messy hair mini review: nyx liquid suede cream lipstick

I’ve been craving a lavender lipstick to rock some tone-on-tone with my hair and been wanting to try one of those liquid-to-matte lippies that are all the rage these days, so I picked this one up at Target. I love it! Formula is really nice…it dries to matte in just a minute or so, and it feels nice on the lips. You can definitely feel the difference in texture but it’s not sticky or drying. Awesome opacity with a single application for such a pastel color, and it’s cheap too! I’ll definitely be picking up more of these.

Product Rave: Magic Bun Hair Styling Sponge

Before anything else, I just wanna greet you guys a warm “Hello!" 

In this blog post I just wanna quickly rave about my new found amazing hair tool, that I use quite often lately… I know you guys are all aware, I have extremely long hair and its so hard to manage… Especially when I’m too lazy to style it…

I discovered an awesome hair tool from the lovely Queenie(BeautyQQ)!

It’s the Magic bun hair styling sponge!!! They come in different colors and sizes…(The sponge that I bought looks like the first picture, it comes with a small one and a large one.)

  • So how do you use it?

     Here’s a simple pic tutorial on how fast and easy to use these amazing hair tool…

Or you can watch Queenie’s video here! I love her channel!!!

So here’s me wearing it… You can wear it higher or lower! It looks really nice and polished. I even wear it around the house, especially when I sleep since its getting a little warmer here in Los Angeles.

In case you guys noticed I’m wearing the same outfit when I filmed my "March favorites video”I filmed the same day this photo was taken but I removed my bun… And it looked like this awesome loose NO HEAT curls!!!

Love! Love! Love! This product!!! I highly recommend it!!! Plus its so cheap on EBAY!!! 

Have a great day everyone!

Much love Anz


Senegalese Twists! 

The model is my sister, Kiya. These twists took a little while for me to do, but the outcome was sooo worth it! It’s a great protective style. Just keep in mind, if you ever think about getting these, “the smaller the twists the longer it takes”. The outcome also depends on the brand of hair used. The type I used for hers is called Yaky Pony, which is different from what is normally used for Senegalese twists (which is called Kanekalon), but I like this type because it has a softer, smoother feel and gives it a more Natural look! Having people looking confused and checking ya’ scalp. The only con to the Yaky Pony is the tangling at the ends it can do, but a tiny but of patience and scissors can beat that. The process went like:

  • Buy hair, it was like $2 a pack, I bought 7 and needed all of it.
  • Prep hair (wash, deep condition, detangle, I also oiled her hair with olive oil and used a Leave-In Conditioner which added shine to her twists!)
  • Start twisting it up! (if skeptical how to do so, there are plenty tutorials on youtube specifically for senegalese twists)

Who hasn’t heard of Queen Hair Products?! Very well known hair vendor on aliexpress. Again, I don’t post very many on vendors who are SUPER well known and rarely have bad feedback. 

YES, there is a difference between Queen Hair and Queen Weave… 

Check out this final review byOvertheetop xo!

PALTY Review 2: Sakura Creamy

So after almost 5 months, I dyed my hair again. This time, I was able to try on Palty’s new colors specifically the Sakura Creamy one. When I bought it, I didn’t know Palty had new colors and changed some of its old colors. So there…

Expecting a pinkish-brown (or something near an orange tone)… and here’s the result! (My previous hair was black-chocolate brown… read about it here: Palty Hair Dye Review: Caramel Brown [By the way! Instead of the plastic brush cap that comes in the Palty box, I used an old toothbrush instead]

What do you guys think? It’s now kinda pinkish-orange especially when my hair gets hit by the light. Well, I liked the results (even though the color didn’t really evenly spread all over my hair… so there’s still some dark brown-ish strands) But slowly, my hair’s becoming lighter now… hmmm! =)

Wig review #3

Link: Soft Waves by Forever Young
Price: $31.95

Let me start off by saying you can order Forever Young wigs on several websites. I happened to pick because the price was slightly lower than other websites. 

