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Oh good lord Niamh you are going to kill us but in a way I can totally stand behind. MFEB SWX the first are my initials and the second is cuz I wanna know dammit. 💋

M-Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going?) 

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You’re lazily making out, you on top of him, legs straddling his thighs as you exchange sweet, tender kisses, just on the edge of something more. As his teeth nibble at your lip, you run your hands through his long hair, gathering up a little wedge of it in your hands. As his palms start to wander, he pinches the taunt flesh of your ass lightly and you moan. In return, you tug his hair. Suddenly his movements become much more frantic and desperate- he needs you. Bucky Barnes has a hair pulling kink the size of Canada. 

F- Favourite position (goes without saying, probably needs a visual) 

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Between your thighs. Bucky’s a giver at heart, and he enjoys nothing more than teasing and riling you up with his tongue and cool, metal fingers. He knows how much you get off on watching him go to town on your cunt, your fingers raked through his long hair. Every so often, he’ll look up at you through his long eyelashes, eyes sparkling wickedly, and you’ll jolt like you’ve been electrocuted. The man feels right at home in between your legs. 

E- Experience (How experienced are they?) 

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Bucky is adorably unexperienced. Having missed out on the development of sex throughout the 20th and early 21st centuries, he finds his tastes have grown old-fashioned and out of the loop since he was last with a woman. You’re only too happy to help ease him into the wonderful world of modern sex, slowly teaching him the different things you like and trying out new positions. He’s obsessed with looking things up on the internet- though online porn still freaks him out when it pops up unexpectedly. 

B- Body Part (His and yours) 

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His favourite body part is the metal arm. He didn’t like at first, wanted to hide it away from everyone. But as soon as he worked out what it did to you, it became his most prized possession. 

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Bucky has lots of favourite parts on you, but the number one is your throat. It’s long and swan-like, and seems to mould perfectly around the sharp corners of his jaw and the soft press of his lips. He likes leaving bruises on every part of the skin, enjoys biting down gently on the flesh until you squirm underneath him; a mark of his to remind others to back off. 

S- Stamina (How many rounds can they go for? How long do they last?) 

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Super soldier serum definitely comes in handy when it comes to the bedroom. Bucky can go on for hours, stamina never leaving his body. The pair of you have been known to spend all day getting to know each other’s bodies more intimately, experimenting with scenarios and positions, using toys and other items on each other to see which gets the other off quicker. By five or six long rounds, he’s usually down for the count, however. 

W- Wild-Card (Get a random head canon of your choice) 

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Bucky loves it when you dress up like a drill sergeant from the 1940s, needing someone to punish him for stepping out of line. You give him commands to undress you, to touch you, to kiss you; holding a riding crop in one hand and perching his old hat across your head. You know how much he wants to disobey and when he does, both of you enjoy the ramifications of his bad behaviour. 

X- X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants) 

Let’s just say…he’s not just big in the upper body area. 

Curled Hair and Painted Nails

summary: When Dan begins to lack confidence about his newly painted nails and natural hair, Phil is there to offer his support.

word count: 1000+

genre: pure fluff

A/N: So i was debating whether to write this or not but then i saw this post and i got unbelievably excited.

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Brothers Best Friend Pt 6

He smirked and before you knew it his lips were hard against yours. Your hands found his hair as you tugged and pulled gently. You could feel his smile underneath your lips and you couldn’t help but to smile yourself.

He picked you up and slammed you onto the couch, quickly tearing off your top. He nibbled and kissed all over your neck and down your chest.

His lips were so pouty, so plump, so perfect. His teeth nipped at your skin causing goosebumps to rise all on your arms. You closed your eyes as you ran your fingers through his hair.

He bit his lip and his eyes burned a hole into yours. In one swift movement his lips were on yours again, kissing hungrily and passionately.

He fiddled with your bra until it unsnapped open and he tossed it to the ground causing you to giggle.

He smiled and kissed you again as his hands moved through your hair.

“God you’re beautiful.” He said quietly.

You smiled and pushed him up and off of you. You got onto your knees and slowly started undoing his tux. You took off article of clothing after article of clothing until he was left in nothing but a tie and dress pants.

“Fuck” you gulped as you looked at the sight.

“Like what you see?” He said smugly with that cocky ass smirk on his face.

