This is an update from my other trichotillomania post. As you guys know I pull my hair, eyebrows and eyelashes out. My hair is starting to grow back and so are my brows ! The first picture is me with no makeup at all and no hair and the second is after I did my makeup and wig today. I hope getting this out there helps someone else and I’m going to try and be brave enough to do this once a month to show my progress.

I get such anxiety putting the first picture out there but that’s the truth, it’s me when I’m not working and me when I’m trying to let my hair grow out.

Please be nice ! It takes a lot for me to do this and I hid it away for 4 years.

To all other trich people out there we can do this 🙌

Women make up 40 PERCENT of people who lose their hair.

Balding ain’t just a guy thing.

i’ve never seen any positivity for this but here’s to people who suffer from alopecia or something else that makes their hair thin/fall out. you’re beautiful and i love you and i’m your mom now

don’t let anyone make you feel bad if you wanna wear a wig or hat or extensions or if you DON’T wanna wear any of those things.

shout out to those who can’t do the fancy hair styles they wish to because of thinning/balding. shout out to those who wear a hood even when it’s not cold



I’ve had alopcia areata/universalis for 8 years and here’s a lost of products I use/tips for living with hair loss. feel free to add to this!!


I don’t draw on my eyebrows (if any girls are super good at that please add your input) but I use these little stick on eyebrows that are made of real hair and look super realistic. Just use clear eyelash glue from any drugstore to stick on your face. They’re a little expensive but you can clean them just by soaking them in some water overnight and peeling any glue residue off. If you take care of them they can last for 6+ months. They come in tons of colors/shapes.


I love sephora fake eyelashes, but if ya just use some black eyeliner on your top lid and wing it, no one will notice you don’t have eyelashes.


I buy all my wigs from ebay or gothic lolita wigs. Whether you choose a human hair wig or a synthetic wig, invest in a little steamer such as this one to get all the kinks out as you wear it over time.

Covering bald spots

Xfusion is a fantastic product that helps cover bald spots big and small. Learn about how to apply it here, and buy everything you need off of amazon (it will be a ton cheaper).

Loving yourself

In my personal experience, alopecia is easiest to deal with when you don’t make it a big part of your life. Take those steps you know will be the hardest. Go out in public without a wig or just in a hat, talk about it with your friends and family like it isn’t a big deal (even if it feels like it is). Take care of yourself! You will learn to love yourself! 

If any girls out there struggling with alopecia have questions feel free to message me.

So after surgery I had some serious hair loss. Like I had to brush my hair outside serious. Like I was kissing a guy and he pulled his hand out of my hair and it was full of hair, hair loss. Yep. Any who it’s coming back and I laugh every morning when I spray it down! It’s so nice to feel my body returning to an equilibrium and finding normal again when I nourish it.

taffy789 asked:

Wooooh wooohhh wait. Your tag said your hair falls out a bit because fibro? Is that a thing? Is that why my hair is ALWAYS falling out? A ton? Im not crazy? Like a ton of hair comes out every time I brush or shower. Always. I feel so validated

haha 😄 it’s a great feeling seeing others with the same thing going on!

It probably won’t say it exclusively under the fibro title but I’m sure in that “200 symptoms of fibro” list it is mentioned.

I observe tonnes of spoonies around who share the issue, some with severe hair loss that they have a pixie cut or near shaven.

One who is often ranting about hers, is heyatleastitsnotcancer. She has EDS so it might be contributed to other conditions that fibro (and many with fibro will have long strong hair) so as I’m sobbing her in, she might be able to say more on the subject.

Whenever I wash my hair it’s like my scalp malts. Fortunately you can’t tell by looking at me, but my hair has definitely thinned. Brushing is madness!

feel validated hun, it’s not just you!! x


*PICTURE PROGRESS* Pull free- Day 14- Week 2- April 11th, 2015 If you think this looks bad, you should’ve seen what I looked like 2 weeks ago. I’m making progress and that’s what matters. I’ve been really nervous when it comes to posting these pictures. I feel really insecure and ugly. I’m also really ashamed of all the damage I’ve caused to my scalp and hair. I just hope that I can repair it. I don’t want to give up this time.

Tips On How To Keep From Losing Your Hair

Shedding hair belongs of life that lots of people need to manage. If there are hairless folks in your household, it is feasible that you, also, could shed hair conveniently. If you are experiencing decreasing hair, or fretted that it could take place to you, you could find out the best ways to quit or avoid shedding your hair.
, if
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These are my real results after only two months of It Works Hair Skin Nails supplements. (And yes I’m selling it!)