I would give their service 5/5. They responded very quickly, gave me a list of everything I ordered, and made sure everything arrived on time. The wigs were at my door in just a few days. It did not bring anything extra as I know some wig stores throw in a free wig cap with the purchase of any of their wigs. However, I did get free shipping if my cart went over $50.00 (which it did for those of you who are wondering) I believe shipping would have ranged around 8 bucks so it was nice to save that. 

Now onto the real review! 


Type: Synthetic
Fiber: 100% Kanekalon
Cap Size: Average, adjustable
Crown: 14.25"
Length: 22" with curls unextended
Weight: 12.00 oz (approx.)
Color Shown: Cappuccino (Main)

Here is a slightly closer look at the wig. As you can tell it is a beautiful dark brown. I actually liked the color very much. It looked really natural against my skin tone. The wig arrived incredibly shiny, which was an absolute huge turn off for me, BUTDO NOT WORRY WIG LOVERS!! Just like every other wig, within time and use the shine will definitely decrease and will actually look completely natural in nearly every setting.

Also, if you’re a little impatient like myself, baby powder or cornstarch can prove to be just as great. Just dab a little all over the wig evenly, make sure to spread in your hands first and work it in. You will know when you put too much when your wig just looks dusty. 

I really liked the bangs. Not all that difficult to manage and they were just cut the right length and fall in layers.

Here is the skin part. I like it very much and adds a hint of realism

Let me just say…these are the prettiest, roundest pair of curls I have seen. They fall so beautifully and I love them so much. They are the most luscious, voluminousness, ringlets. They don’t fall apart at all or tangle all that easily. There is so many hair styles you could do with these curls.

Here are some photo’s outside of the shoot! (You can thank me later) (And you can tell I wear my wigs a lot before giving a thorough review)

This is actually when I first received it right out of the box. And excuse me for not really wanting to show off my face at certain angles. 

The last picture I had brushed it completely the day before. The curls actually loosened up a bit and the wig was soooo beautiful and actually slightly longer. Don’t worry though, a day or two later, the curls bounced right back up into the tight curls.

Anyways, moving on. The inside has lace detailing and is very comfortable. Sizing is adjustable.

I like that they have proof that it was indeed made by Forever Young. It’s reassuring as a buyer that you’re not getting something completely different that looks alike under someone else’s name.

Now how it looked on for the review.

And the length~

And the final review:

softness: 3/5

It feels very nice between hands, but I have definitely felt some finer wigs. So compared to others this would land on the slightly rougher part of the spectrum. One thing I would also like to point out is the tangles. I use this wig so many times and it barely tangles and when it does it is incredibly easy to take out unlike many other wigs I have encountered. So I loved that I do not have to deal with that hassle on this wig AT ALL. It does get some basic tangles with the wind, like any other wig, but they’re easily manageable with your hand. 

color: 5/5

Although the color system is a little difficult as they don’t have the best photo’s to show off the color, I was very happy with the color I chose. I picked a color close to my own, or something that matched my eyebrows. 

accuracy: 5/5

Exactly like the picture, if not better. I actually think the wig came out to be curlier than advised.

thickness: 5/5 

The thickness is great! It offers much full coverage. There is no area where it feels there is less hair than another area. I love thick wigs that don’t add too much weight onto your head. This was definitely a plus!

Last notes: I was very happy with my purchase and I will definitely be buying more wigs from them in the near future. I use this wig and another specifically from their line nearly every day for school. Link for other wig right…. HERE

Rarely anyone suspects a thing and I have gotten countless numbers of compliments on these wigs. The curls get to everyone. There have even been girls who have said they were jealous of how beautiful and well-crafted they were. (And they still didn’t know it was a wig, aye!) This is my favorite wig ever. If I had the chance to buy this again, I would. In fact, I’m considering on getting it again in an auburn color. I would highly recommend these wigs to anyone willing to spend a little more than usual on a wig.YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!! 

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more reviews~



I have bleached ends on my hair, and wished to keep them toned- so I looked to purple shampoo and conditioner, which is proven to help balance the brassy tones in blonde hair…

Dear Blondes,

If you seek purple shampoo, this is an ALRIGHT product, possibly a good choice for people who don’t want to spend tonnes of money, but not a fantastic choice if you have really oily or really dry hair.

