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What hair products do you use?

If we are talking normal products, this tea tree shampoo/conditioner is the bomb!  To style it, a light styling cream and a little hairspray is all I use. Since my hair is longer now and very straight, it doesn’t need much. 

But people always ask me how my hair looks so healthy and shiny and I have one word for them. OILS!  I use a variety of essential oils on my hair everyday. Each one with its own purpose, such as cedarwood for healthy hair growth, lemon and rosemary to prevent dry/flaky scalp, frankincense to prevent hair loss, and so on (small brown bottle is thyme). I mix them with a little fractionated coconut oil and apply every night/ morning before I go to bed, then wash out when I wake up. I’ve only been doing this for a few months and my hair has never looked better!
SheaMoisture just made a lot of their core consumers upset
After SheaMoisture released a video for their "A Million Ways to Shea" campaign, the company came under fire over its apparent whitewashing in a possible effort to expand its consumer base. Shea Moisture is a product that is predominantly used by black women. The company has since issued an apology.

Shea Moisture whY????

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What products maintain frizz for natural hair?

Garnier Fructis anti-frizz serum works pretty well, at least according to my sister. Cantu Anti-Frizz Smoothing Oil should work since their products are for natural hair and I practically swear by them. Shea Moisture products could also work (sorry I don’t know the name I just know they should have one) and Pantene Gold Series (which is made for natural hair) Smooth Frizz Fixing Serum.   


Welp I finally cut my hair (or “big chop” ig lol) I was tired of looking at my dead hair sitting on top of my head all the time plus I was really stressed during my school year w everything so I was like f it and told my mom to cut it off LOL. She’s a beautician and she told me I had like 3c/4a hair but Idk what that entirely means. I’m still not used to since I always had long hair as a child and wore weaves and perms as I got older. I haven’t been outside my house since I cut it and I need a little confidence idk maybe lol 😭If anyone has any tips for maintaining 3c hair OR even just short hair in general like routines or products it’d be v helpful for me😅

My moratorium on using hair-product is over! Auntie said that I can start using it again as long as I don’t ingest any gel this time. AND I’m self-styling now! I do a clockwise 270° above the right side of the brain, as an homage to creativity, and then I do a 30 second fold & hold on the tuft above the Frontal Lobe as a shout-out to being flirty. I can do a youtube step-by-step, if you guys need more details - I’m not hoarding this recipe…!


Si-Naturelle Hair Color by Devon Parks