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what sort of kinky shit is shevith into- also what sort of kinky shit do you think marinette and adrien would be into?

We’re into some intense handholding, fam

As for Marinette and Adrien… I want to say food in the bedroom, but it sounds awkward and messy. You know when a bit of your food gets on your bare hand or leg when you eat and it becomes annoying and sticky? Yeah, I can’t imagine people in the middle of it who are enjoying that sensation. 

Idk, leather/spandex suits?

Ladybug/Chat Noir roleplay of sorts? (Could go LadyNoir, Ladrien, Marichat…)

If it has to be something at least borderline kinky… I don’t know. Light spanking? Hair tugging?

Listen, I don’t know what two french teenage superheroes would do in the bedroom

- mod Levith

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Sucking Harry off in his Range Rover, mhm. Maybe like in that picture where he's sitting in a car on his phone and resting his legs on the passenger seat that is pulled right in the front? His legs on your back, hand tugging your hair while the other one records you for those late nights when he's on tour on the other side of the world. "God, love. You look so pretty sucking my cock-" you slide your tongue on the edge of his tip "ahh, fuck. Take me to the back of your throat, would you love?"

Yummy and soft and God the back of my throat……..PLEASE LET ME, STYLES

💕 Having your partners arm around you while relaxing or watching telly or being on your phone.
💕 Hugs.
💕 Forehead kisses.
💕 Having your hair stroked and lightly tugged at.
💕 Being the little spoon.
💕 Having your back stroked and petted.
💕 Neck kisses.
💕 Light touches that almost tickle and hurt but just almost.
💕 Tighter touches so that you can really feel that you’re there and that you’re real and that you’re wanted.
💕 Kisses on the top of your head.
💕 Skin against skin.
💕 Warming your feet against your partner.
💕 Burying your head in your partners neck and shoulder and breathing in their scent.

“How are you doing?”

The question kind of stops you. Because you’re okay. Your world is still spinning and you’re still smiling and you’re okay.

But then sometimes you’re not okay. Not even one little bit. And you don’t really sleep at nights because your bed is as empty as your arms. And there’s a space on your wall where his photo used to hang. And sometimes you can’t even eat because he’s gone and the sick feeling in your stomach just becomes a permanent part of you. And when you kiss someone new their lips are wrong and their hands don’t tug your hair and their body doesn’t feel quite right beneath your wandering hands. And sometimes you cry and you don’t think you’ll ever stop.

But you don’t say that. They don’t want to hear that. You just smile and say, “I’m okay I guess.”

—  Even when I’m okay, I’m not, 08/10/2016
Snow Day

Trapped in a vehicle with Spencer Reid, a snowy case, and warm cuddles. What more could you want?

No warnings.


“Come on, Spencer. I happen to like my toes.”

“I happen to like my personal space.”

A glaring contest was taking place across the back seat of the stalled SUV where you and Spencer sat. Your legs claimed the majority of the cushion, pushing against his thighs on the other side. He shifted away yet again, opting for the comfort of the jacket Hotch left in here instead of the warm body offering heat just inches away from him. You didn’t blame the blizzard; North Dakota had sent out a warning over the radio after all. You didn’t even blame the SUV for wimping out; the wear and tear the team put on it was enough to make anyone want to give up.

Spencer you could blame, though. Him and his stubborn ass refused to surrender the dignity you two had left and just cuddle to conserve heat. Sure the team was in route, but the snow promised at least an hour’s delay and you were not willing to lose appendages because he could not remove the stick from his ass.

“You’re the doctor here. Our heater is broken, the whole damn car is. What’s worse, germs or frostbite?”

“Realistically, germs can have affect much faster than the cold can. They begin taking over the cells in your body within minutes. Meanwhile frostbite takes several hours to set in and we only have to wait one.”

You huffed, breath fogging up as you buried your stinging face into the wool scarf wrapped around your neck. Your jacket plus Morgan’s was not enough to block out the relentless cold. Something was clicking and it took you a few seconds to realize it was your teeth. A sigh was the next sound to fill the space, this one originating from the doctor when he heard it as well.

“Come on then.” He lifted the jacket from his side to make peace.

Defiance flared up for only the time it took for him to start shivering. You dove into his warmth, hugging every part of him your icicle fingers could reach. Your nose pressed to the heated nook of his neck and he hissed in complaint. The hair at the base of his neck tickled your forehead, reminding you just how much you appreciated the steadily growing hair.

With Hotch’s jacket draped over the both of you now and the community body temperature circulating, you relaxed against the new but not unwelcome touch of his arms encircling you. Your body ached as feeling returned to it; that could also be from the fact that your unrequited crush held you.

“This is how a lot of our cases start,” he mumbled into your hair. “Stranded, unfavorable conditions.”

“A loud mouth to draw in the killer.”

You felt the laugh more than heard it and it drew your curious gaze up to his fog stained glasses. “Can you even see through those?”

“Can’t really see far off without them.”

“I’ll keep an eye out for the unsub, or maybe our rescuers,” you promised, tugging them from his face and wiping them carefully against your shirt.

His protest was in the form of chasing the glasses with his head. This resulted in his nose crashing against yours and his frozen lips brushing your cheek. He jolted, brown eyes flaring like he might accuse you of bewitching him. With his form painted against the frost covered window, you could only touch the point on your skin that simply burned from the accident.

“I told you this was a bad idea,” he snapped.

“Terrible,” you deadpanned, reluctantly returning his now clean glasses and ducking into the safety of the jackets.

