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sooo i don't really have a question but i would like an analysis of the new amazingphil video if you have one,, or just your favorite moments, idk i just want you to talk about it, i love your "reviews"

hahaha of course i’ll talk about it!!!!! it’s interesting bc when i first watched this i was actually like not that into it??? it just felt like 10 very calm and chill mins of dnp hanging out which is obviously great but i think i was sort of distracted so i was like mmmm it wasn’t as entertaining as their usual collabs, esp bc on first watch i was like, dan keeps going for these weird dark jokes about torture n maiming and it’s all v Standard Fare but then i thought about it more and realized ,, if this isn’t the biggest evidence yet about how far they’ve come and evolved since last year then idk what is??? like i just can’t believe it’s gotten to the point where i could watch 10 minutes of dan softly playing around with phil’s hair and both of them being a bit calmer and more muted in front of the camera, freely touching each other and joking around about more Mature Themes (hats off to the dildo joke and the “safety word” bit) and have all of that feel completely STANDARD and unsurprising!!! it’s just crazy to me that they’ve normalized these behaviors so much that a video like this could feel so completely expected and ~chill~ 

but then i watched it a second and third time (bc duh) when i was less distracted and there really were so many little moments that stood out to me and so many cute smiles and soft lil jokes that made me wanna melt and it was all just so good. it’s nowhere near their funniest or most captivating video but it’s just vv vv v v soft and chill and natural. when comparing it to something like pastel edits which is probs a close parallel in terms of them playing dress up and touching each other a bit in direct response to a fan request, you can see how this one is far softer and a little bit less performed–they seem less ‘on’ for lack of a better term, and a lot more laid back, dan doesn’t spend as much time demeaning the idea or teasing the fan base for wanting it, and all of it is just so enjoyable to watch. i’ve included (way too many) timestamps below (plus way too many screenshots, as usual, of stupidly cute moments ugh): 

