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i loooooove how u draw victor's hair im Obsessed can u do a tutorial for it? he's my fav fav fav but his hair is so fuckin hard to draw

Yes! Victor’s hair is one of my favorites to draw! I made a little shoddy tutorial, sorry it isn’t very quality haha! :’D

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I won’t say I’m in love: Ch 7

Chapter 7: Sleepovers are for sharing

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Summary:  Lena’s hesitant at first but how can she say no to Kara’s puppy face and it’s not like she’s ever really had a sleepover, she has no idea what she’s up against. 

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                      Does this look like 2 updates I think it does!

Lena sat at the Slytherin table, newspaper in one hand and a goblet of orange juice in the other. Her usually neat hair was tied in a loose ponytail, with random strands of hair falling down around her face. Her eyes skimming over the meaningless drabble, she turned the page, sighing when all she saw was more pointless gossip.

“Hey, you.”

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Pairing: Jimin | Reader

Genre: Fluff​

Fingers desperately grasp the cold counter, while the other arm stretches out further towards the shelf. Toes balance the whole weight of the tiny form, body arched at an impossible steep. A huff escapes parted lips as you once more stretch your fingers, desperately groping around the shelf, eyes squinted with pain. The oversized shirt rides up further as you make one last attempt to reach out to the jar that contains the delicious butter cookies you’ve been craving at 2 am in the morning.

A soft chuckle startles you, a heated flush makes it way on your cheeks as you silently retract your arms, bringing it to your sides.

“Park Jimin” you hiss through chapped lips, swishing a stray strand of hair, you turn towards the man leaning against the other end of the counter, an amused smirk plastered on his dazed but nonetheless radiant face.

“Aww couldn’t resist the craving,____”.

“Why are you even awake?”

“You know it’s hard to ignore noises in the dead of the night. I thought I’d get up and help the little ghost scuttling around the kitchen”.

“Just go back to sleep, Jimin”.

“If you say so”.




“T-the…I couldn’t reach the cookie jar”.

A melodious laugh spills through his lips and embarrassments floods through you as you toy with the hem of your shirt then crossing your arms, you glare at him.

“If you aren’t going to help, just go back to bed” you heatedly exclaim.

Jimin comes closer until he’s towering over you, the same smug grin display across his features. He looks straight into your eyes, confidence radiating in his orbs.

He stretches his hand all the while his gaze trained at you. Your eyes follow his moments, fixated on the fingers that have almost grasped your way past midnight snack.


“So,____ had to sleep with an empty stomach” Hoseok giggles.

“I thought you guys never put anything on the top shelf” Taehyung muses.

“Sorry, I must have put it on the topmost shelf when we visited last time” Jin apologies.

“Yeah, last time I accidentally broke the jar, so hyung put it away” Namjoon confesses.

“Well, now it’s definitely confirmed who’s the shortest” Jungkook jeers.

“Kid couldn’t even reach the shelf” Yoongi scoffs.

“Shut up, hyung! Your aren’t as tall either” Jimin fumes.

a/n:Still recovering from my writer’s block T.T ; I’m short and this is literally my everyday survival crisis *cries while staring at the top shelf*

Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this lil drabble❤


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I havent been posting cause i got breath of the wild and thats gonna occupy 90% of my time for a while but my stepdad took the switch to work today so i decided to do an edit of former altean haggar (this is how she looked in the old one ,like exact, i didnt change a thing cause im lazy)

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can you give me some otayuri getting together hc?? i'm rlly sad n angsty bc of a boy rn :(( -poet

Yeah I’m still pissed off because of that copycat anon so I’m gonna calm us both down I hope that boy gets his dick kicked. cOME HERE LET’S HAVE SOME HUGS AND DEEP BREATHING. 

  • They weren’t overnight, obviously. They were painfully slow burning up to each other, but they were the quickest to become best friends. 
  • They would text each other all the time - and after practice they would typically Skype each other until Yuri would just pass out.
  • However, Otabek had loved Yuri since their first meeting as children - but he was willing to hold off so he wouldn’t ruin their friendship. So, (props to Heather for this one) when Yuri falls asleep during the Skype calls, Otabek just watches. He loves seeing the Russian’s face soft and peaceful and just so at ease with strands of hair in his face and he loves listening to his steady breathing. He never tells Yuri about it, even after they get together.
  • Yuri doesn’t realise that he’s in love until Otabek visited him in Hastesu (originally he was going to St. Petersburg, but then he found out that Yuri would be visiting Hasetsu and just decided to go there and try the famous Katsudon he’s been hearing about). Yuri didn’t know how to use chopsticks well, and Otabek decided to teach him by placing his hand over Yuri’s and guiding him.
  • The next time he visits Otabek introduces him to his favourite band, Arctic Monkeys, and plays this song. The lyrics make Yuri curious, but neither of them said anything about it. 
  • They hold their feelings in for years - Otabek is willing to live the rest of his life alone waiting, while Yuri is practically going mad with wanting. Until, finally, Yuri starts to push boundaries. 
  • It starts small. Lingering touches on fingers when passing something over. Pulling him by the arm and letting his grip slide down and onto his hand until they reach their destination. Subtle flirts and questions while they would talk on Skype. All of them were always covered with a shitty ass excuse to push the boundary. 
  • However, Yuri suffers a head injury during practice once. It’s nothing too bad - just Yakov told him not to get back on the ice for the rest of the week, at least. So, he decides to take this opportunity to go visit Otabek in Almaty for the week. 
  • Yuri gets more bold with his limits. When he meets Otabek at the airport, he’s greeted with earplugs for his head (because Beka is an absolute sweetheart and doesn’t want the loud noise from his bike to affect his best friend’s head injury); and Yuri pretends one of the earplugs is loose so he would press his ear against Otabek’s back while they rode on his bike. He offered they sleep in the same bed, even “warning” that he gets cuddly in his sleep. His touches would linger, his words were becoming questionable with double meanings - and he even offered a pair skate when he visited Otabek’s rink in Almaty: and that’s where he got sloppy. 
  • His touches were gentle and caressing and his moves were suggestive and Otabek remembered thinking what the hell is going on in a small panic that he might let something slip. Little does he know, that Yuri can’t take it anymore. 
  • When they go home that night, Yuri fakes sleeping so he could cuddle up with Otabek, then decides to wait until Otabek falls asleep until he finally leans up and kisses him.
  • It’s Yuri’s first kiss. 
  • Otabek, however, is not a heavy sleeper. 
  • Yuri had sighed to himself and he goes to stand and go to the bathroom to splash himself in the face for what he did - until he felt something grab his wrist and pull him back to the bed, now devouring him in kisses until Yuri is seeing stars and he feels like he’s flying. 
  • They pulled away once, and Otabek gently rested his forehead on Yuri’s and simply asked, “how long?”
    “Since I was sixteen. At least.”

  • They kiss again and they don’t stop until the two of them pass out that night, and they address what happened in the morning while they ate breakfast downstairs with some chai, and then they talk about what would be next for them in their lives. Everything was unanimously agreed.