“Not you!” he blurted instantly, reading the rejection as easily as he might solve an elementary math equation. “Trust me, you’re fine. You’re more than fine, you’re stunning and confusing and almost on my lap which is definitely leaning towards the confusing bit because you barely talk to me at work. Meanwhile all I do is ramble, just like I’m doing now. I’ll help you file the HR report if you want.”

“Mind telling me exactly what I should put on there? That was hardly a kiss to complain about.”

“I am too cold to tell if you’re insulting my kissing abilities or deliberately trying to provoke me.”

“I just figure if I’m going to write a report on you, it should have something more interesting on it.”

You were edging closer, putting your latest profiling theory to the test. Spencer was scared to touch you but not because you revolted him; it was because he feared he might not stop. As he allowed your mouths meet, you prayed he would not.

You Like That?

Title: You Like That?

Paring: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3,025 (I know it’s long, but it’s worth it) (that’s what He said lol)

Warnings: SMUT!! Hair pulling kink, Praise kink, bondage, dom/sub

Anonymous said: Can you possibly do one where reader and Dean are best friends and he has a thing for her and has secret kinks, and the reader somehow does different things and finds out about all those kinks? Like maybe one could be that he has a hair pulling kink and one day the reader is playing with his hair and tugs it a little and Dean like moans or something

A/N: Anon I hope you’re reading this and liking it! I know some people wanted it in two parts but I just thought it flowed so much better this way. Enjoy!!


Dean whirled around, dumping the bowl of popcorn all over the floor. “Shit Y/N, you scared me.”

“Sorry! Didn’t mean to. What are you up to?” You bent down to help him pick up the popcorn. “I’m super bored and Sam left for the weekend.”

Dean’s eyes dropped to the floor. “I, um, I was going to watch a movie. If you want you can join, gotta make more popcorn though.”

Grabbing Dean’s shoulder to help you up you wiped your hands on your pants before resting them on your hips, “I’ll set it up while you make it.” When Dean didn’t respond you snapped your fingers in his face. “Dean, did you hear me?”

“Huh? Wha-“ Dean’s words were lost as he looked up at you standing over him.

“Did you hear me? I’ll set up the movie while you make more. You okay dude? You’ve been really spacy lately.”

“No, yeah I’m fine, just tired. The movie is by my TV, I’ll be there in a minute or two.”

Dean’s POV

Waiting for Y/N to leave the room you stood up, letting out the breath you hadn’t realized you’d been holding. Adjusting yourself you headed to the counter, grabbing the bag of microwave popcorn. Dude, keep it together! You gotta stop acting like such a spazz around her!

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Do not pat a stranger on the back

Do not touch anyone’s hair

Do not tug on anyone’s clothing

Do not give anyone a hug without asking


If you’re tight with someone that’s one thing but there is literally NO REASON TO TOUCH A STRANGER WITHOUT ASKING

They could have sensory processing disorder, they could have a phobia or trauma involving physical contact, they could be having pain in whatever area of the body you’re about to jab them in, they could, idk, not want to be touched by strangers?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And if they get upset or uncomfortable or you put them in pain that is 100% entirely your fault for putting your hands on them without asking.

I don’t care if you’re a “huggy person” I don’t care if you’re kind and well intentioned you could be hurting someone.

This has been a PSA.

“How are you?”

The question kind of stops you. Because you’re okay. Your world is still spinning and you’re still smiling and you’re okay.

But then sometimes you’re not okay. Not even one little bit. And you don’t really sleep at night anymore because your bed is almost as empty as your arms. And there’s a space on your wall where his photo used to hang. And sometimes you can’t even eat because he’s gone and the sick feeling in your stomach just becomes a permanent part of you. And when you kiss someone new their lips are wrong and their hands don’t tug your hair and their body doesn’t feel quite right beneath your wandering hands. And sometimes you cry and you don’t think you’ll ever stop.
But you don’t say that. They don’t want to hear that. So you continue to smile and say “I’m okay.”

—  Except of a book I’ll never write

19. Cuddling (from this list)

Ladybug had never noticed it before, but Adrien had freckles.

Maybe the summer sun had brought them out, or maybe she’d just never been close enough to pick them out, but there was, indeed, a faint smattering of darker spots among the gold over the bridge of his nose and across his cheeks.

They tucked neatly under the feathering of his long, dark eyelashes, disregarded the elegant slope of his nose and scattered where they wished, and Ladybug bit her lip softly.

She could count them with her mouth, she thought. She could tug his hair and stroke his cheeks until he looked up at her with those liquid green eyes, sleep-hazed and open, then drop kiss after kiss after kiss onto his face, counting spots until she ran out, then start from the first all over again.

She could tuck herself up against his side, let the warmth of him soak through her suit and into her bones, rest her head on his shoulder and breathe him in — smell skin and soap and summer and let it sustain her.

She could kiss him awake, make those sleep-hazed eyes even hazier with love and lust and…

She could…

She couldn’t.

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The Art of Seduction

Summary: Jimin is a corporate heir that’s used to getting what he wants, but when he cant get the girl he loves to fall for him, he tries to find out what she likes in men through the methods of seduction.