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“He stood looking up at the moon, then, his brows drew together in a slight frown. The sea wind lifted strands of his hair, tugging them loose from the ribbon that bound it, and he brushed them back absentmindedly. Clearly there was still something on his mind.
“Do ye think,” he began slowly, not looking at me. “Do ye think that it was quite wise to come to me now, Claire? Not that I dinna want ye,” he added hastily, feeling me stiffen beside him. He caught my hand, preventing my turning away.
“No, I didna mean that at all! Christ, I do want ye!” He drew me closer, pressing my hand in his against his heart. “I want ye so badly that sometimes I think my heart will burst wi’ the joy of having ye,” he added more softly.”
Voyager-Diana Gabaldon

For those looking for a trich substitute, the Squeeze Caterpillars are back. 

I also have small, shorter haired critters that I need to get photographed so you might want to wait before choosing which option you prefer. The caterpillars have a really satisfying resistance when you tug the hairs and the shorter haired critters have a finer/more subtle feeling. They’re also a little smaller for carrying around and have a whole different tactile feel to them when they’re in your hands. 

Back Rubs

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Warning: Contains Sexual Content, View At Your Own Risk!!!

     Jack let out a moan of pleasure as your fingers laced into his hair. Softly tugging at the brown locks and smiling. He had been extra cuddly lately, always wanting to lay up under you. As of now the two of you were cuddled up on the couch, Jack rested between your legs, and face buried into your stomach. It had been a long day and all he wanted to do was rest. Your nails scratched at his scalp, making a hum come from him in return. “You like that?” you whispered, hand trailing over his neck and across his bare shoulder. Jack nodded, arms pulling you closer. This was all he needed, being close to you and just soaking in each other’s presence. “Do you want a back rub?” you asked this time, your other hand rubbing at his shoulders.

“Yes please,” he said, voice sounding raspy almost gruff like. Jack was extremely turned on, you turned him on. The way you smelled, how your fingers went through his hair, the steady flow of your breath. Just being close had his length throbbing. The two of you shifted positions, Jack laying on his stomach and you leaving to get some coconut oil. Once you returned, you straddled him. You sat on his butt, lower back rested on the couch armrest. You had warmed the tub of coconut oil up, letting it melt back into liquid. Taking some of the oil into your hand, your rubbed in onto his tanned back. It was cold at first, becoming warm as you began to massage him. Your hands slid over his shoulders fingers working into the knots. “Oh-that feels so nice,” he mumbled, wiggling under you for a second. Your eyebrow rose in amusement, knowing Jack had to be hard. You knew him well enough to know when he was turned on. Jack’s voice got deeper, sentences kept short, and basically his wiggling. He needed to relieve the tension his length felt. Pulsating with how good you were making him feel. A giggle left your lips, now using your elbows to get the harder spots. Your face leaned down close to his ear, breath hot against his skin.

“I want to give you another massage,” you whispered, taking his earlobe between your teeth and dragging it back. “Turn over for me,” you said, lifting off of him so that he could turn to lay on his back. He smiled up at you in bliss, head lifting as you leaned down to give him a kiss. Jack’s eyes closed shut when you pulled away, letting you work on oiling his chest. A smirk made its way onto your face and you leaned down to send a butterfly kiss to his skin. Lips ghosting over his skin. Jack’s breathing started to pick up when you grind your ass into his crotch; a muffled moan leaving his lips. Your lips trailed down his body, slowly you yanked at the waistband of his basketball shorts. Grabbing his boxers along the way. Jack lifted his hips, letting you pull them off. “It’s better for you to be naked, helps with the massage,” you lied, going back to massaging him. It was only seconds later that he felt your warm breath of his length. You took a long lick on the underside of his length, licking as if it was a lollipop. This action had taken Gilinksy by surprise, making him jump in his spot. 

“Fuck,” he hissed, looking down at you with lust clouded eyes. His head went back down, staring up at the ceiling to focus on what you were doing. You sucked on the head of his length, laying the flat of your tongue against it. A low groan left Jack’s lips and you smiled at the reaction. Instead of doing what Jack expected, you went back to licking him like a lollipop. Teasing him to a point where he almost started to beg. You reached out, softly squeezing one of his balls while hollowing your cheeks, and taking him halfway down your throat. “Shit baby just like that,” Jack moaned, now back to watching you suck him off. You made eye contact with him, holding it as you rolled his ball-sack around. Your head lifted with a loud pop, saliva trailing along and breaking off. You stroked his length three times, rolling your tongue around his tip. Jack whimpered at the sight, watching as you stuck out your tongue and tap the head of his length over it. Finally done teasing him, you took him down your throat; deep throating. Bobbing your head up and down, you stroked the parts that weren’t in your mouth. Wrist turning as you picked up the speed. Jack’s hand trailed down, fisting your hair and tugging at it. He loved to be in your mouth. It was always warm, wet, and waiting to be filled with his length. You always sucked him off right. Making Jack’s knees weak and whimpers flood the air. You mouth was his liquid goal and he could stay in it all day if he had to. 

