When the signs go to the hair salon to get their hair done

Aries: Flamboyant and Sexy
Taurus: Simple and Cute
Gemini: Wet n Wild
Cancer: Sweet and Stylish
Leo: Hot and Dangerous
Virgo: Long and Smooth
Libra: Highlights everywhere
Scorpio: Weird and Trendy
Sagittarius: WHERES MY HAT Capricorn: Does that even exist
Aquarius: who knows Pisces: tears
~ Ni


(via Men’s Hairstyles + Haircuts - The Ultimate Guide)

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There was once a girl who loved her hair very much but not for the reasons of many. She didn’t love it for making her beautiful or setting her apart. She didn’t love it for the way it swayed when she walked. It wasn’t because it was soft and smelled of strawberries either. She loved it because it always grew back. 

She loved how easily she could cut it short and feel like a new person altogether. She loved never having to worry about it staying the same length. She loved seeing the tips she had cut lie helplessly on the ground. She loved how it gave her comfort and made her feel better. She loved to let the weight of the world clip onto the tips of her hair, but most of all she loved snipping it off when she couldn’t take the weight any longer.

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