Word Count: 3,981

A/N: This is based off of a prompt I read somewhere long ago (I don’t have the link I’m sorry! But the basis of the story is based on that prompt.) and also this is based on a few different discarded ideas I had in my documents folder. Gifs are not mine and all credit goes to the original owners! -Admin Germane

Jimin sat on the couch in his lavish living room, frustrated, trying to watch whatever show was playing on the TV, but he just couldn’t concentrate. He ran his hand through his already ruffled up hair and sighed, tugging absentmindedly at the drawstrings of his sweatpants.

Jimin, the youngest corporate executive in the world, could make any girl putty in his hands if he wanted to. Every girl he’s met always seemed interested in him, but not the girl he likes. Y/N was her name, she worked at his firm and Jimin often had to work with her on major projects that the company had to deal with. He’d like to think that Y/N was his friend; they grew extremely close thank to Taehyung, who just so conveniently happened to be friends with the both of them (Tae had actually caused them to meet, he shoved Jimin into her, making Y/N’s papers scatter on the floor). Y/N, however, didn’t seem to give any interest towards him at all. In fact, she seemed completely uninterested in all the men that flirted with her; she would only talk to Jimin’s group of friends during work, her and the other guys being really close to her as well.

To make Jimin’s infatuation for Y/N even worse, he always had images of her randomly flashing though his mind when he worked. He thought about what she looked like when she would roll her long shirt sleeves up to her elbows, how her hair would shine in the sun, and her lips. Dear god, her lips were just so inviting. Whenever she was concentrating on something or when she was reading over important documents, she would always bite her lips, drawing Jimin in even more than before.

Jimin wanted to return the fire that Y/N gave him, and this was why he was frustrated. He didn’t know what Y/N liked in a guy, he didn’t know what could be done to entice her. Hell, he had even asked Taehyung and Namjoon, the two she was closest to, for advice but even they couldn’t give him the answers he wanted. If only there was a way to get her to indulge into this information. As his mind traveled back to the girl that was taking over his thoughts, a knock came to his door.

To his surprise he saw Y/N standing there, it was 10:30 in the evening, why would she come to visit him this late at night?

“Y/N! To what do I owe the pleasure of having you at my doorstep?” he asked, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. Y/N blushed and fiddled with her hands nervously.

“Um. Well. I need help with something and Tae told me that you know the most about it, so, um …” she started, nervous and flustered.

“Oh?” Jimin raised an eyebrow.

“And what would this … something be?”

“I-um, I sort of … like someone” Y/N’s cheeks turned from a soft pink to rose red and Jimin had to suppress a grin.

“So, I wanted to get their attention, and um, apparently, if you smell nice, that can do the trick.”

Jimin’s heart swelled with pride and lust. This was just too easy! She was walking into Jimin’s area of expertise; he could easily extract the information he needed to make her like him with ease. This ‘someone’ was but a minor obstacle. Jimin smirked, Y/N was as good as his.

“It certainly can. Come in, and let’s see what we can do.” Y/N smiled timidly and followed Jimin inside is lavish apartment. Y/N stared in awe, she had never been inside her friend’s/boss’ house before.

“So. Names are not needed, but what is this ‘someone’ like?”

“Why do you need to know?” Y/N’s tone was defensive and Jimin made a mental note to tread carefully.

“Different scents appeal to different people,” Jimin explained, “I need to know a little about who your trying to seduce to help you.”

“I’m not trying to seduce them; I just want them to notice me.”

“Ah, Y/N, you do not understand.” Jimin smiled and ushered her into the bathroom.

“Anything involving the senses is always about seduction.”

“Really?” Y/N leaned casually against the sink counter, watching Jimin with a mix of weariness and curiosity.

“So … there are other ways to get his attention?”

“Of course. Would you like to know about them?” Jimin asked. Y/N licked her lips (my god, like the girl need lessons in seduction when she did things like that) and nodded.

“Very well. Let us start with appearance.”

“Oh this might take a while,” Y/N joked.

“No Y/N, you misunderstood. You are very beautiful on your own, you simply need to … play up your assets.” Jimin looked her up and down thoughtfully.

“If you’re going to wear slacks, pick a tighter cut … you have very soft skin, wear something on top that shows a little. Neck or arms, doesn’t matter. Dresses should show a little leg; I’d say at least knee length. And try wearing a dress with short sleeves or thin straps, it keeps the mind wondering what’s underneath. Wear darker colors, after all, the darker ones usually are portrayed as more mysterious and sexy anyways. The dark colors will bring out your pretty eyes.” Jimin lectured, blushing a little at his advice.

“Are my glasses a fault then?” she asked, reaching up to take them off but, Jimin’s hand stopped her.

“I think they give you charm, personally.” Jimin shrugged. “But I’m not sure what this ‘someone’ of yours might think.”

“Okay. What’s next?” Y/N asked.

“Pretend I am you mysterious someone,” Jimin instructed. “Say hello to me.”

“What? Why?”

“Just … say hello to me.”

“Um. Hello?” Y/N said skeptically.

“No, no, no.” Jimin shook his head.

“Like this.” Jimin explained, leaning a bit closer to Y/N. He dropped his voice to a casually suggestive volume somewhere between normal conversation and a whisper.

“Hello, Y/N. How have you been?” Jimin asked with a smirk on his face. Y/N flushed and ducked her head.

“F-Fine,” she squeaked.

“Ah-ha!” Jimin grinned victoriously.

“You see? I did not even say anything of substance, and look how you reacted! It’s all in the tone Y/N. Your words must caress as your hands do. Now, try again.”

“I feel really stupid…”

“Try again.” Jimin encouraged, placing his hand on her shoulder in a comforting manner. Y/N sighed and cleared her throat.

