my freshman advice
  1. you’ll hear this over and over, and i think it’s the saddest part because you can’t stop it. but try not to waste time and opportunities, because high school is over so fast
  2. if you get lost, that’s fine. just ask for directions. everyone was a freshman at one point
  3. stay out of drama. it’s not cool and it’s not funny. people get hurt.
  4. if you see someone getting bullied, don’t just sit there. don’t standby. help them, even if it sacrifices some things. 
  5. do not fall for upperclassman. they’re out looking to have fun with the fresh meat. 
  6. the decisions you make freshman year will be carried around you throughout the rest of high school. although the drama may pass, the label on you will be, unfortunately, stuck
  7. EARPHONES AND A CHARGER. hide them and use them. 
  8. bring extra tampons and pads, hair ties and bobby pins and store them in your locker. maybe you don’t need them, but it’s a good way to get on good terms with someone who does. 
  9. if a teacher yells at you for something, it’s okay. it’s embarrassing and it hurts but it’s not the end of the world. 
  10. thank your teachers at the end of every class. it makes you stand out, and with a teacher’s choice for three years in a row under my belt, it gets you on their good side. plus, there is a heck of other jobs they could be doing that make much more and that are much easier.
  11. find a guidance counselor, teacher, or other figure that you can reach out to in a time of need. it’s helped me when i have panic attacks, etc.
  12. the friends you are with now, you might not be with in four years. they may still be there, but they may be with new friends whom you’re closer to.
  13. see a new/shy person? invite them to sit with you, or just talk to them. treat them normally. be genuine. i’ve had this happen to me, and i’ve been so happy i went home and cried. someone talking to me used to be the highlight of my week. it means so much. please, just please.
  14. try to stay away from relationships this year. it’s better to just be friends with people and make connections at first.
  15. don’t do drugs. i know many people who do and wish that they’ve never begun to. it’s ruined them, really (their words, not mine).
  16. you are going to feel left out at times. it sucks and you’ll cry. but there’s other reasons. assuming things will suck the life out of you.
  17. it’s okay to cry in school. freshman year and the rest of high school is very emotional and overwhelming. it’s okay. 
  18.  there is going to be a boy, or a girl, or somebody. take caution, listen to your friends or mom and dad. they can judge people better than you, sometimes.
  19. you might fall in love with your best friend. cliches don’t always happen, it may not go anywhere. 
  20. don’t expect things.
  21. prom will not be the best night of your life, but it’s still fun. go as a junior/senior, but not as a freshman.
  22. you might meet the best person ever. and you hold onto this imagine of them, so close, that you don’t realize it’s just an image and they’ve changed for the worse. that hurts, so much. there’s no advice in this one, just to step back and look a relationship over. it might happen. it might ruin you, like it did to me. but it’ll get better. 
  23. if a significant other or a person you’re “hooking up” with pressures you into doing something, that’s assault. consent is needed, with truth behind it. 
  24. go to games and support your school. it’s fun and you’ll cheer even if you don’t think you will.
  25. step out of your comfort zone, but realize that jumping out of it isn’t necessary. baby steps.
  26. take up something you never thought you would. you’d be surprised to find out that you may like it.
  27. get social media. it’ll help you keep in contact with people. 
  28. numbers do not define you. the numbers of followers, on the top of a test, or on the scale.
  29. don’t hold it in. rant to someone, a contact, or even on tumblr. it’s worse the more you try and hide it.
  30. some things you can’t avoid. some times are gonna suck.
  31. i promise you, you’ll find a group, even if it’s senior year. 
  32. take lots of pictures.
  33. follow your gut. 
  34. you’ll cry, you’ll laugh, you’ll make friends and you’ll lose them. but, high school is actually pretty cool when you look back on it. it might hurt, and they won’t be the best years of your life, but you’ll make friends and memories. it’s worth it.



     Now, was he dreaming? He can hear Tsukishima’s voice but he can’t see him, and for a moment he finally think he’s gone crazy. Blinking and looking around, he finally spots something and has to take a few steps closer to recognize it as the originally 6′2″ tall middle blocker. So tiny. Before he can let it sink in and before he can actually take time to react, he blurts out a ‘what happened’?

     When he replies, still as bitter as always ( maybe a bit more so this time around), he covers his mouth, eyes flying wide and the urge to laugh ridiculously high. He shuffles over closer, getting onto his knees in front of the couch and reaching out to place the tip of his finger atop Tsukishima’s head. Definitely there. He was definitely there and so tiny. Cackling, he can’t help but rub at his hair with the pad of his finger, grinning obscenely wide for someone like him.

               ❝holy shit! look at tiny you are! that’s so cute, hahah! what’s it like down there, tsukki-chan, huh?❞

((My overdressed dork of a son.

Layers layers layers, but that’s too warm for desert weather, and it’s summer. So the little messy doodle next to him is what he generally wears to class and stuff. He is not comfortable with showing skin, and that includes his hands, so gloves all the time. 