“Are you gonna come for me?” you seductively asked, batting your eyelashes at him. “Mhm? Gonna coat your load all over my tongue?” Jack could have came right there. Dirty talk being a hidden kink of his, only you knowing about it. He was so close, length pulsating with desire and ready to burst. Jack took control, starting to fuck your mouth at his own pace. Loud moans sounded out around the room as he plunged his length deep into your mouth. Letting it hit the back of your throat. 

“I-I’m s-so close,” he stuttered out, slowing down the pace. Jack wanted to milk this moment, but he wasn’t gonna last long. Especially with you moaning around his length. The reverberations making his skin tingle. “Shi-oh mhmm,” he began to say, biting onto his bottom lip hard as he spurted his load into your mouth. You moaned as his salty cum coated your tongue. Your head bobbing to ride out his high. Jack moaned even more when you pulled his length out, some of his cum dripping down your chin. Lifting his hand, Jack swiped his thumb to collect the cum, sticking it in your mouth. You sucked it off, swallowing it and giving him a smile. Jack was even more relaxed now, head resting back into the couch pillows with a lazy grin. 

Doing it for... Disneyland, Cat/Kara, Rating: E

A bunch of us got different tropes: here is the masterlist - read all of them, seriously!

(yes, the title is a Grease 2 shoutout)

A fun little challenge - taking a clichéd trope and trying to write it semi-seriously. This smutfest was the result. Cat and Kara need to do it to save National City, and the world. It’s almost as simple as that.

“Harder,” Cat hisses as Kara strokes her tongue over what must be a painfully hard nipple. Cat is wound as taut as a tripwire, her slender body arching into Kara’s every touch.

Clutching Kara’s hair and tugging, Cat directs Kara to a slightly different angle. This time when she drags the flat of her tongue up and over, Cat moans in encouragement. Kara repeats the action, then pushes against Cat’s grip to do the same on the other breast. When she scores another breathy little moan, Kara ups her game by closing her lips around the straining nipple and sucking. She’s rewarded by a firmer yank of her hair, and the only sane response to that is a hint of a bite. That draws a muttered ‘fuck’ from Cat’s mouth, and Kara realizes she might just be getting good at this.

“God,” she murmurs against Cat’s skin, warm and slick from their exertion so far. “I don’t want to stop.”

“Then don’t,” Cat gasps.

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Can you do this thing where Keith and the reader are in an intense make out session and they're about to get it on but someone walks in and just goes like, "oH MY GAWD MY VIRGIN EYES."

I love this so much! Keith always gets interrupted right before the best part. ;)

-Admin Lana

Strong hands gripped your waist tightly, pulling your body closer as his mouth pressed into yours, tongue swiping along your bottom lip. He was intoxicating, stealing the very breath from your lungs. The cushions of the couch met your back as Keith pushed you over, legs planted on either side of yours. The edge of his teeth grazed over your collarbone, stopping to suckle at the skin, grinning as the beginnings of a purple mark began to form.

“Keith,” You called out breathlessly, fingers trailing up his back to thread through his hair, tugging lightly. “Stop messing around.” 

You noted the deep chuckle resounding through his chest at your demand, his face appearing in your line of sight. “You’re awfully feisty today. What’s got you all worked up?” He teased, yet he knew the answer to the question. All during the duration of training he had been eating away at your mind with the brief flashes of his toned abdomen, or the flex of his muscles with every pull-up.

“Don’t start acting coy now! You know exa-” The endless argument died in your throat as his lips swallowed your protests, tugging at your bottom lip as he pulled away, a cocky grin.

“That’s the only way to keep you happy.” The paladin noted, letting you tug him to your neck without struggle. His lips burned a trail from your clavicle to your chest, hands sliding underneath the fabric of your shirt to land feather-light touches to the area.

A shiver ran it’s course along your spine, a pool of heat forming in your stomach. You needed him. No, you craved him. “Keith please, touch me more.” How he loved when you begged like that. 