“Hello Jimin,” she said, voice soft and engaging. Well that certainly sent some blood south. “How have you been?”

“Excellent,” Jimin smiled. “Your tone, I mean. You … ah, don’t need to do that again.”

“Really? That was good?” Y/N asked in disbelief. Jimin nodded. It was a little too good. He was afraid if he spoke he’d scare her away with his perverted thoughts. Jimin cleared his throat and sorted his thoughts but Y/N spoke up first.

“Okay so I was wondering about taste. What am I supposed to do? Cover myself in whipped cream or something?” Y/N teased.

“No.” Do not think about licking whipped cream off her … don’t think about it …

“It can be two things. Items you can eat or drink can be evocative … like chocolate or cherries”

“And the other thing?”

“Has nothing really to do with actual flavor, but you want your someone to wonder and wonder what your mouth tastes like.”

“Um. Why?” Y/N asked.

“It’s all about luring them,” Jimin smirked.

“If you can get them fixed on something, anything, they are yours.” Jimin held his hand up before Y/N could speak.

“Before you ask, your lips are terribly inviting, and you have a little lip-biting habit when you are reading or thinking about something. If your ‘someone’ isn’t being driven crazy by this already, you simply need to be obvious about it in their presence.”

“O-Oh.” Y/N touched her lips unconsciously. “W-What’s next?”

“What you came here for in the first place.” Jimin bent down and opened a cabinet under the sink.

“Now tell something about…”

“Jesus Christ Jimin! Why do you have so much perfume and cologne?”

“Well, this is just one cabinet, and I lost count after a while …” Jimin frowned at Y/N’s flabbergasted look.

“If you remember, Y/N, you were the one who came to me for help.”

“Okay. I’m sorry.” Y/N apologized, blushing slightly.

“Like I was saying, you need to tell me something about this … ‘someone’.”

“Do I have to? I mean can’t you give me something … nice?” Y/N asked.

“Nice?” Jimin sighed. “Let me show you how this works.” Jimin extracted a bottle, dabbed a little of the cologne on his wrist and held out his arm.

“Now I’m guessing, but for a smell you like, I would wear something a little … sweeter.” Jimin explained. Y/N took a skeptical sniff and shrugged.

“It’s not bad.”

“Alright I was wrong. Let’s try … ah, this, maybe.” He pulled out another bottle and dabbed some on his other wrist, and again held it out for Y/N’s evaluation.

“Smells sort of … smoky.”

“It’s supposed to. Do you like it?”

“Yeah, it reminds me of winter and fires and-”

“Nostalgia is not what we are going for.” Jimin turned back to the cabinet thoughtfully, humming in thought. After a moment’s deliberation, he pulled out another bottle.

“Third times a charm.” he smiled touching some of the fragrance to his neck and motioned to Y/N.

“Come see if this one is more to your liking.” he said, motioning for her to come closer. Y/N pushed herself off the sink and slowly stepped closer to Jimin. She stopped when she got in the range of one-on-one conversation, suddenly taking a deep breath. Got it.

“That …” she leaned closer.

“Jimin, that smells so good.” Y/N was obviously holding back the desire to bury her face in the crook of Jimin’s neck and inhale. Jimin noticed this and smirked.

“You can come closer, if you want,” Jimin offered, his voice dropping an octave. Y/N practically jumped on Jimin and she buried her face in his neck, moaning a little at the glorious scent. Jimin chuckled and hugged the girl, letting her have a moment.

“God. Jimin, it smells so amazing.” she mumbled into his skin. Jimin took a sharp breath, he had to control himself, otherwise his plan would all go downhill. He pried the girl off him gently and she groaned in annoyance, she wanted to bury her head back into his neck and smell that wondrous smell that Jimin had put on his body.

“So. You like something heavier, spicy … and you like to smell it when you are close to the person.” Jimin smiled, “Do you see what I’m talking about?

“Uh-huh.” Y/N backed up until she hit the sink, not trusting herself being so close to that scent that made her wild.

“W-What’s yours?” Y/N mumbled?

“My …?”

“Your scent, the smell you like.” Jimin stared at Y/N bemusedly until she elaborated.

“I mean, what works on you must work on everyone, right?”

“Not necessarily, but since you refuse to tell me anything about the person you’re trying to get you are more than welcome to try it.” Jimin handed Y/N a small pale blue bottle.

“Light and flowery, bit of a smoky undertone but nothing to overpowering. What I like most about it, though, is that it lingers … and that brings us to our final lesson.”

“Touch?” Y/N inquired nervously.

“Yes. Remember, keep it gentle …” he brushed Y/N’s cheek with the backs of his fingers. “… keep it casual …” a glancing touch down her arm. “… but most importantly, keep it lingering …” he splayed his fingers across the small of Y/N’s back, trailing the tips across along a line just above the hem of her pants.

“Does that make sense?” Jimin asked. Y/N, flushed, wide-eyed, and near breathless, nodded slowly, and Jimin smiled a smile he hoped didn’t look to predatory.

Oh. Right in the palm of his hand.


This meeting had to be the longest, most tedious, most agonizing meeting that Jimin had ever been to. It might, he mused, have to have had something to do with Y/N using all her new techniques to attract her ‘someone’. Jimin told her to play it up and was she ever.

It all started this morning when he was waiting in line for coffee. Most of the employees needed coffee this early in the morning or some, (well most really) would become very … frustrated (bitchy).