He’s currently attending classes at Hema and Fluor School of Magic, rented out his old apartment, and now lives closer to campus. He hopes to learn to harness his magic and investigate the shifts he has experienced within his abilities.))

Am I the only one who thinks that Sirius probably got SO fed up with looking so distinctly like a Black? Because I have this head-canon that in like sixth year he was so fucking done with his family that while he was at Hogwarts over Christmas break he decided to bleach his hair blonde. Of course it turns out horribly, looking orange and feeling like straw because he had no idea what he was doing and didn’t bother to do any research (muggle or otherwise). So he hid it under a hat until he could recruit Lily (“Black, my hair color is 100% natural I’m not exactly sure how helpful I’ll be”) and Remus (“Being gay does not mean that I’m magically great with hair Pads”) to help. Luckily they manage to get it toned and conditioned to the point where it’s fairly passable before all the other students get back from the hols. Once his roots start showing again though, he gives up and dyes it all black again. He pulls it off better than anyone else in his family any way.

A day in the life of a yoga teacher trainee…

My alarm goes off at 6.30am and up I jump (or slowly move) for day one of my 200 hour yoga teacher training. On go my favourite Onzie yoga pants bought from Utopian Spirit and up goes the hair.
Towel, pen, pad, nut bar and water are all packed and off I go in to the unknown world of becoming a yoga teacher and for the next 5 days my fellow students and I are to be on our mats and ready to start for 8am.

There are several students on the course and with a few familiar faces from classes I have attended before my nerves are calmed. I’m surrounded by herbal teas, green juices and protein balls and for once I’m glad I didn’t have that large coffee I usually need to get me going so early in the morning.

As our two course teachers come in to the room I get the feeling that everyone already feels a lot more relaxed; most of us have been taught by them at some point and it’s possible, it is for me, that these yogis have been the people who have inspired us to take this scary but very exciting new journey.

And so it begins…
Once we have gone through all the essential name learning and course outline it’s time to take our first class as ‘Yoga Teachers in Training’ instead of ‘yoga class attendees’. As I place my towel down on the mat I get a sense of nerves once again. Am I going to be the worst person? How hard is the class going to be? Are they going to have us doing inversions? What if I’m awful?!

Needless to say the 90 minutes flies by and it was fantastic. With one teacher talking us through the class and another teacher adjusting us where necessary I feel like I’ve already learnt a thing or two. My triangle pose is more aligned and my core is now fully aware that it needs to step up and work a whole lot harder!!

We then spend a few hours working over Sun Salutation A and doing some pair work. Who would have thought talking someone through a simple 10 poses could be so hard! The thought of jumping in so deep so quickly is scary but I now know it was the best thing.
When you attend a yoga class you’re really not aware about how much the teachers say with every pose. Inhale, arms up, tail bone down, arms strong, eye gaze forward, quads engaged, feet rooted, and that’s just getting your hands up and over your head!

After some meditation, more discussions and a relaxing Yin Class we’re already edging towards 6pm. The day has flown by and my head feels full and numb but I’m buzzing. There’s a small amount of reading on the Yoga Yamas which, once read, helps me fall into a deep deep sleep.

Exciting times ahead…

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              Nonsexual acts of Intimacy

          ♧:Your muse playing with their hair

tips of finger pads indulge themselves by sliding into the
silver tresses. it’s soft & slightly wet from the morning mist,
but it only makes her GRASP at the roots of the locks as she
lifts her hand back towards the ends, just so she could repeat
the slow, repetitive cycle all over again.               he fell asleep
in her lap again, a system that has somehow become a strange
routine of his. almost every morning that she’d be outside with
a book — he’d come out & make himself at HOME with his head
in her lap. HOW ODD. this guy could care less about personal
space but rather liked to invade it instead.

                          ❝  hey sleepy head, how long
                                   are you going to lay here.  ❞

hipsterbrigadier replied to your post “do mel!”

it says mel


I thought that proposing sex anonymously was rather futile, to say in the least.

But yes. Hmm. Mel! That would be interesting. Fun!! Polka dots!! Shoulder pads!! Fluffy hair!!

1980s vintage blouses

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1980s vintage blouses It wasn’t just the 60s or 70s that was about experimentation and risk, the 80s had its fair share too. We’re talking eye makeup, backcombed hair and shoulder pads up to the ears. We had androgyny and power dressing as women became equals among men. Designers played with colour and size and aerobics brought us leggings and Lycra. 1980s vintage blouses   The 70s brought us…

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The silver-haired girl padded her feet across the wooden floor of the shrine. She held her doll tightly against her chest and murmured words under her breath. She was so lonely. Humans never came around here anymore. This village was just a ghost town lost in time and space. Shiragiku cringed at the thought. The village was once filled to the bring with people smiling and living their lives, and now the only things in the town were empty homes layered with decades of dust and the mindless ghosts that wander aimlessly. 

I’m simply one of them. Meaningless.”