The male moved to tug your shirt up, freezing in his tracks as a shrill voice screamed, “Oh god, my virgin eyes!” Both of your heads snapped towards the entrance to the source. Lance stood with an expression of mock offense, hands covering his eyes, yet you could see his blue hues peeking from underneath his fingers.

“Lance, get out of here!” Keith hissed, muscles tensing in anger and annoyance, displeased with the interruption.

“What’s wrong Mullet? Mad because I-”

“You’re being a cockblocker Lance.” You deadpanned, watching as the blue paladin’s mouth dropped open. That seemed to get the point across as he held his hands up in surrender, sending a wink your way before disappearing out the door.

“Well he killed the mood.”

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Can I request some sexy headcanons for RazzaBang(Barry/Dan)?

Of course you can!!!

- Barry was so shy at first, blushing and biting his lip to stifle his moans as Danny rocked into him. He’d turn his head, biting into his knuckle, gasping when he felt Dan brush his lips across the stubble of his jawline, placing chaste kisses down the side of his neck.

- Slowly, he started to come out of his shell, letting little moans slip, breathing Danny’s name against the bare skin of his chest, running his nails lightly down the length of his torso.

- But now, Barry doesn’t hold back a bit. His fingers run through Danny’s thick, shaggy hair, grabbing fistfuls and tugging as he pounds into Barry’s prostate. He tosses his head back as he rides the older man, relishing in the way he runs his hands over his bouncing body, desperate to feel him. He cries out Danny’s name, moaning and mewling unashamedly. 

- Danny loves when Barry rides him, loves watching how he slowly loses control of his movements as he grows closer to the edge, loves watching his cock twitch and his hands instinctively reach toward it, only to be caught and held firmly behind his back. He loves making Barry come with nothing but his dick buried deep inside of him, completely untouched.

- Barry loves when Danny goes without shaving. The feeling of his scruff scratching the sensitive skin of his thighs turns him on to no end. And that salt and pepper gray…fuck dude.

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Short fic!! wherein oiks is preggy and iwa told him to never cut his hair not until the child is born and then it irritates oiks since his hair is soo long already and they fight about it being cut but iwa wins then fluff please i cant my mind 😂😂😂

“I think I need to cut my hair…” Tooru says, tugging at his hair, glaring at the offending long locks; he’d been lazy, lately, and hadn’t cut it in months. It’s already at his shoulders. “I should set up an appointment with Koushi…” Hajime’s head snaps up fast enough to give him whiplash. 

“You can’t cut it.” 

Tooru frowns, his hand falling to his growing baby belly. “Huh? Why not, Hajime?” 

“You can’t. You can’t cut your hair, not until the baby is born.” 

“But why, Hajime?” Tooru rolls his eyes. “It’s just hair.” 

Hajime sets his jaw firmly, stubbornly. “You can’t cut it. That’s the end of that.”

“Hajime! That’s completely unreasonable!” 

“It’s not. You’re not cutting your hair until our cub is born.” Hajime glares at Tooru, daring him to question him. Tooru glares right back. 

“Really now?” Tooru challenges, his voice dangerously close to a growl. “And why should I listen to you?” 

Hajime growls right back. “Because no one is touching my omega and my cub in such a fragile state. No one but me.” 

Tooru blinks at Hajime before tearing up. “H- Hajime! That’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever said to me! Even if you are a ridiculous brute! I love you so much, Hajime!” 

Hajime flushes as Tooru throws himself at him, wrapping himself around his mate’s body. “I- I love you too, idiot.” 


“You’re still not cutting your hair though.” 

Tooru scoffs. “Fine.” 

Of First Christmases and Priceless Gifts


“Baz, we have to stop.”

“You don’t think I know that?”

“How do we stop?”

Baz sighed and turned to me. I couldn’t help but appreciate how absolutely adorable he looked amongst the holiday mall mayhem. Fuzzy green jumper, grey scarf, cheeks that were actually flushed. Whether it was from the stress of the season or because he’d just fed, I was never sure.

He looked down at our cart. Or rather, what we could see of our cart. It was filled to overflowing with Transformers, My Little Pony figurines, and plushies of every animal imaginable. He bit his lip and looked at me with a pained expression. “What are we doing?”

“I don’t know,” I said, frantically trying to shove a blue doll onto our ever-growing pile. “I can’t stop. But we’ve already bought so much for her.”

