How to use your scissors

Holding and using your scissors correctly doesn’t just improve the quality of your work, it will also maintain the health of your hands. Early on in my career I always wondered why all of the greats in the industry used the scissor in this manner. What I had noticed they all had in common was a mastery of their tools, effortless control, and the longevity to continue cutting, many to this day. Unfortunately, you wont find many people or places who will teach you this important skill.

Start by holding and balancing your scissor like the gif above. Your ring finger sits in the finger hole of the still blade. The finger hole of your still blade should sit just below the second knuckle of your ring finger. Rest your pinkie finger on the tang of your scissor. Rest your index and middle fingers on the shaft of the still blade. All four fingers should be relaxed across the length of the blade. To curl your fingers around the blade will limit your range of motion. Once this balance is achieved your scissors will move wherever you want them to go.

With your fingers relaxed and fully extended your thumb should not be able to reach the moving blade. Bend your fingers at their base, lowering the moving blade to your thumb.

Instead of putting your thumb into the moving blade, push against the moving blade creating a tension just below the second knuckle of your ring finger. A common misuse of the scissor is to put your thumb into the moving blade. This limits your range of motion while encouraging ‘chomping’.

Lastly, relax your hand and move your thumb from side to side in a ‘u’ shape motion. This will strengthen your thumb muscles and produce the cleanest of cuts. This will serve as the foundation to all other cutting techniques from scissor over comb to point cutting. Best of luck! All responses welcome.


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