“Where’s my fucking shit?” Negan asks in disbelief, but still smirking.
Rick doesn’t answer, neither does one of your friends.
“We barely have something.” You say, slightly in a pleading voice. “We have a baby and..”
“Do I look like I give a motherfucking shit on your sad little story?” Negan chuckles and you shut your mouth. “And again I’ve to punish you.”
Disappointed Negan shakes his head and tugs your hair.
“No!” Rick shouts and you start struggling against Negan.
“What? She seems a little bit more cooperative.” Harsh he grabs your chin and looks at you. “You’ll have a nice chat with one of my man.”

Sweat is running down your spine as you lean against a bookshelf in the factory. Scared you look up as the door opens and Simon comes in.
He crouches down in front of you and comes as close as possible with his face.
“Do you have any idea what we’ll do to you and your little group when you don’t give Negan what he wants?” He asks quietly and you nod.
Suddenly he punches his fist against the bookshelf next to your head.
“I didn’t hear you!” He shouts and you shrug.
“Oh god, yes. Yes. I’m sorry.”
The lump in your throat getting bigger the more you swallow and you can barely breath.
His cold eyes getting soft as he stares at you.
“Good girl.” He pats your shoulder and stands up, offering his hand.
Your hands are trembling as you take his one and he pulls you up. But instead of leaving the library he presses your body on the bookshelf.
‘He’ll rape me, he’ll rape me.’ That’s all you can think about.
“I need to hear it again.” He whispers, his hot breath tickles your face.
“Don’t…don’t ra-rape me, please.” You beg crying and he frowns.
Slowly he seems to understand your fear and takes two steps back while you collapse on the floor.
Memories of your past rushing through your mind.
“I would never. No one of us..” He stutters and pats your back, but you barely notice it.
“Holy shit. You scared the holy fuckedy fuck out of her.” Negan laughs.
“She is scared that we’ll rape her.” Simon responds and something in his voice let you look up.
Was it regret for his doing?
Negan sighs annoyed and looks down to you.
“Listen, should someone just try such a shit I’d do the same like I do to your friend, got it?”
Unable to speak you nod.
“Bring her in one of the empty rooms, I don’t want her around the other fuckers in this state of mind.”
“Alright.” Simon waits until Negan is gone before he turns around to you. “Can you stand up?”
“Good, then come.”

His hand is resting on your back, but not as a force than more as a help.
“I’ll bring you some water and my room is next to yours. You need something you come to me, ok?” He asks.
You don’t know if the five minutes with him drives you insane as you call him back and whisper a 'thank you’.
He sends you a small smile before he leaves the room and you lie down on the bed.

“watch your mouth” “okay daddy”


You rolled Bucky over onto his back, sucking wet kisses into the long column of his neck before he wound his metal fist into your short hair and tugged your head back. Your hips ground onto each others feverishly and you momentarily lost yourself in the rocking motion that sent slow moving, hot burning sparks into your core, giving Bucky the opportunity to slide his hand around your throat and apply just the right amount of pleasure to make you whimper.
“James-” the name came out in a gust of hot air from your lungs and you felt his hips stutter and stall in their movement against your thinly covered cunt.
“Ah ah, baby. What’s my name?”
You huffed at him, annoyed, and decided to toy with him a little.
“Steve…” you moaned lowly and gasped when Bucky flipped positions, blue eyes burning into yours from above you, hand still fixed around your throat.
“Watch your mouth, little girl.”
“Okay, daddy.”


Show off that end-of-summer glow with our Twisted Summer Bun. It’s polished for work yet romantic enough to head straight into date night!

1. Scrunch dry hair with TRES Two Extra Firm Control Mousse and blow dry upside-down for body. Create center part.

2. From your right side, twist a 1" piece of hair towards the back of your
head, gathering hair as you go. Clip in place. Switch sides and repeat.

3. In prep for creating the knot, unclip and separate the 2 sides. Knot the two twists around each other pulling into a low bun and then twist remaining hair around the bun and pin in place. Finish with TRES Two Extra Firm Control Hairspray and add a hair clip or headband for a fancy touch!


Three cheers for a Pom Pom Pony on a hot day! Perfectly worn anywhere from the pool to the office to keep hair off your neck!

1. Prime hair with TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Sea Foam and create waves with a curling iron. Finger comb waves to separate them.

2. Tie hair into a pony at the nape of your neck.

3. Hide the tie by wrapping a strand of hair around it and tucking it into the elastic.

4. Move a few inches down from the base of the pony and secure with another clear elastic.

5. Create your first pom by tugging the hair between the 2 ties outwards.

6. Continue adding hair ties and creating poms all the way down your pony. Finish with TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Ultra Brushable Hairspray for a light hold!


finally tried my hand at gb-ing these two! per someone’s suggestion awhile back (postin and rolling out gots lots more thangs to be done beepbepepasdds)

ben/poe - how many licks does it take to get to the center of ben solo? (larger)

anony wants mask kisses and so does poe…

May 25th! Happy Star Wars day!!!!