  • 5 seconds in this is already alarmingly cute w dan grumbling behind the pillow that phil wants to give him a creative nickname and phil giggling and looking down at him when he starts complaining
  • :17 dan gives phil permission to just call him dan and phil looks cute n happy about it
  • :27 dan needs to reiterate he was a nerd in school
  • :34 ‘japes’ k dan
  • :48 i live for the way phil looks so earnest and excited when he asks dan why he decided to ‘embrace the curls’ like he genuinely wants to hear dan explain this .. phil is genuinely obsessed w dan’s curls he wasn’t lyin when he said that in the pastel edits vid :(
  • 1:00 i hope phil was the one who chose that photo as an example of dan’s hair looking good in a pic,, phil thinks dan’s best look is his crunchy 2013 leather jacket n his scoop neck t shirt … #confirmed
  • 1:10 ‘you’ve left me alone!’ calm down phil he’s right next to u
  • 1:12 did phil pick that photo too ..  the one of dan in his tank top n hair straightened to within an inch of its life and silvery earrings making a pouty face ,,, lmao i love that he’s picking the cringiest emo-est throwbacks possible
  • 1:54 phil’s like ‘i thought we could eat 400 crusts to see if my hair goes curly’ and it’s altogether a lame joke but dan is staring at him like he’s the most beautiful person on earth. i’d be uncomfortable if i wasn’t so busy melting. then phil stares at dan giggling and it’s all a bit much for me
  • 2:41 ‘what’d happen if i balded you right now?’ dan is so concerned for phil’s well-being that he forgets how to grammar
  • 2:45 the fuckin dildo joke i s2g why are they making sly references to dildos in a g-rated hair curling video why did phil immediately follow dan saying ‘that looks like something else’ by going ‘ooo’ and shoving the curler near dan’s mouth why are they gross
  • 3:21 dan unnecessarily rubbing the curler all over phil’s shoulder and neck … ok
  • 3:41 phil sounds so serious when he asks dan if he thinks the curly hair will suit him, like he really needs dan’s Hot Take on this important issue but dan’s just shuts him down hahaha. i feel like this is reminiscent of the faceapp vid in which dan was completely NOT DOWN with any alteration to phil’s appearance whatsoever bc (vom) he thinks phil is perf jst the way he is (i might actually be sick) 
  • 3:47 idk why but i’m obsessed w phil saying ‘dan, don’t mess about with it’ and dan responding ‘i’m nOT’ in his whiny voice w his eyes all wide. cute
  • 3:56 lmao dan bringing up babuse (i can’t type that without thinking of ‘let me see that babussy’ i hate the fucking internet) and saying it was the last time he was on this bed, i am living for these bants and also phil’s expression of mock horror
  • 4:08 ‘curl me up, bess’
  • 4:11 dan’s going for ‘teen nick jonas but without the face’ his crush is going strong i see,, and then he can’t even follow through and tell phil his face doesn’t compare to nick jonas’s so he turns it into a joke about burning his face instead, nice save bro
  • 5:01 something about this bit when dan’s like ‘got a whole clump it’s undignified’ and their proximity, the way their arms are sort of pressed together and it looks like dan could be resting his hand on phil’s leg and dan is also sort of just looking down at phil ,,, Good
  • 5:08 when phil kinda squeaks and pulls away all of a sudden i feel like dan is legit actually concerned he could burn phil as evidenced by his voice going all high pitched when he’s like ‘you can’t do that!!!!’
  • 5:13 more completely unnecessary dan playing around w phil’s fringe n brushing it away. it goes on for like 8 seconds plus there’s a jump cut in the middle of it lmao,,, ugh the way he touches phil’s hair is so soft it makes me feel things
  • 5:32 ‘gonna pork you up phil’ does dan know the meaning of ‘pork’ as a verb ??  ? ? ??? ??????  for reference:
  • 5:36 ‘my life is flashing before my eyes’ ‘ooo is it really boring’ dan is showing yet again that he flirts like a five year old who pulls their crush’s pigtails in the playground grOW UP MATE. phil loves it tho
  • 6:03 omg idk why but i LOVED phil saying ‘i’m finding you so disturbing right now’ it feels so authentic??? something about the way he phrased it is so funny??????? like he genuinely needs dan to take it down a notch w the grim humor lmao
  • 6:47 ‘we need a safety word’ oh my god these boring vanilla fucks call a safe word a ‘safety word’ could they be LAMER hahaha (in all seriousness i can’t even believe that’s a joke dan went for at all let alone on this channel and that phil just chuckled n went along with it what the fuck what a time we live in honestly,, the flirting and touching and the whole premise of a dan-curls-phil’s-hair video is already so much but, like, let’s just add a fucking allusion to bdsm into the mix while we’re at it!!!!!!! wtf!!!)
  • the whole sped up montage of dan doing the curling is just rife w gratuitous hair touching so like obvi i immediately turned the speed down to .5 and just sat back to enjoy it (also @kay-okays uploaded a slowed down version here if ya wanna look at that or like bookmark it for ur own uses ,,  whatever ur into m8)
  • 7:18 those two gentle pats that dan gives to the back of phil’s head before phil looks at his finished hair … so fucking adorable bc it’s the way dan pats down his own hair when he’s fixing it pls save me
  • 7:29 dan obvi needs to make it a point to emphasize they have the same hair again as has been his constant refrain about their haircuts for the last like 3 years (tbh i’m convinced that he literally misses having the same hair as phil which is gross and just as sappy as i’d expect from him) and in order to demonstrate how ALIKE they are again he proceeds to mirror phil playing w his fringe bc why not .. 
  • ‘this was the only thing that was separating us’ PLS
  • 7:38 dan’s Hot Take 2.0: ‘you look like a cool australian surfer … like a weird goth one that has never been to the beach’
  • 8:14 dan asserts on phil’s behalf that phil ‘needs’ the edge of his emo fringe and phil immediately agrees. rip to anyone who was hoping quiff!phil might be on the horizon
  • 8:39 dan goes defensive about how he could’ve done a better job and phil immediately jumps in to say that he thinks dan did well in the most sincere voice of all time, accompanied w cute/soft smile
  • and then he cuts dan off entirely to remind him that he didn’t burn phil’s face off and to v fervently thank him (he litro NODS while he thanks him it’s so SERIOUS) and then dan does some weird touchy thing to phil’s chest or arm or both and phil decides to boop dan’s cheek and you should really SLOW IT DOWN bc when you do, you notice it’s more of like a lil squeeze as opposed to just a v light tap and it’s gROSS:
  • 8:59 then, since this video has far too much dan gratuitously touching phil and phil was surely feeling deprived, phil reaches over to give dan a ‘zayn curl’ and play w dan’s fringe a bit n at this point i’ve had Enough of this cute ass shit
  • 9:20 dan couldn’t just leave it there, he needs to take a moment to re-assert the ~dnp don’t go outside or go to parties or talk to people Ever~ branding just in case ANYONE forgot (but also seems like a low key way for dan to gently remind the audience not to get attached to this in any way bc it will probs never happen again)
  • 9:40 phil dubs dan the “original curly man” n idk how to feel about this but i suppose that is a fitting conclusion to this absolute roller coaster of emotions 

