This is an update from my other trichotillomania post. As you guys know I pull my hair, eyebrows and eyelashes out. My hair is starting to grow back and so are my brows ! The first picture is me with no makeup at all and no hair and the second is after I did my makeup and wig today. I hope getting this out there helps someone else and I’m going to try and be brave enough to do this once a month to show my progress.

I get such anxiety putting the first picture out there but that’s the truth, it’s me when I’m not working and me when I’m trying to let my hair grow out.

Please be nice ! It takes a lot for me to do this and I hid it away for 4 years.

To all other trich people out there we can do this 🙌

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omg pls talk to me about all of your bossuet headcanons


- joly and chetta call him ‘bo’ for short.
- sometimes he can get really down about something that happened during the day, like maybe he forgot his wallet and only realised when he was at the till to pay and so had to just leave and it’ll really prey on his conscience so chetta will drag him into the kitchen and they will make cookies and then when joly gets home they cuddle under the blankets and watch silly films and eat the cookies
- joly and bossuet sometimes put on fluffy socks and put cushions and quilts over sharp surfaces and then skid around the kitchen until they are both collapsed in a giggly heap and then chetta comes home to find her boys in a flushed giggly mess with duvets all over the kitchen?
- he got his eyebrows tattooed on when he was 18 because he was so self conscious of his lack of hair. he wore beanies every single day without fail until he was 21 and joly finally convinced him he was beautiful even without hair
- sometimes he really needs his own space because touch from other people can set his anxiety off and so he’ll barricade himself in their little spare room that used to be joly’s room before they decided to just move into bo’s because it was bigger, and he’ll just play classical music really loudly and burrito himself in blankets and wear a sleep mask thing so he’s in complete darkness
- sometimes he has really bad insomnia and so he’ll try to just lie in the dark and cuddle his partners and listen to their breathing and that usually eventually sends him off to sleep after a bit but sometimes bad thoughts will just circle around his head and he’ll end up shoving one of his beanies on and pulling the duvet up to his chin and telling himself that he is loved
- on those kind of days he always falls asleep and chetta and joly wake up and see he’s wearing his beanie and they’ll get up and cook him a huge breakfast and bring it to him in bed and make him laugh and then they drag him out of bed to go for a walk and then when they come home they all pile into bed and cuddle for hours!!!!

☼ Cheap and must-have beauty products that you need to get and different ways to use them

♥ Castor Oil

The best way to achieve that bold eyebrow look is to apply castor oil on your eyebrows few times a week, it works very well and it works as well on eyelashes. You can also use it on your roots to reduce hair loss and to get more volume in your hair. I highly recommend it!

♥ Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is very useful to reduce acne and shiness. You can directly apply it on your imperfections or mix it in a face scrub or in a face mask.

Face scrub : 1 spoon of sugar + 1 spoon of olive oil + 1 spoon of honey + few drops of tea tree oil

Face mask : 1 spoon of olive oil + 1 spoon of honey + few drops of tea tree oil

It can also be used to whiten your teeth, by putting one drop of tea tree oil on your toothbrush.

The Body shop has an entire tea tree oil line that I personally loooove.

Coconut oil

It’s the best way to moisturize your skin and your hair. It can be applied on the ends to reduce split ends or to the roots for hair growth ( the best is to mix it with castor oil ).

I also use it as a shaving oil and it leaves my skin so smooth and shiny.

Coconut oil can also be used as a makeup remover, lip balm, foot cream, shoe cream / cleaner, and cooking oil ( very healthy ).

♥ Rose oil from Chili

It’s different from rose water, because it is used to get ridd of stretch marks and scars and to reduce wrinkles.

You can find it here ( it’s a french website but it ships worldwide ).

♥ Rosewater

It’s a supermodel beauty must-have used to moisturize and refresh your skin at anytime of the day. It prevents wrinkles and minimize your pores!

I apologize for anyone who cannot stand loose hair - but the hair loss has started. 😖😢😥 I’m posting a picture because I did not understand what “clumps” of hair meant. It is intense and honestly heartbreaking for me.

For those of you who have not started losing your hair yet - this is just the hair I lost after conditioning and after combing out my hair after the shower.

I only wash my hair every 4 days - partly because of this and I’m just lazy. I take 10,000 mg of Biotin each day and use a biotin and collagen shampoo and conditioner to reduce breaking and thicken.

I’m just praying my hair is thick enough - I have A LOT of hair - that it will not be noticeable to others. Like many other women - especially those with weight issues - I have clung to my hair as my beauty security blanket. But as my body changes so is my hair and I’m going to have to continue to adapt until it stops.

I finished Chemo! Last Friday i finished my fourth cycle of ABVD chemo!!

So i know over the last months I haven’t written much here. The truth is I really haven’t been very public about this, I told the people who I care about right when I was diagnosed and then if people wrote me and asked me how i have been or what I am up to i might tell them.

At my college everyone knows, its so small news like this travels fast and when your gone people wonder why. But I haven’t written or posted about it on Facebook or Instagram. I probably look like always on those social media platforms. I guess I just don’t want pity - that was the hardest at the faces of people that found out that you have cancer, it made me so uncomfortable.

I lucked out - I was never extremely ill, side-effects where really minimal. My blood work was always strong, my neulasta shots always worked. I was able to finish my second semester of college from home! I am so grateful for all of that.

The only thing that did go was my hair. On the top pictures you can see my hair pre-chemo, straightened and all natural. The below pictures where taken today after my shower, its barley there - if i put it in a high bun though you can not really tell that its really that little. I really really really hope it comes back soon and grows fast so it will be long again. The truth is i know it will take three years to have the same hair as in the picture above but you can always dream.

I will officially be cancer free on the 17th of July even if i might need radiation after that - “just to be safe”. I’m going back to college in September and I can’t wait for that!

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I know the gene for male pattern baldness is passed through the x chromosome, so since my dad is bald, does this mean I'll probably go bald?

I think you’ll find this post on how the genetics of hair loss specifically affect trans men (it’s different than cis men) to be helpful. If you read that post I think you’ll understand why I can’t guarantee that you will or will not experience hair loss based on what your father experienced. Hair loss is a process that we still don’t fully understand and predicting what will happen to you involves a lot of guess work with no guarantees. It’s important to keep in mind that genetics only account for around 80% of male pattern baldness, so even someone who’s relatives have full heads of hair can end up bald.


Are you looking for an effective and cheap hair loss treatment? well, using Honey, Cognac, Onion and Lemon Juice can stop your hair loss effectively.