“How are you doing?”

The question kind of stops you. Because you’re okay. Your world is still spinning and you’re still smiling and you’re okay.

But then sometimes you’re not okay. Not even one little bit. And you don’t really sleep at nights because your bed is as empty as your arms. And there’s a space on your wall where his photo used to hang. And sometimes you can’t even eat because he’s gone and the sick feeling in your stomach just becomes a permanent part of you. And when you kiss someone new their lips are wrong and their hands don’t tug your hair and their body doesn’t feel quite right beneath your wandering hands. And sometimes you cry and you don’t think you’ll ever stop.

But you don’t say that. They don’t want to hear that. You just smile and say, “I’m okay I guess.”

—  Even when I’m okay, I’m not, 08/10/2016
You’re no longer the girl with cotton balls stuck down your throat and no teeth smiles to strangers anymore. With your hair always tied up and shy hands tugging on hair, you defined yourself. You were always holding back and every time you would see yourself walking closer to an unsteady edge, someone would tug on the rope and pull you back. You are no longer the girl who is afraid of heights and the handsome boys with cruel minds in the school yard. The corner you once called your own was where eyes would shy away from voices filled with bubblegum and empty threats. Human attraction was always what you secretly wanted but would never get. You are no longer that girl who craves another’s touch. You are the girl who wants to get lost in cities and walks in no direction but her own.
—  she doesn’t need company by jwfeelings
citrine ep aesthetics

gravel to tempo: low slung backpacks, eyes darting to someone and then immediately back, pin badges on denim jackets, leaning your head back against your locker, tugging at your friend’s wrists to make them dance with you, scrawled journal entries, lip syncing with your earphones in, jumping into a swimming pool in the heat of summer, writing self-love mantras on your bedroom walls, watching the light fade from the sky sitting on a hill overlooking the city

ease my mind: dancing barefoot with your lover in a hotel room, hands run through hair, a smirk tugging at the corner of your lips, late night texts, kisses when no-one’s looking, sand running in an hourglass, the sway of hips, testing out chords on a guitar, straddling your lover in bed to lean down to kiss them, sighing with your eyes closed, hands on waists, notebooks filled with lyrics, girls in underwear and oversized shirts, fingers traced along spines, whispers against skin

pretty girl: catching a girl’s eye across the dancefloor, sparklers under the darkening sky, pink and white lollipops, arms slung around shoulders, rouge velvet booths, arms brushing against each other, metallic eyeshadow, mini skirts, reapplying lip gloss in fancy bathrooms, feeling your heart race, colourful cocktails, low lit clubs, eyelashes fluttering against cheeks, sighs of pleasure, sheer black dresses, tongues tracing lips, hands against bare thighs, feeding a lover chocolate with your fingers

one bad night: fingers caressing pulse points, lace-up thigh high boots, lips against necks, fingernails down backs, bodies pressed up against each other, the bite of cold air as you walk into the night, ballroom style dancing with a lover under street-lamps, kisses up against walls, stockings and suspenders, sheets tugged free from the corners of mattresses, moans in pitch black rooms, fingertips grazing every curve of your body

palace: wilting roses in a vase next to your bed, all the light fading from a room, your head hitting the pillow at the end of the day, their reassuring embrace, small sighs, a single tear, moonlight sneaking in through a gap in the curtains, cautious smiles, dreams of the one you loved and lost, doors slamming, memories of days spent laughing in grassy fields under the sun, cold hands held in warm ones, letting out a breath you’ve been holding, picking wildflowers

Andrew’s Foolproof Method for Shutting Neil Up

    “Nine percent of the time I don’t want to kill you. I always hate you.”
    “Every time you say that I believe you a little less.”
    “No one asked you.” With that, Andrew caught Neil’s face in his hands and leaned in.

    “That’s a first,” Neil said. “Do I get a prize for shutting you up?”
    “A quick death,” Andrew said. “I’ve already decided where to hide your body.”
    “Six feet under?” Neil guessed.
    “Stop talking,” Andrew said, and kissed him.

    “The only one I’m interested in is you.”
    “Don’t say stupid things.”
    “Stop me,” Neil returned. He buried his hands in Andrew’s hair and tugged him in for a kiss. 

    Neil still felt like he was falling. He did fall afterward, albeit in a controlled slide down the wall, gasping for breath and dizzy with burnt-out need.
    “Do you want—” he started, voice ragged.
    Andrew kissed him to shut him up.

    “I’ll get bored of you eventually.”
    “You sure?” Neil asked. “Rumor has it I’m pretty interesting.”
    “Don’t believe everything you hear.”
    Neil ignored that dismissal because Andrew was already pulling him down again. They kissed until Neil felt dizzy…

    “I won’t be like them,” Neil said. “I won’t let you let me be.”
    “One hundred and one,” Andrew said, “going on one hundred and two.”
    “You’re a terrible liar,” Neil said, and Andrew kissed him into silence.

Positive reinforcement means Neil is going to end up running his mouth. A lot. Clever, Andrew.

Lucky Neil.