Jimin was standing in the coffee line, Taehyung and Jungkook standing behind him having a loud discussion about something ridiculous. Then they both just stopped talking all together. Jimin turned and looked at them, they usually wouldn’t shut their mouths for anything. Taehyung nudged him and pointed down the corridor. Jimin followed his gaze until he saw what they were staring at.

“Shit.” he cursed.

There was Y/N, walking with Namjoon towards the conference room. She had her head down and she was playing with her hands absentmindedly. Namjoon nudged her shoulder and she looked up, spotting the three of them waiting in the coffee line. She smiled and left Namjoon and walked towards the three men.

All three of them were drowning in red. The darkest red that stood out beautifully against her hair and skin. Her eyes shined behind her glasses and her black heels clicked on the marble floor. She made her way to them and she tilted her head, her hair catching the rays from the sun as she spoke in a soft, velvet voice.

“Good morning boys. How are you?” They all stared at her, none of them could put together any words to form a sentence. Jimin spoke up after a while.

“Good. How have you been Y/N?”

“Great, thank you.” It was Jimin’s turn in line. “Would you like anything?” he asked her.

“Just a tall black coffee.” She looked towards the other two men; the both of them still in shock.

“Hey, Tae, Kookie, are you alright?” she touched their shoulders out of worry. They both blushed and hid their faces.

“Sorry it’s just that-” Jungkook started, but Taehyung cut him off.

“Dude! You look totally hot!” Taehyung exclaimed, making Y/N giggle at his enthusiasm. Jungkook then preceded to smack Taehyung around the head.

OW! What the hell was that for?!” Taehyung whined, rubbing the back of his neck in pain.

“You’re such a perv, hyung. Show the lady some respect.” Jungkook scolded. Y/N blushed and looked down at her hands.

“You look beautiful noona.” Jungkook said, traces of a deep longing in his voice.

“Thanks Kookie! Oh excuse me I must go, but I’ll see you in the meeting?” Y/N asked, noticing Jimin was holding their coffee.

“Yes. Of course.” Jungkook agreed.

“Alright, bye.” Y/N said. She let her hand trail down Jungkook arm until she reached his elbow and she walked to Jimin who was … glaring at Jungkook? Y/N pushed the thought out of her mind and took the cup from Jimin’s hand and they both started to walk absentmindedly towards the conference room.

“I’m taking your advice.” Y/N said, breaking their silence.

“I can see that. You look … stunning.”

Close enough to how Jimin felt.

“Thank you.” Y/N blushed a little, taking a sip of her coffee.

“I’d love to talk, but I got to head to the conference room. I have some stuff to go over with Namjoon but, I’ll see you in a bit.” she touched Jimin’s shoulder in acknowledgment, assurance, before walking away. Her fingertips brushed along the line of Jimin’s shoulder, stopping and dropping only when they reached the shirt collar. In Y/N’s wake, Jimin caught the scent of the perfume he gave her, heady and perfect. It lingered, just as he knew it would, and Jimin stood in the hallway, cursing his lack of foresight.

This had backfired. Badly. Sexual frustration was mixing with resentment at whoever Y/N was giving her affection to until it turned into something acidic that resembled jealously. This. Just. Wasn’t. Fair.

To make matters worse, when Jimin entered the conference room and sat down, wondering how in the world he was going to survive this meeting, Y/N took the seat next to him with a cheerful little smile. Jimin really couldn’t change seats without seeming rude, so he was forced to sit and smell and brush knees with Y/N for hours. Jimin wondered how unlucky he had to be to choose a seat near Y/N’s ‘someone’ (why else would she choose to sit there next to him?) He glanced around and … oh if it was Jungkook or Namjoon it would really be torture.

And if Jimin thought Y/N unconsciously drawing attention to her mouth was bad, it was nothing compared to Y/N being purposely enticing. She licked her lips, pouted in boredom, applied chap stick, and nibbled at her bottom lip in such a come-hither manner it was indecent. When at last the conference ended and Taehyung had no crazier ideas to throw out on the table, Jimin nearly cried with relief. It was over, and there was nothing standing between him and the door-

“Jimin! Wait up.” he had spoken too soon. Forcing down the urge to bolt, he plastered on a smile and turned around.

“Y/N. What can I do for you?” he asked as the other workers slowly filed out of the room, leaving them alone in the large conference room.

“Nothing much.” she said, playing with the short sleeves of her dress, making Jimin curse himself for telling her to wear such a thing. The room was uncomfortably warm to Jimin, making him sweat a little bit. Did Y/N really have to follow all of Jimin’s advice?

“I just wanted to thank you, you know for … well this.” she said gesturing to herself.

“It was no problem at all, did you think you finally caught the attention of your ‘someone’?” Jimin asked with fake interest.

“I’m not sure, he seemed really uncomfortable and distant today. Maybe, it didn’t work?” she wondered out loud. Jimin blanked. If it didn’t work, then that means that Y/N would be doing this again, and again, and again. Jimin doesn’t think he would be alive for much longer if she did.

“Jimin?” Y/N called.

“I’m sorry, but what did you say?” he asked, running a hand through his black hair.

“Kookie asked me out to lunch this afternoon. I was asking if we could take off at the same time.”

Jimin suddenly felt that acidic jealousy rise up in his throat like bile, filling him with a rage and possessiveness he never felt before.

“No, you can’t.” Jimin’s voice was suddenly harsh, making Y/N taken aback at his change of attitude.

