Reunion Market Day

The stall was set, much thanks to the two small ones. One basket was full of eating utensils, another with cups and bowls, a third had wooden swords and daggers meant for children, and a fourth was full of Marbles and small, pretty stones. Off to the side was a few blocks of wood in various shapes and hues. Kharma wielded only her carving and whittling supplies. Surely if asked she could make something unique if asked.

The main table held samples of her items for sale as well as the plates and serving ware. The other with two chairs held a wooden board game on top and a few under it. There were two children occupying the seats. One a young lad of about 7 with reddish-brown skin, black hair, and red eyes that matched the woman running the stall. He did not look much happy but seemed watchful of his companion. His companion looked like his little sister. She looked about 5 years old with long black hair with purple highlights. Her skin was a light purple hue making her bright, gold eyes stand out she seemed much happier compared to her brother.

They all seemed united in one goal: Sell as much as they can. The children seemed to get sidetracked with playing their chess game, however. Regardless, there was a mission. One Kharma hoped to obtain relatively quickly.

List of items being sold can be found here.
Event info can be located here.

seeing art i did of rose next to art i did of taako makes it glaringly obvious that i use a very similar color palette for the wizard twins and the strilondes whoops

the only overall difference is i usually shade/highlight taako and lup in gold and add red tips to lup’s hair, and shade/highlight the strilondes in their associated color and give them freckles hdzmndxn

anyways lup lalonde and taako strider. goodnight.


DDADDS commission for @starcunning~!  ❤ I’ll be posting the process pack for this (for free) on my Patreon, which is linked in my blog’s sidebar.

I’m also going to do Dream Daddy based commissions at sale price! I’ll do more deets later, but I wanna make some accessibly priced comms so you all can get your Dadsonas and their Dadly love-interest drawn~

Everyone has their routines. Spending so much time in close quarters, Alec and Magnus have become very familiar with each other’s. Magnus, having spent the past several centuries mostly alone in a king sized bed, has a habit of overestimating the space he has to roam and pushes Alec to the very edge of his side, crowding onto his pillows and throwing limbs over him in the night. Alec takes his coffee with so much sugar it sifts to the bottom, making the last dregs so sweet even he chokes on it. Magnus showers at night and Alec showers in the morning.

Except for today.

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Love Her Madly

Pairings: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Style: One-Shot

Warnings: Just mild cursing, but what’s new lmfao.

Word Count: 1.8K

Summary: After probably the worst day of your life, you find yourself stood up at a nice restaurant by your date. To make things worse, you also run into your ex - who sees you there alone. Who better to save the day than the one and only Tom Hiddleston?

A/N: W O W. Guys. It’s been a fuckin’ WHILE since I’ve gotten Tom to flow through these fingers. PHEW it feels so fucking good to be back to writing him. I’ve missed him so much. All praise goes to my absolute partner in crime, writing buddy, and bestest of friend, @sxbastianstan. She is my everything, my ultimate bae, and the reason this fic even exists. So go THANK HER for getting me out of my writing rut. Ily all. Hope you enjoy. <3

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This was officially, easily, the worst night of your life. You glanced at your Apple watch for the hundredth time that hour, its little neon numbers staring back at you; mocking you. As if looking at it again would magically erase time. Surprise: it hadn’t.

“Would you like to order anything, Miss?” You could tell your waiter was getting impatient and wanted to give the table to someone else. The hour you had been waiting for your blind date was starting to look pathetic, and you knew it. You resisted the urge to roll your eyes at the judgment laced throughout the waiter’s tone and smiled up at him as sweetly as you could.

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everything, by design.


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“I’ll miss you, Mare.”

“I’ll protect you as long as I can.”

“Or are we just winging it now?”

“You opened your eyes, Mare. That’s all that matters to me.”

“I thought I was going to lose you. So many times.”
“But I’m still here.”

“You’re not getting up until you pull yourself together.”
“Not much of an incentive.”

“Who has the advantage?”
We have the advantage.” 
“That’s my girl.” 

“Every single thing I did, you stood behind me. If I’m turning into a monster, then so are you.”
“Love blinds.” 

“It’s me. I’m back. Is it you, Cal?”
“It’s me.”

“Waiting for the right time. Didn’t want to overload you.”
For the first time in a long time, I truly laugh. “That is an absolutely horrific pun.”
His wide smile matches mine. “Does the job.”

The breeze ruffles his roughly cut hair, highlighting uneven spots.
I run a hand down the back of his head. “Did you do this yourself?”
He flushes silver. “I tried.” Leaving one hand on the wheel, he takes mine in the other.

Matching my smile, he tugs on the hem of my shirt, pulling me toward him. “Don’t insult my bunk room,” he mutters, before dropping a kiss on my lips. Then my jaw. Then my neck. Each touch blooms, a burst of fire beneath my skin.
Reluctantly, I push his face away. “There is a real possibility my dad shoots you from the window if you keep this up here.”

“What’s wrong?” he asks, all concern. One hand strays to my neck to soothe the scars burning red hot with exertion. “Calm down.”
“That’s not me.” I tip my head toward the darkening storm clouds with a smile. “That’s just weather. Sometimes, when it gets too hot and humid, thunderstorms can—”
He laughs. “Okay, I get it. Thank you.”
“Ruining a perfectly good run,” I tut, moving my hand to take his. He grins crookedly, smiling so wide it crinkles his eyes.

“We should go back.” 
“Should we?”

“You look like a shrub,” he says, sporting an almost-manic smile.
“That’s exactly what you’re supposed to say.”
Cal nearly giggles. “How would you know?”

“Well, half my worry is for the people in the blast zone. And the rest …” He takes my hand, using it to pull me closer. I wrinkle my nose, digging in my heels. Not that it matters much. I slide along the pavement anyway.
“You’re all sweaty.”
He grins wrapping one arm around my back. No escape. “Yep.”

“You’re stuck with me, Barrow.”

“Hi. Sorry, this is a bit of a shock.”
Cal chuckles at my side. “That was pretty horrible, Mare.”   

“Or do you know how to coax a storm out of her?”
Based on the way his lips twist, I can tell he wants to say something decidedly inappropriate. I stop him before he can, grabbing his wrist.

“What do you want, Cal?”
“You. I am in love with you, and I want you more than anything else in the world.”
“I love you.”

“Remember when we told each other no distractions?”
“Distract me.”

To the surprise and delight of more than a few people, he pulls his shirt clean off and tosses it to the side.
“Trying to distract me?” 
“You’ll just fry the shirt anyway. I’m saving supplies. But a good soldier uses every advantage at his disposal.”
“Oh, you think you have the advantage? That’s cute.”

He pushes something into my hand.
“Don’t forget who you are,” he whispers.
I don’t need to look to know it’s an earring, a tiny bit of colored stone set in metal. Something to say farewell, to say stay safe, to say remember me if we are parted.

“You two would’ve been married by now. If …” If, meaning so many things.
He nods. “Married long enough to go absolutely crazy. She’d make a good queen, but not for me.” He takes my hand without looking. “And she would be a terrible wife.”
I don’t have the energy to follow that thread of implication, but a burst of warmth blooms in my chest.