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Who asked who out and how did it happen? (if that's not too personal)

u mean when me and em started dating? so basically the internet shipped us together while we were still hardcore gal pals (but i had started to like her so i was like ???!?!?!?!!? but i was repressing it so it was chill) and this one day we had a fake lil argument (over spiders i think idk idr) and we were like ‘emvry is dead sorry folks we hate each other’ and people actually got genuinely upset so we had to correct ourselves saying we couldn’t function without each other and we were like ‘holy shit we can’t function without each other can we’ so we got kinda sappy and we’ve gotten sappy before but whenever things got srs i would transfer the convo to memes but this time before i could do that she said 'i think i just realized i’m in love with you’ and i had like 5 billion panic attacks and stepped out of my comfort zone and asked her out in the most awkward and painful way and she said 'you bet your diddly darn ass’ and that kids is how i met ur mother

i don’t draw liam often. i thought i’d change that. please click for more detail