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18, female (idk if you like girls.-.), 5'3", blue eyes, dark hair, art, music, crime, movies, books, animals, psychology are some of my interests c:, I'd do anything or take you anywhere but my favourite kind of date is cuddling in bed with food watching horror movies c:

I’m not into girls but I’d totally date u tf.

Disclaimer: I’m not into horror movies tbh bc they freak me out just as I’m about to sleep but Itd be an advantage bc I would just cover my eyes the whole time and I’d cuddle into you :P

dissension teaser pt 4

i don’t think you’re ready for this…. three different parts of the same chapter…. not telling you the context of any of them…. 

1. “I care about you,” he chuckles, shaking his head and a daisy floats down from his hair. “Is that a crime? Or an obligation? Or a responsibility?”

2. Bucky groans, glaring at you from your upside-down position, “Because I’m an assassin and I will not let you put flowers in my hair.”

3. He rolls his eyes, “You know you do. C’mon, you were mad at me the other day for taking all your Nutella. Hit me for it.”

Mismatched protagonist duos, anime edition - go!

She’s a bubbly, pink-haired schoolgirl who’s secretly a magical princess from space! He’s a broodingly mysterious white-haired pretty-boy whose cursed blood carries a terrible power! Together… they fight crime!

(I like to imagine that every time he goes off on one of his grandly nihilistic rants, she interrupts him with a well-placed whack upside the head with her sparkly princess wand.)

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Dark Skin Casting Ideas for Riri Williams: Sierra McClain, Diamond White, Skai Jackson, Coco Jones, Keke Palmer, Gracie Marie Bradley, Riele Downs, Reiya Downs