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i have this headcanon for modern AU where Viola is the cool skater girl who cuts her own hair, decorates her laptop with feminist stickers, & will probably make valedictorian and Todd is the boy who lives right across the street from her, thinks he's edgy because he's an atheist, is a terrible driver, will fight anyone who looks at his dads the wrong way, and spends most of his time drinking slurpees and petting stray dogs at the nearest 7-eleven. Idk why but the feelings are strong

Ok Anon I was thinking ab this for ages bc

  • Todd walking the dog he loves hates passed her house every afternoon and Viola peering out and watching him grumble and kick rocks onto the street and she finds herself watching them more and more often, waiting for them to leave and come back.
  • Todd seeing Viola stand up against the douche bag guys who seem to be allergic to giving girls an easy time and wanting, every single time, to tell her that he thinks what she’s doing is really cool and good
  • One time he does tell her and it’s sort of mumbling on his part and frowning and blushing on her part and he skirts away before she can thank him and before he can say goodbye
  • They see each other at a college seminar towards the end of Junior year and it’s sort of the awkward, we don’t really know each other but wanna sit next to me so I don’t look like a loner? Viola calls the Head of one of the colleges the broken offspring of Capitalism and Todd tries so hard to laugh quietly, but he ends up having to walk outside and drink some water
  • Viola follows him out and apologises but he tells her it was the highlight of the evening. Neither of them are overly enchanted with the whole spiel, and they walk home together. They stand in the middle of the road before they split ways, directly between their two houses when Viola kisses Todd on the cheek
  • He goes to bed with his head spinning
  • Viola angrily patching Todd up after a scuffle with Davy after Davy spits and brags about how terrible gay people are. She vows to fight him, and it Todd feels better already.
  • Todd asking if Viola can dogsit Manchee while he, Cillian and Ben go on a camping trip up into the mountains.
  • Viola doesn’t know much about dogs, but she does know that she loves this one
  • The first kiss is chaste and innocent. They’re in Viola’s room, listening to some music from her laptop, Todd stroking the veneer of angry feminist stickers over the lid, when it happens. Both are too embarrassed to say much after it.
  • That night, Viola dreams of stars.
  • Todd drives them down to the coast when they graduate, up to the top of the highest cliff they can find.
  • They let Manchee’s ashes float off into the surf
  • Todd introducing Viola to the SLURPEE OF DOOM which is really just all the flavours combined into one, but he needed an excuse to get her out of the house, to see her smile for the first time since her parents died.
  • Viola and Todd counting how many dogs they see walking down the street on a hot summers morning. They get to 47 before they give up and Viola dares Todd to order the most ridiculous thing hecan from starbucks.
  • The barista spells Todd’s name ‘Toughd’ but it’s still the best coffee he’s ever had
  • Viola teaching Todd how to skate
  • Viola patching wounds after said failed skating expedition
  • Todd forcing Viola to promise to never try to get him to skate again