ugh. just a really great video. i’m sorry this post is massive,, there’s jst so much here and i needed to have pics of ALL OF IT

(dan curls my hair!






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Yay clearance! This won’t be one of those super in-depth reviews, I don’t have the energy for that.

I’d seen these Middle School Moguls at my local Target for ages and never felt my curiosity was worth the asking price.

Mainly it was the disconnect between the box art

and the dolls


She kind of reminds me of the Living Dead Fashion Victims dolls.

The box insert comes out easily enough, and then the doll is held in place with way too many plastic tabs.

I was hoping these could be a source of a different type of 1/6th scale curvy body.

She certainly had some potential! And I was surprised to see how articulated she is! She’s only lacking wrist joints, and could benefit from more functional ankles.

She’s not the best at sitting and could benefit from a little carving at the hip, but she does ok.

Her neck is about the same size as Barbie’s, but…

Not compatible. I suppose the bulb could be cut off and replaced with a Barbie neck peg, or apoxie putty, or some-such. I’m not interested in trying.

Her outfit is nice. Seeing a doll in real tights is a treat these days. It is lacking the detachable Peter Pan collar. And that’s not a bag, that’s her skirt. The fit of the skirt is a little awkward thanks to her nice, round tum tum.

The shirt stains, though! Ugh! That’s the best part of the whole outfit, too!

She comes with a “You be the Boss”, better known as “Choose your own Adventure” book that is mostly large text with a few um… Interesting illustrations.

Other than the staining, the only other major problem is her hair.

Yeah, it’s melted. A bunch. I’m going to have to cut it. Whatever melted must have been pretty dang hot, because the rest of her hair withstood boiling water just fine.

And, it’s yet another East Asian doll with colored streaks in her hair. Look, doll makers, black hair IS good enough. At least they gave her dark brown eyes, eh?

Since I can’t use the body for Barbie heads, I put her original head back on. And since I don’t like the factory faceup, here’s how she looks under all that paint.

I think her eyes are molded on a little high for this stylized type of sculpt.

Her lips remind me of the Disney Animator’s Collection toddler dolls, and the rest of her face reminds me of Vanellopie von Shweetz. Who, coincidentally, also has colored bits added to her black hair.


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If MCR were popular YouTubers:
  • Gerard: Typical beauty Geru, makes videos reviewing hair products and makeup, once did a makeover with a very unenthusiastic Mikey
  • Frank: Random crack videos and meme compilations, occasionally posts a rant video, did a draw my life, makes Gerard fangirl videos
  • Ray: is a reaction channel, sometimes covers conspiricy theories, all video titles are in caps with lots of exclamations marks
  • Mikey: uploades three times a year, talks about depressing stuff, videos are usually two minutes long and have bad editing, everybody loves him

Natural Hair: Two Puffs Summer Hairstyle Tutorial


Hair transformation throughout 2016!✨

It was a big step for me to go short, but I’m glad I did. I was just so sick of my hair, and due to a medication I had to take for my skin, my hair was thinner than usual and it’s still recovering. Going short definitely made it feel thicker! I do wish my hair picked up silver better, but unfortunately it just looooves gold. I might never get 100% silver hair, but gold with silver isn’t too bad either, it’s like both the sun and moon in my hair🌙☀️

10 Hair and Beauty YouTube Gurus Every Brown Girl Should Know

Christmas is Tomorrow! Luckily, this means may of us get to spend time with our loved ones and finally get a break from school/work. Though the holiday season may provide us with some much needed R&R, it may also leave us a little strapped for cash. With events to attend and waning funds YouTube Tutorials may be just what the doctor ordered.