Don’t even think about the conditioner! 

After using this product for a few weeks I quickly swapped conditioners. I found (even after the first use) my hair was very dry, abnormally dry… I thought that maybe my hair wasn’t used to using the product? Oh no… it kept happening for weeks, everytime I used it I felt the need to use a moisture mask for 20 minutes. It was pretty shocking. After swapping conditioners… everything felt back to normal.

My hair doesn’t tend to get very oily, but I found that using this shampoo wasn’t all that great… I ended up buying a dry shampoo! 

My thoughts:

the shampoo is alright, overall I did see improvement in the tone of my hair colour- it was gradual but it worked… 

the downside was the quality of my hair and the way the product felt, and I don’t really recommend it at all hahaha.

I AM SUPER EXCITED THOUGH BECAUSE: I have bought myself some of the ‘organix macadamia oil conditioner’ and ive used it once and it feels soooo nice and smells yummy! yay! I will do an update on how that works for me :)


Lush 'Daddy-O’ apparently works very well!!! Try it! A little goes a long way as well! (Tested by Niamh G) 




My first personal review on this Peruvian Body Wave hair from Beautiful Queen Hair Shop

Length: 12, 14, 16

Preview: I made this hair into a very natural set of clip ins. This hair has been amazing so far. So many people have been asking me how long I’ve been growing my hair out and are surprised when I tell them that its not all mine. =) Stay tuned for the initial review! =)

Lush Caca Henna vs Karshima Henna Powder

Sooooo I tried some Caca Marron Henna from Lush on my dark brown hair, hoping to work an ombré red tint in, and the whole process was….. BLEH.I tried convincing myself that the smell wasn’t soo bad, and prep could be worse….
I tried Karshima Henna Powder. No fillers or chemicals, just straight up henna powder from the local Indian grocery store. OMG.
1- the smell was GREAT. The powder alone was like a sweet green tea, but then adding lemon juice to make the paste = AWESOME.
2- application was SOOOOO much easier. And actually kinda fun! No crumbly bits falling everywhere like with Maroon (it was crumbling from the warm paste I was applying to my hair), Karshima was smooth, yogurt like texture. It felt like I was icing a cake :3
3- NO GRATING THE CACA BAR! Ugh. Such meaningless work, when Karshima just needs powder + lemon juice (or water).
4- MORE EFFECTIVE COLOR. It didn’t make my ends like a chemical dyed red, but the color is soooo much more visible. My husband can notice it instantly, versus the Lush stuff where he couldn’t tell a thing unless my hair was hitting the light just right. ** granted I have dark brown hair, I do realize those with lighter colors will see a result with either product.
5- The powder was CHEAPER! I’m in HK right now, and the package of henna powder (which I didn’t even use half of, but I just did my ends) cost 25HKD. You guys, thats like… $3.25 USD, LOL. Everything in the HK Lush store is more expensive than the US and UK, but a bar of caca costs $25.95. (WAIT WAIT hold up… omg its cheaper HERE in HK!!! That’s a FIRST! LOL. Here in HK it’s $150 HKD = $19.35 USD, rofl rofl. Sorry I had to add this info… just a shocker for me XD)

I’d post pictures, but it’s 3am and we have horrible lighting LOL. Plus my “true color” should come around in about 2-3 days. Trust me, I’m a lover of Lush, but their product was just SUCH A FRIGGEN PAIN compared to the real deal.

Go here. It has -everything- you need to know about henna. Even a forum, and a 60 pg PDF of everything you need to know. Or if you’re a true Lushie through-and-through, there are a few henna threads on the NA forum. like here and here.

Happy Henna-ing! :D



Hair extensions

My beauty store’s hair extensions are not good quality. I paid a significant amount of money for these hair extensions and bought a 10 piece set 160 gram set of hair extensions. But it felt like 80 grams. Not even kidding, I was very disappointed. So I am hoping to be able to do a Luxy hair extensions review. Very excited, I have heard such amazing things about this company.
So hopefully? I will be able to have the honor to review them!