Liam doesn’t get enough credit for being such a lovely and good egg. He always thanks fans and tweets about even the smaller milestones. His auditions, last year about 5 years of What makes you beautiful. He went to the Brits to receive the award this year and from the look of it, it was a last minute call. Even in his solo interviews, whenever the 1D reunion was the topic, he gave his best reassurances. His love for his boys always shines through and I’m so grateful his solo career is doing so good, he deserves all the love.

uh no offence but can u believe liam literally:

  • clapped back at an interviewer for assuming he liked justin timerblake in a platonic way
  • said drake was the person he wanted to kiss in a completely serious manner
  • changed the lyrics he was singing to ‘you’re a good guy’
  • wrote home and end of the day 
  • flirted with multiple guys (including zayn)
  • was in an ig captioned ‘beardy boys’ with louis and zayn 
  • was in an interview where zouiam were talking about the progression of beards the boys had (when zayn just got publicly ‘engaged’)
  • has faked MULTIPLE blowjobs and shown his affinity for giving them
  • has used the gay ‘hankycode’
  • has publicly supported lgbt+ things

and people still think he’s 100% straight and homophobic

So shocked and saddened by the news of Chester Bennington’s passing. I remember the first time I met Chester. I was in a bad mood backstage and he came into the dressing room and lifted my spirits before I took the stage. Working with Chester and Linkin Park on the song ‘Rebellion’ was some of the most fun I’ve had collaborating with another artist. They made me feel right at home when I joined them on stage at the Hollywood Bowl and at the Forum. Our hearts go out to Linkin Park and to Chester’s family. Chester Bennington will be missed.
-Daron Malakian ~ system of a down