This is really hard for me to post because this is the first time I’ve actually compared the difference.

For the last two years I’ve struggled with my hair falling out. Doctor visits, dermatologists, everything. I am severely anemic so my hair started falling out in handfuls and although I take iron supplements to help get my levels up, it did not help with my hair loss. I tried the shampoos, Rogaine drops, Biotin, folic acid, nothing worked. I gave up on it until about 2.5 months ago when my friend @ewaswierzbinska posted her before and after photos.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any length photos because my hair is already so long, but I have noticed it’s grown tremendously and my nails grow fast too (you can’t tell because I chew them off 😠).

These are my real, personal photos. No edits, no nothing.

HSN is all-natural, cruelty-free, and works for men and women. Please let me know if I can help you.


Video numero 2, slowly building up my channel c:

This one is Wigs I’ve Dyed!

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Hair Loss Cure For Men


Hair loss is some factor that impacts many individuals all over the world. It’s common in both men and women and estimated to influence over 6 million males globally. Hair forms an vital element within the human body, in addition to a deficiency of it may cause depression, low esteem, stress, anxiety and a lot extra.

For any man who has thinning hair or male pattern baldness, there unquestionably is hope out there. You’ll uncover numerous diverse techniques to quit hair loss, enhance hair density and in some circumstances, completely remedy hair loss. Unless you endure from Universal Alopecia, any or all the following therapies could operate for you personally, bringing back your hair at the same time as your self self-assurance. Before starting any new health regimen, you must see a hair specialist or at least your general practitioner.

There are many cure options available on the market, and a lot you can choose from. Anti-balding chemicals, hair transplant and hair loss therapy are some of the most popular hair treatment methods on the market. However regardless of the huge stockpiles of beneficial products in stores, all promising to give you the most outright look, it will be extremely important to choose the right treatment. There are several factors to consider before going out for the best new hair loss treatments. Before purchasing the right treatment option, you need to take into account the severity of your problem.

Hair Restoration Treatments for Men:


One hair loss cure for men could be found in just a adjust in shampoo. Most drug retailers have shampoos that help unclog pores but none of these are clinically established to assist. Inside the event you would prefer to stay away from shampoo additives ensure that your shampoo features a pH of 5 to 5.5. Should you usually do not know what pH you shampoo is, most salons or beauty deliver retailers can help you pick out the excellent one particular unique as a consequence of the truth most shampoos commonly don’t state their pH around the bottle. The downside is the fact that neither inside the shampoos increase follicle size, blood flow and there is not any timeline as to when and really should you will see outcomes.


Finasteride is an excellent medication for hair loss, but 10% of men do experience sexual side effects. If you experience any of these effects, you can cut back on the medication to two or three times a week. You won’t have the same results, but you will prevent current hair loss and will worry less about the side effects. The other medication mentioned early, Minoxidil, can also cause hair growth in other parts of the body, so you may notice more hair in places other than your head.

Topical Remedies

Minoxidil comes inside a wide selection of strategies to apply it such as mousses, sprays and oils. Kirkland offers a mousse that doesn’t make your hair look crusty or challenging, it comes inside a six month supply and it not incredibly pricey. It does contain some alcohol, so ensure to use a conditioner every day as well maintain your hair from breaking and producing it appear thinner.

Laser Treatments

Laser therapy can increase circulation causing hair development, has no undesirable unwanted side effects and may well be carried out inside the comfort with the personal residence. Quite a few lasers resemble hair brushes or curling irons, but amongst a single with the most contemporary models could possibly be the Bio Hair Remedy plan which covers the full scalp too as combines vibration. It can be an excellent deal less function than getting to make use of a brush style model and waving it over your head for 30 minutes and can be combined with their line of topical remedies also, none of which create any unwanted side effects. The two topical remedies are produced up of a scalp cleanser too as a restoration oil, the oil receiving a clinically confirmed ingredient that promotes hair improvement.

Hair Transplants

Basically essentially the most drastic hair loss cure for men could be a hair transplant. You will locate two approaches, FUT, that is certainly much less pricey, but you might have a strip of scalp decrease out then each hair follicle reinserted in to the preferred area. The second procedure is considerably extra enjoyable and virtually painless: the FUE technique. A compact punch, measuring less than 1 unique millimeter is utilized to take out each follicle a single particular by a single after which they’re reinserted within the identical way as FUT, but with no discomfort and no scar.

In case you want to discover out more regarding the new hair loss cure technologies it is possible to click this hyperlink Natural Male Hair Loss Treatment.

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Alopecia attacked her scalp and she fought back!