Some of you may not be attending any soirees or functions that call for a new look. To you I say “Girl, treat yourself.” Take this time to perfect that winged eyeliner or finally learn how to properly care for your kinky curls. Yes there are copious amounts of Pinterest boards and magazines that feature beauty tips, but I find YouTube to have the largest/easiest to follow index of beauty tips for the brown girl. 

Remember, YouTube allows you to subscribe to and favorite videos so that you can easily come back to the channels/specific videos that you find useful. I advise tweaking the things you learn to suit your specific needs and finding “Dupe” or duplicate products that may be more affordable. 

This list doesn’t give full information on each Guru, so its up to you to click through the links provided to see what they’re all about. 

1. Patricia Bright ( Channel )

  • Basic Info: She does basic tutorials on everything beauty, fashion lookbooks and clothing hauls 
  • What I Like: She is great at giving motivation for loving you on the inside. Her tips for motivating yourself are really good and she’s honest about her flaws. 
  • Most Recent Video:

2. ItsMyRayeRaye (Channel

  • Basic Info: All things beauty, skin and she does some hair care tutorials 
  • What I Like: She is very economical and often features makeup that is affordable as well as skin care 
  • Most Recent Video:

3. TheChicNatural (Channel

  • Basic Info: She does Fashion Lookbooks, Natural/Weave Hair, Makeup, Skin Care, Clothing Hauls 
  • What I Like: The girl can do some hair ! Her tutorials aren’t difficult to follow and she’s creative. Check out her eyebrow tutorial too 
  • Most Recent Video: 

4. Fabulasityisme (Channel )

  •  Basic Info: Makeup Tutorials, Hair Reviews, Hair Tutorials and Fashion Lookbooks 
  • What I Like: She has darker skin than most beauty tutorials and her hair tutorials have a wide range. She’s in beauty school btw. 
  • Most Recent Video: 

5. Glamtwinz334 ( Channel )

  • Basic Info: They do Lots of natural hair tutorials and hair care, makeup, and fashion hauls 
  • What I Like: They have beautiful natural hair and all of their hair tutorials cater to healthy hair. If I’m looking for products to use, ways to wash my hair they are my go to. 
  • Most Recent Video: 

6: Missy Lynn ( Channel

  • Basic Info : She does mainly Makeup Tutorials, some product reviews and lookbooks 
  • What I Like: She is a professional Makeup Artist, but she includes tips that are easy for a novice to understand. Check out her contour video. 
  • Most Recent Video: 

7. Peakmil (Channel

  • Basic Info: Any type of Hair Tutorials form install to coloring and styling, brown girl makeup and fashion looks / hauls 
  • What I Like: She isn’t a professional , so she does things in a way many wouldn’t think to do when it comes to hair and makeup. (like using milk of magnesia for a makeup primer) 
  • Most Recent Video: 

8. Lakia Star (Channel

  • Basic Info: Does a lot of weave reviews and tutorials with weave/wigs/ clip ins 
  • What I like: she has a very natural looking weave and is basically like the lazy girls guide to weave lol  
  • Most Recent Video: 

9. Tiarra Monet (Channel

  • Basic Info: Does a bit of everything. From makeup to hair to reviews she covers it all 
  • What I Like: She does a lot of recreations that are brown girl friendly. She’ll take a Kim K look and alter it for some one with brown skin
  • Most Recent Video: 

10. Taren Guy (Channel)

  • Basic Info: She does lots of natural hair tutorials and gives tips on maintaining healthy hair 
  • What I Like: She Chronicles her natural hair journey from when she cut it completely off and how she grew it so long. 
  • Most Recent Video:

Remember you can always use these as a starting point. utilize the search bar to look for alternative methods. 

Be sure to share with me some of your favorites too! Lets help each other “Wake up…Flawless" 


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