“Why not?” she encouraged Jimin to continue speaking.

“I don’t think that will be good for the two of you to go out alone. Especially with you looking like … that.” he said, allowing his eyes to rake over her body. His eyes lingered over her curves and the swell of her breast, making him groan inwardly.

“Kookie and I have gone out together before, why can’t we go out now?” Y/N asked. Jimin let out a small growl and shook his head, his eyes turning into slits.

“Because I said so Y/N.”

“But why Jimin? Why can’t you just give me an explanation?”

“Because, I don’t have to explain myself to you, I’m your superior Y/N and you shouldn’t be questioning me like this.” Jimin snapped; he could feel his anger and jealousy rise.

“I just don’t understand what the big deal is.” Y/N raised her voice, making Jimin slam her against the wall of the conference room, caging her in between her arms. Y/N stared up at Jimin with wide eyes, he has never acted like this with her before.

“Don’t you know how frustrating it is seeing you with a guy that’s not me?! Couldn’t you see how those guys were eyeing you up throughout the meeting? I should be the only one to look at you like that! It makes me so angry that they can look at you like that, I just want be possessive of you! You’re just so god damn attractive it’s hard to control myself around you, imagine how other guys would be with you! And you taking all of my advice … god it’s so sexually frustrating when you look so sexy and smell so good and I had to endure all of that throughout the meeting; do you know how many times I had to refrain from pulling you away and just taking you myself?! Y/N, I’m so in love with you, why can’t you just understand that?! That’s why I won’t let you go with Jungkook, because I’m afraid he’ll get to you before I can!” Jimin yelled, his eyes blowing up with jealousy and something else hidden behind it. Y/N just stared at Jimin with her mouth open, trying to comprehend Jimin’s confession.

“Jimin, you know that ‘special someone’ I asked you about the other day? Well, it was really you the whole time.” Y/N smirked, making Jimin gasp softly in shock.

“That’s why I came over that night, because I wanted to know how to entice you.” Y/N admitted. Jimin chuckled, biting his lower lip as he looked between Y/N’s eyes and her lips.

“You should’ve told me sooner, jagiya.” Jimin whispered, his voice was low and seductive, making Y/N lick her lips.

“You should’ve acted upon it sooner Jimin.” Y/N teased back, her voice coming out as smooth as velvet.

“You little vixen.” Jimin growled playfully as he closed the space between their lips. Y/N eagerly responded to his kiss, moving her lips against his with just as much passion as he gave to her. Jimin placed his hands on her ass, playfully giving it a smack and a squeeze. Y/N gasped and allowed Jimin to slip his tongue into her mouth, electing a moan from the girl pinned against the wall. Their tongues tangled together as Y/N ran her hands through Jimin’s hair, tugging softly on the black strands. Jimin growled into her mouth and he hoisted her up, wrapping her legs around his waist as they continued to make out against the wall of the conference room.

The two of them suddenly heard giggling. They both parted away from each other’s mouth to spot Jimin’s friends peering through the door, the six of them apparently watching the fiasco.

“See hyung, I told you he would finally pluck up the courage to ask Y/N out! You owe me lunch!” Taehyung said happily, smiling his box smile to Yoongi who groaned in annoyance.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever you want.” Yoongi agreed reluctantly, causing the other guys to start fulfilling the bets they had placed with Taehyung earlier today. Y/N giggled and looked back towards Jimin, who looked beyond livid at the interruption.

“Hey, you can’t kill him. After all, he’s the reason we met.” Y/N pointed out. Jimin smiled down at Y/N and pecked her lips, setting her back down on the ground.

“You’re right, but that doesn’t mean I can’t hurt him,” Jimin said devilishly, making Y/N laugh as he started to chase an amused Taehyung around the conference room. Y/N would never admit that it was Taehyung who urged Y/N to visit Jimin that night, and that she owed him a meal as well for a jobs well done.

Andrew’s Foolproof Method for Shutting Neil Up

    “Nine percent of the time I don’t want to kill you. I always hate you.”
    “Every time you say that I believe you a little less.”
    “No one asked you.” With that, Andrew caught Neil’s face in his hands and leaned in.

    “That’s a first,” Neil said. “Do I get a prize for shutting you up?”
    “A quick death,” Andrew said. “I’ve already decided where to hide your body.”
    “Six feet under?” Neil guessed.
    “Stop talking,” Andrew said, and kissed him.

    “The only one I’m interested in is you.”
    “Don’t say stupid things.”
    “Stop me,” Neil returned. He buried his hands in Andrew’s hair and tugged him in for a kiss. 

    Neil still felt like he was falling. He did fall afterward, albeit in a controlled slide down the wall, gasping for breath and dizzy with burnt-out need.
    “Do you want—” he started, voice ragged.
    Andrew kissed him to shut him up.

    “I’ll get bored of you eventually.”
    “You sure?” Neil asked. “Rumor has it I’m pretty interesting.”
    “Don’t believe everything you hear.”
    Neil ignored that dismissal because Andrew was already pulling him down again. They kissed until Neil felt dizzy…

    “I won’t be like them,” Neil said. “I won’t let you let me be.”
    “One hundred and one,” Andrew said, “going on one hundred and two.”
    “You’re a terrible liar,” Neil said, and Andrew kissed him into silence.

Positive reinforcement means Neil is going to end up running his mouth. A lot. Clever, Andrew.

Lucky Neil.

