“It’s an honor to receive this meaningful award and thank you so much. First, someone who lead us here and believed in us, CEO Yang Hyun Suk, I really really want to say thank you to you. Teddy oppa who writes great songs for us and thinks about us, thank you very very much. 

And to people who always work hard at backstage, hair, make up artist director, staffs and unnies, oppas, thank you very much. Management team, teachers, I always thank you and I love you.

 And most of all, to our parents and families of BLACKPINK, I want to say thank you so much and we love you! For last, our fans who love us and cheer for us, thank you very very much. This award will be the start, and BLACKPINK will develop and show great sides of us. Thank you!”

Slowly making progress on a long overdue MAP project :’D

Musicals Renamed
  • "Chicago" - *Vigorous jazz hands*
  • "A Funny Thing...the Forum" - Rome has too many fucking foothills.
  • "Hair" - Rapunzel ain't got nothing on me.
  • "Hello, Dolly!" - Meninism, the Musical.
  • "Jersey Boys" - Three Seasons and a Castrato.
  • "Les Mis" - You can never have too many chairs.
  • "The Lion King" - Meanwhile, in Africa.
  • "The Music Man" - The more you know...
  • "Phantom of the Opera" - Luv u 5ever
  • "Pippin" - Stoners doing magic tricks.
  • "Sweeney Todd" -Bite the Hand that Feeds You
  • Any More? Add your own!

“My dream is that a day will come when animals no longer have to suffer an abusive and life-threatening environment that is the result of human ignorance”

-Natalie Westling

Models Lindsey Wixson, Amilna Estevao, Natalie Westling, Catherine McNeil, Annika Krijt and Alisa Ahmann shot by Scott MacDonough with makeup by Angie Parker with Altered Agency, hair by Ryan Mitchell, art director: Stephan Moskovic Interview by Steven Yatsko


Characters: Reader x ??? (It’s a secret! ;))

Words: 1240

Summary: Filming for the Pilot episode has started, and Eric introduces the Reader to two very important people.

Part 2 in The Future Series. Read Part 1 here.

And Part 2 is here!! Can you guess the pairing now? ;) Look for Part 3 on Monday!! Enjoy!

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“His hair was something that we tried to make look worse…”

“And we could not.”

“We could not…It’s incredible.”

“Oh yeah. You can’t make it bad.”

“You can’t make it bad. And we kept saying ‘a preacher wouldn’t have hair that looks that nice’ and he’d be like ‘oh uh, I’ll try to make it look worse’–IT’S IMPOSSIBLE.”

“And to this day, I wish it looked worse but…that’s the one thing we had to give up to get him on this show.”

“Yeah, he’s such a good actor that it’s worth putting up with his perfect hair.”

((The Preacher pilot director’s commentary is really informative you guys. It’s chock-full of very important facts about Dominic Cooper’s beautiful hair, daydreams about having hair as beautiful as Dominic Cooper, speculation about how much you would net if you sold Dominic Cooper’s entire head of beautiful hair…just super crucial stuff.))


to quote @vampirouette :


"I don't want to do this!" (MGG)

Warnings: none *hair cut time* His POV: “Babe I don’t want you do this! Please you can’t make me.” I didn’t want to have a hair cut. The directors of Criminal Minds though thought it was about time for me to get it cut. Y/N could cut it though, she cut hair, did makeup, and did nails. “Baby I don’t want to cut it, it looks cool.” I said pouting to her. “I’m sorry Matt but they want your hair cut shorter. How about I cut it shorter but not too short? I think you’d look adorable with shorter hair.” She said smiling trying to make me feel better about this situation. “Fine.” I said pouting, “I don’t like this.” She giggled a little “Babe, you’ll look cuteeee.” I smiled a little, “Yeah, yeah just get on with it before I change my mind and run away from you.” She giggled more and guided me over to a chair she had in one of the rooms in our house that we had designed just for her. I sat down and sighed. She let down the chair a bit since I was taller. “Wait have you washed your hair today?” She asked I nodded no. She smiled and helped me up, “Okay let’s go wash it. We headed into the bathroom where there was a little head sink and chair. I sat down and leaned back. She lifted my head and put a towel around my neck and brought all my hair into her fist in the sink. She started running warm water and got my hair wet. She pumped out some shampoo on her hand and started to massage the roots of my hair. It felt really good. I closed my eyes and let her continue. She rinsed out the shampoo and got the conditioner on her hands. She ran it through the ends of my hair and then washed it out. She grabbed a smaller towel for my locks. Wrapping my curls up, “Okay babe get up.” I ignored her and smiled “Nope, I think you should continue washing my hair, it feels good.” She grinned and rolled her eyes, “Get up Matthew, you need to have this done babe.” I sighed dramatically and got up. We walked back to the chair and I sat back down. She swept the towel off my head and squeezed it around the ends of my curls. “Look down for me babe” I did so and I felt all the hair start to come off. “I’m so upset.” She slightly giggled since she was focused. “I know babe, it’ll look good though. I promise.” The locks landed on the floor, I cringed. She got done cutting my hair and started to blow dry it. “Okay babe, you’re done. Look up.” I looked up in the mirror to see, it actually look pretty good, it was short but not too short. I smiled “I love it babe, it looks so good.” I said “ Told you babe.” She said as I pulled her into my lap kissing her in thanks. A/N: sorry this is so short, I thought it would be longer lol

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