a new game grumps animated, wow!! i’m pretty happy with this one, i feel like boarding on we bare bears has really improved my shots n stuff haha
How ‘Piper’ Bypassed the Pixar Pipeline
By Peter Debruge

“If you want to make a short at Pixar, the studio offers a special program where resident artists — those who work anywhere in the company — have the chance to pitch three ideas to a panel of directors. But Piper skipped that step entirely, in part because it grew out of an experiment Alan Barillaro was conducting in his spare time.

‘In computer animation, the tools aren’t done yet. At Pixar, we’re constantly asking, ‘What’s the best way an artist can express themselves?’ and I take that pretty seriously, so there’s this whole laundry list I have in my head of how can this tool be more visual,’ says Barillaro, who used his free time following Brave to see whether he could 'sculpt’ one of Pixar’s existing bird models into a sandpiper.

'I wasn’t planning on making a short,’ says Barillaro, who repurposed a crow from Brave and digitally whittled it down to the character he wanted. 'This would have stopped as a test,’ he says, except he showed colleague (and Finding Dory director) Andrew Stanton — a key member of the studio’s so-called 'Brain Trust’ — his work, and Stanton encouraged his protégé to pursue it further.

'When I started out, I remember (Pixar president) Ed Catmull instilled not to be impressed by the computer. It’s just a tool, he told us. Make sure you push it and ask what you need from it as an artist,’ Barillaro recalls, who pushed Pixar’s software to the max. 'The crew told me, ‘Usually you can do water, feathers and sand, but you pick one.'’ Piper called for all three — and to get the effect he wanted, the bird models had to be rigged with anywhere between 4.5 and 7 million feathers. 'If you look at birds, their movement is so deeply rooted in their feathers. That really poses a problem in computer animation,’ he says.

'On Piper, we really tried to handcraft it, not to let the computer make a decision for us at any point,’ Barillaro says, explaining how even the individual grains of sand at Piper’s feet had been individually placed by animators. 'You have to stay subversive when you deal with computer animation. You never want to be tricked into the tool doing the work for you.’”

Creepypasta #848: I’m A Nice Guy

Length: Short

I’m a nice guy. I always waited for her after class. I always opened the door for her. I always lent her my pen if she didn’t have one. I tried and tried to get her attention, but she only considered me “a very close friend”. However, I kept being nice to her, because I’m a nice guy.

I’m a very nice guy. Even if it took her three hours to text back, I would reply instantaneously. I had memorized her class schedule so I always knew where to find her if she ever needed me. I even knew exactly what place she went to every weekend in case she had too much to drink and needed someone to comply with her desires. I did all of this because I’m a very nice guy.

I’m a really, really nice guy. I knew her address and her apartment number. I knew her roommate worked on Wednesday night, but she was going to stay in that night to study. I knew her Russian ethnicity would love the sharp taste of my vodka. I was willing to risk it all to save her because I’m a really, really nice guy.

I’m the nicest guy I know. I dress her every morning and tuck her in every night. I brush the flakes from her icy, ivory skin daily because she always took skincare seriously. I make sure I give her my carnal love every night. I did this because only a nice girl like her was fit for a nice guy like me.

Credits to: radicalrelativity

Who Knew? (Requested)

Pairing: Steve x reader x Bucky

Request: Hi long finally I can request lol I love your writing and I was wondering if you could do a Stucky x reader where the avengers are trying to guess if she is with Bucky or Steve and the have a bet pool and stuff and then they find out she is with both

Warnings:  Language

Words: 792 but it feels really short

A/N: Couldn’t think of a better title. Sorry for this (and the others) taking so long. I’m currently kinda freaking out over my doc appt. tomorrow morning.

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Most of the work I did on the Annecy Animation Festival opening short “Au Lapin Agile”

Definitely an experience that helped me to level up in my film making skills.