Baz ran a hand through his hair, tugging at it. A nervous tick that I normally found ridiculously cute, but now it just made me more aware of our reality. “Baz. We have spent over a thousand dollars on our daughter for Christmas. We have to put some of this stuff back…”

I’d barely finished the declaration before I spotted a little Pokemon plush I knew Natasha would go nuts for. I pointed to it and Baz wordlessly grabbed it and shoved it into the cart. Angrily, like a man who hated what he was doing, but powerless against it.  

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Okay but Oliver going down on Nessa. She has her feet on his back, toes curled tight against his skin, heels pressing him closer, using him as leverage to arch off the bed. Her hands tangled tightly in his hair, tugging hard enough to have him moaning. His hands are on her ass, holding her lower body off the bed so he can get just the right angle to drive her crazy. She's a hot sobbing mess because holy shit how is he so good at this?? And Oliver is in heaven because HE is doing this to her >//<


Comment Therapy (Josh P Request)

“Just please go away Josh I’m not in the mood” You sigh, tugging your hair back into a ponytail.
“Babe please just tell me what’s wrong” He pleads yet again.
You roll your eyes in defeat and toss your phone to him. He of course knows the password and opens up the Instagram comments on his latest post of him and you.
Through some comments saying how cute you two were, there were many comments saying you weren’t good enough for him. He could get so much better. He should split up with you. He was probably waiting for the right time to end things. ‘Have you seen how ugly she is?’
The words lit up a fury in his eyes but he brushed it away, “Babe you shouldn’t be listening to these people. Especially not as much to get you this upset"
“What do you expect me to do? It’s everywhere, on twitter, on Instagram, on the comments on your videos"
“Right that’s it” He shakes his head, turning off your phone and throwing it onto the bed.
“What are you doing?” You frown.
“I’m not having my girlfriend moping around being all upset just because of a few comments on a photo” He says, “So get changed because we’re taking you shopping”
“Babe you hate shopping” You sigh.
“I don’t care. We’re leaving in 5”
You groan though smile to yourself lightly at how cute he was being before changing into a pair of jeans and a hoodie.
Soon enough the pair of you are heading into all of the shops, buying new shoes, tops and anything that took your fancy.
“Babe it looks gorgeous!” Josh grins from his seat outside the changing rooms.
“I don’t know it kind of isn’t my style” You mumble, checking the dress material in the mirror.
“Go for something different then! Youre gonna look better than everyone else on that carpet” He smiles, standing up, “And I’ll be more than happy to call you my date”
He grins and puts his hands on your waist to kiss you.
“You know I was thinking of going with Jack instead.” You laugh, knowing he always got slightly jealous if the boys were ever too flirty with you.
“Shut up” He grumbles, kissing you again, “Let’s go buy this one”
Though you could tell it didn’t interest your boyfriend, Josh didn’t fail to point out the ugliest clothes or make puns out of the shop names to make you laugh. You did love that guy.
“Now Nandos?” You suggest, the bags heavy on your arms.
“Sure” He grins. Josh had offered to take them from you but he was already carrying plenty and you felt guilty enough.
You both sit down to order and your food quickly comes.
“Thank you for today babe” You nod, “And I’m sorry I reacted so badly to-”
“No. No mention of them and there’s no need to thank me.” Josh grins.
“You’re adorable” You chuckle
He rolls his eyes and begins eating.
And from then on, you never got upset about those comments. Sure, sometimes you would see them and they wouldn’t be very nice but Josh would see them too. And he would come over, kiss your lips and give you that smile, that smile to tell you everything was fine.

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Luke & you softly making out on the hotel bed with you straddling him and you both are sharing lil 'i love yous' between the kisses and giggling when your noses touch. & him digging his hand in your hair, softly tugging on the roots of your hair as you dig your nails into his shoulders making him let out a soft whine & you both would pull away and look into each others eyes & smile at each other & luke is cupping your face with his big hands leaving a kiss on your nose whispering 'love you, bug'

my heart is in a puddle on the floor right now omg i lovE THIS 

Kindly Calm Me Down

Request: Can I please get a Robbie imagine based on “Kindly Calm Me Down” by Meghan Trainor? ☺️ Love you 😘

Warnings: mental disorders

Kindly Calm Me Down - Meghan Trainor

You sat on the ground, leaning against the wall. Your hands were in your hair, and you were tugging at the strands. Tears fell from your eyes, sniffles being heard from you. The room was dark and quiet, you being the only occupant. Your knees pulled up to your chest, no longer being able to stay quiet. Sobs left your throat.

