imagine alec getting really close to magnus one night, so close that they’re only a hairbreadth away from each other’s lips and they’re just breathing gently while magnus raises an eyebrow to convey his general feeling of ‘what are you doing?’ and alec smiles and says “i call this close talking” making magnus laugh and bump their lips together, ending up kissing each other by the end of it

“Wherever in the world I go, I can’t help but run into you,” Beca whispered, reaching for the other woman’s hand and entwining their fingers together. She stepped closer until their bodies were no more than a hairbreadth away from each other, the smell of cinnamon overwhelming her senses. She sighed. “I was never one to believe in fate or destiny or soulmates…or any of that cosmic crap. I’ve always believed that I controlled my own fate and I was in charge of my own goddamn destiny. Everything has always been up to me. My choice.” Beca paused, looking up and locking gazes with Luisa, a slow smile gracing her lips. “But hey, who am I to argue with the cosmos? You were always my choice anyway.”