A List of Things
  • the feeling when you hit that high note
  • that moment of quiet when everyone you live with is asleep
  • unnatural hair colors that are hella cool
  • tangled up sheets that are soft to the touch
  • waking up to the smell of coffee in the morning
  • the feeling of soft hair between your fingertips
  • Hair that is always somehow falling out of a bun and tumbling in just the right places
  • Far off places that are on everyone’s bucket list
  • the climax of orchestral pieces
  • the smell of fresh air at the top of a mountain. 
  • holding hands in the dark
  • Going to the museum on a rainy day
  • Pages and pages of neat cursive handwriting
  • a warm breeze tugging at hair that is done up
  • the sound of church bells tolling out the hours
  • wearing someone else’s clothes
  • Arctic Monkey soundtracks
  • A swim in a glacier-fed river
  • late afternoon sunshine slanting through a window
  • Freckles spattered across smiling cheeks. 
  • Paint brushes that have been stained from over use
  • Red glints in sunlit hair
  • Peacoats in brisk sunny afternoons, 
  • knitting needles among vibrant colors of yarn
  • Soft baggy sweaters and foggy glasses
  • long afternoons with rain tapping on the window
  • the feeling of a very small hand wrapped around your finger
  • finding the perfect harmony for a song
  • watching the sunrise
  • the sound of a spoon tinkling against you mug as you stir your beverage
  • echoey footsteps in an empty church
citrine ep aesthetics

gravel to tempo: low slung backpacks, eyes darting to someone and then immediately back, pin badges on denim jackets, leaning your head back against your locker, tugging at your friend’s wrists to make them dance with you, scrawled journal entries, lip syncing with your earphones in, jumping into a swimming pool in the heat of summer, writing self-love mantras on your bedroom walls, watching the light fade from the sky sitting on a hill overlooking the city

ease my mind: dancing barefoot with your lover in a hotel room, hands run through hair, a smirk tugging at the corner of your lips, late night texts, kisses when no-one’s looking, sand running in an hourglass, the sway of hips, testing out chords on a guitar, straddling your lover in bed to lean down to kiss them, sighing with your eyes closed, hands on waists, notebooks filled with lyrics, girls in underwear and oversized shirts, fingers traced along spines, whispers against skin

pretty girl: catching a girl’s eye across the dancefloor, sparklers under the darkening sky, pink and white lollipops, arms slung around shoulders, rouge velvet booths, arms brushing against each other, metallic eyeshadow, mini skirts, reapplying lip gloss in fancy bathrooms, feeling your heart race, colourful cocktails, low lit clubs, eyelashes fluttering against cheeks, sighs of pleasure, sheer black dresses, tongues tracing lips, hands against bare thighs, feeding a lover chocolate with your fingers

one bad night: fingers caressing pulse points, lace-up thigh high boots, lips against necks, fingernails down backs, bodies pressed up against each other, the bite of cold air as you walk into the night, ballroom style dancing with a lover under street-lamps, kisses up against walls, stockings and suspenders, sheets tugged free from the corners of mattresses, moans in pitch black rooms, fingertips grazing every curve of your body

palace: wilting roses in a vase next to your bed, all the light fading from a room, your head hitting the pillow at the end of the day, their reassuring embrace, small sighs, a single tear, moonlight sneaking in through a gap in the curtains, cautious smiles, dreams of the one you loved and lost, doors slamming, memories of days spent laughing in grassy fields under the sun, cold hands held in warm ones, letting out a breath you’ve been holding, picking wildflowers

steve would be so fucking touchy ok like im not even joking in how much i fuckin STAN THIS
he doesn’t even realise he’s doing it at first
his hands just randomly start running up and down your thighs and he only notices when u clench your legs together shooting him daggers
after that he starts doing it all the time
like all the time
he runs his hands through your hair gently tugging at the ends, knowing what it does to u
he has an arm wrapped around your shoulders whenever you’re busy and stares at men who stare at you, (he’s not the jealous type but….who am I kidding yes he is)
he likes to run his thumb over your bottom lip when you pout, staring at u with his hungry expression, daring u to continue as if he won’t bite it in front of everyone at the table
his grip on your hip gets tighter when u lean too close to tony in a low cut tshirt, everyone ignores the growl he sends to tony knowing it was normal for steve to get possessive
whenever someone hits on u or him, he makes a show of slapping and gripping your ass while staring them dead in the eyes….

fuckin steve rogers

Sharing Isn't Caring (Leonard x Reader)

Leonard doesn’t like how you’re getting along with the goody-two-shoes, Ray Palmer. So, he made it his business to remind you who you belonged to…


“You’re mine.”

Lacing his fingers through your hair, Leonard gently tugged your head back, forcing you to reveal the bare flesh of your neck. Lips parting slightly, his surprisingly hot, steamy breath brushed over your skin and caused you to shiver.

The familiar scent of powdered snow and cigarette smoke filling your senses, Leonard leaned in and planted his lips on your collarbone - a sensitive spot that he knew and loved all too well.

You couldn’t help but whimper at the feeling of his teeth grazing against your skin. 

“L-Leonard,” you stammered, hands gripping on your boyfriend’s arms tightly as you tried to push away. “We shouldn’t do this here. We’re in a public place and-”

“Does it look like I care?” He trailed a hot, heated tongue all around the front of your throat, along your jaw line and then all the way to the sweet spot just under your ear.

An embarrassed moan escaped from your lips as you felt him suck needlessly - so much so that you were sure to develop patches of bruises everywhere. It was something he always did to ruin you, ensure that no one else could have you.