Your body shook as you fought to stay as quiet as possible, but you were failing. 

“R-Rob… come home… I need you,” you whispered to yourself.

Your boyfriend was currently away. He was filming in Florida for a new movie called No Postage Necessary. He’d been away for months now. Much longer than you expected. 

You always supported Robbie. From the second you met him, you supported him and stood by his side. He did the same for you. But years down the line, he became your blanket. He’d always cover you up and cradle you on your bad days.

Robbie wasn’t a depressed person. He was as happy as could be. You were not. You had severe depression; you were easily stressed. Robbie was always there to make it better. And now he wasn’t. 

Lately, your depression had been eating you up. You didn’t know what was triggering such powerful episodes and feelings, but you were sinking fast. To make it worse, your boss snapped at you today at work. You did something wrong on accident, and he went off on you. The incident hadn’t left your mind since. You texted Robbie about it, but he never responded. You hadn’t felt this terrible in a long time. You almost forgot what it felt like to feel this low.

Robbie was like your anti-depressant. He knew what to do and what to say to make you feel better. He’d do whatever it took to make you feel better. Even though sometimes you could tell he was annoyed, he still did his best to get you to smile. He would quiet your troubling thoughts, kill the pounding in your head, and in the kindest way, calm you down.

“Robbie,” you cried, “I need you.” 

You were having one of your worst breakdowns. You needed Robbie, but you knew he was busy. He was probably asleep. It was 10PM in California, meaning it was one in the morning in Florida.

“Get out of my head,” you sobbed. “Get out!”

Part of you was happy Robbie or anyone wasn’t with you. You hated having breakdowns like these. You talked to yourself. You spoke aloud to the demons whispering awful things in your mind. You sometimes screamed just to let out steam. It was bad.

But still, you wished Robbie was with you. He could kill the demons. He was your cure to all this mental disease killing your mind. He was everything.

“I’ve had such a bad day today. I wish you were here… You always know how to make it better, but you’re in Florida and I’m so proud of you, but I wish you were here or I was there… I miss you so much.”

You re-read your text to Robbie. You sent it when you got home from work two hours ago. Robbie was definitely asleep. 

Your face crumbled once again. A new batch of tears flooded your eyes. The cycle started over. You felt so alone, and the voices in your head kept telling you Robbie didn’t love you. They kept saying that no one cared, no one loved you. You were a disgrace. You were stupid and pathetic. And then…

“Y/N?” Robbie’s panicked voice rang in the apartment you two shared. The door opened, and when he saw that it was dark, he ran straight to the bedroom. Robbie found you in the shared room, still against the wall.

Robbie ran right to you, sinking to the ground next to you. His arms went around you instantly, and that’s when you knew it was real.

“Shh, it’s okay. I’m right here.” He whispered, panic still in his tone. He rubbed your back, letting you breakdown in his hold. “Sorry I never got back to you. I was on my way home to surprise you.”

You felt terrible. “I’m sorry,” you mumbled.

“Why are you sorry?” Robbie wiped away your tears, picking you up. He rested you on the edge of the bed. Your were leaning on his upper abdomen as he stood in front of you. He kept his arms around you.

“Because you came home to surprise me, and I’m this huge mess.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Robbie explained. “I’m glad I’m home so I can be with you. When I was finally able to see that text, I rushed. I grabbed my bags from baggage and just ran to one of the taxicabs… I’m happy to be home; to be with you.”

More tears came. They soaked part of his shirt. You always questioned yourself why Robbie liked you. You were a mess and he wasn’t. 

You only whimpered a little in response.

Robbie maneuvered himself so he was on the bed, laying with you now. “How about we go to sleep, and then tomorrow we can have one of our Happy-to-be-Alive days?”

You nodded your head, agreeing to it. You had calmed down a lot. Robbie simply had to be there and he could kindly calm you down that way. You were happy that he was in your life. He was probably the greatest thing to ever happen to you.

You quickly leaned in, kissing Robbie. “Welcome home,” you half grinned, voice still croaky from crying. 

“Thanks, darling,” he smiled, pecking your lips. He cradled you, holding you close. You shut your eyes, and Robbie couldn’t help but worry about you. You seemed fine for the time being, but he knew you weren’t completely okay, and that always worried him. Though you were in a calm state, and tomorrow you’d both spend the day together and experience the good things in life. He would help remind you why life had so much love and beauty to offer.