the negative away, and bring the positive forward. i look in the mirror and see my healthy hair and i touch it and it feels good and that’s positive, i’m trying not to focus on the fact that i lost some of my hair, and that it’s not a bright colour. i’m only trying to see the good. it makes me feel better. it makes me positive. it makes me happy. when there’s a down there’s an up, so keep waiting for that up, it might not be as fast as mine, just getting a hairdressers appointment. but i promise the up will come. there’s no way you can have a down, without an up, it’ll come. 

hope you’ve had a good morning sweeties, and ps, don’t forget to eat breakfast and maybe change it up a bit today, toast instead of granola, yogurt instead of cereal, and don’t feel guilty about it! love yourselves today, you deserve it! xo