“L-Leonard,” you whimpered once more, your head now dizzy from the intense sensations. “Why are you doing this…?”

He growled against your skin. “Don’t ever let me catch you spending time with that boy scout…”

Boy scout…? Your breath hitched, when a sudden realization dawned on you. Is he taking about Ray?

Gliding your hands up, traveling across his stomach, to his very broad chest, around his shoulders, and up his neck, you cupped his face gently. Leonard reader back obligingly, letting himself rest against your soft touch as he pinned you under his dark, intense gaze.

You swallowed.

“Are you…are you jealous?” You asked, searching.

For a moment, he didn’t respond.

Then, a sarcastic, teasing smirk appeared on his lips.

“Don’t you know my rule, ________?” He asked, just before leaning in and nuzzling against your neck, breathing in the very essence of his love. “Sharing isn’t caring, and I sure as hell don’t want to share you…”

anonymous asked:

Nessian! They are both like 20 yo illyrians and they "hate" each other but can't take their hands off of each other. Please :)

I will never get tired of writing Nessian. Let’s be real. 

I may or may not have made this fluffy instead of smutty. Please forgive me I miss them so much.

“Fuck off, Cassian.” Nesta grinded through her teeth, stomping away towards her tent that was set up in the Illyrian camps. 

“I bet you’d like to fuck me, Nesta.”

Growling, she pushed the flap that covered her rather large tent before tossing her weapons she was gripping so hard to the side. Nesta had just lost a small fight with Cassian out there, possibly humiliating her further in front of the Illyrian warriors who had no faith in her that she could fight just like they did.


Ignoring him, she made work of tugging her hair out of the flimsy braid she made this morning.


Finally tugging her hair free, she brushed her hand roughly through it to yank out the knots. Sitting down beside her sleeping pallet, she tugged off her boots that had been suffocating her feet all day. 

“Nesta,” Cassian’s voice was suddenly closer, his voice lower and his presence nearer.

Nesta’s head shot up only to face Cassian’s barely a millimetre away. 

“What?” Nesta breathed out, trying her best to sound aggressive only for it to come out filled with- with need.

“Let me help you.” 

“You’ve done enough already by humiliating me.” Nesta muttered angrily as the events that occurred only moments before crashed down on her. She glanced back down, tugging her boots once more in frustration. She felt like she needed to throw something, but she had no energy in her. 

“Nesta,” Cassian’s hands covered hers as he replaced them to tug of her boots for her, “Let me.” 

From the humiliation she felt to the exhaustion, she let Cassian tug her boots off for her as she fell back to lay against her bed pallet. Willing herself to not cry, she tossed an arm over her eyes. 

Don’t cry. Don’t cry. She chanted to herself. 

“Nesta,” she didn’t even realize her boots were no longer on her feet, “Nesta, look at me.” 

Cassian’s voice was soft, tender, caring. Nesta didn’t know what to take of that. 

“Nesta. I didn’t mean to humiliate you.”

“Just stop, Cassian. Just-,” she took a deep breathe in, “Just leave.”


“No?” Nesta sat up abruptly, her face contorted in rage, “All those Illyrian warriors are now going to think I’m some weakling. More than they already do-”

The kiss was like none other. She had to admit, she was growing a like for Cassian that she had never felt for anyone. Cassian’s lips were rough but tender against hers, tasting like something Nesta had been looking for all her life. Her body moved on its own accord, her arms reaching up and wrapping themselves around Cassian’s neck. She tugged him closer, Cassian kneeling between her legs as his hands rested on her waist lightly.

“Nesta,” they only pulled away when their breathes were gone and their chests were rising and falling, “i-”

“Never do that again. At least not when you knew I was going to lose,” this time Nesta did let the tears fall, “The matter isn’t actually about winning or losing. I have to prove to these people, to these Illyrians, that I can fight just like them.” 

“Nesta,” Cassian pressed his forehead against hers. He was still faintly shocked at the fact that she hadn’t kicked his balls and threw him out, “They know you can fight just like them.” 

“Because you made them?”

“Because you proved yourself months ago the moment you walked into this camp. Did you see any one of those warriors out there laughing at you? Did you see any of them whispering? No. Because they all have grown a respect for you. A fear for you if you’d like.”

For some reasons, Nesta trusted Cassian’s words as her chest fell in relief. She didn’t know why she trusted him, albeit so easily.

“You promise?” she still asked.

“I promise you, Nesta. I’d never lie to you.”

“You’re an idiot.”

“As you’ve reminded me many times.” He chuckled. 

A silence set upon them before Nesta intervened, “What was-,”

“It’s all up to you,” Cassian knew what she was going to say before she finished her sentence, “I just- I like you, Nesta. More than you think. I’m willing to have any part of you no matter how small.”

Nesta looked down at Cassian’s body in between her legs, His hands resting so tenderly on her waist like he was holding something so precious. 

She moved her hands to interlace it with his. For once, she was going to let her walls down. She was done denying herself of something she’d wanted for so long. She wanted to be able to indulge in any small piece of joy she could find before the worst of the war arrives.

“Stay with me tonight?” Only then did she realize what she said, “I meant as- Just- You know never-”

“Of course, Nesta.”

She looked up once more, staring into his eyes. With new found confidence, she leaned forward and kissed his cheek softly.

“This doesn’t mean I won’t be angry at you the next time you do something like that.”

“I don’t expect anything less, sweetheart.”