Mismatched protagonist duos, anime edition - go!

She’s a bubbly, pink-haired schoolgirl who’s secretly a magical princess from space! He’s a broodingly mysterious white-haired pretty-boy whose cursed blood carries a terrible power! Together… they fight crime!

(I like to imagine that every time he goes off on one of his grandly nihilistic rants, she interrupts him with a well-placed whack upside the head with her sparkly princess wand.)

1920's Reference Post
  • Fashion

1920’s Fashion


How Society Changed Fashion

How to Dress

Women’s Fashion of the 1920’s

Fashion of the 1920’s

1920’s Fashion in “The Great Gatsby”

Fashion in the 1920’s


1920’s Children’s Fashion

1920’s Fashion

Children’s Fashion

  • Films

Early Production and the Introduction of Sound

History of Film

Silents to Talkies


  • Gangs and Crime

Legends of the Jazz Age

Difference Between Mob and Mafia

Chicago’s Gang History

FBI Records of Gangsters

Black Gangs of Harlem

Crime Family Epics

Mob Bosses

Top 5 Gangsters of Chicago

Prohibition and Gangsters

Gangsters of the 1920’s

Structure of the Mafia

Organized Crime

  • General:

American Cultural History

1920’s - 1930’s

The Past is a Blast

Daily Life in the 1920’s

American Life in the 1920’s

1920’s Daily Life

Welcome to the 1920’s

America in the 1920’s

1920’s Fonts

Pop Culture

Women of the Century

  • Hair:

1920’s Hair

1920’s Hairstyles


The Bob

1920’s Beauty Ads

History of Hair Color

  • History and Politics

Prosperity and its Demise

1920 Events

Political Events in the 1920’s

Racism in the 1920’s (download)

1920’s Racism

Racism in the 1920’s

Racism in the 1920’s Essays

Racism and Gender

Pride and Prejudice in the Gay 1920’s

Chicago Gay and Lesbian History

Abortion in American History

History of Abortion

Abortion in the 1920’s

Asian-American 1920’s History

1920’s Women

African Americans

Religion of the 1920’s

Culture and Religion

  • Inventions and Technology:

Roaring Twenties

Inventions in the 1920’s


Inventions and Inventors

1920’s Inventions

Inventions and Foods

Technology, Transport, and Communication

  • Language:

Slang of the 1920’s

Words that Were

1920’s Slang Dictionary

  • Literature

Literature in the 1920’s

The Lost Generation

American Literature

The Making of a Nation

Writing of the 1920’s


  • Music

Music in the 1920s

The Jazz Age

Popular Music of the 1920’s

Music and the Arts

  • Sports

Sports in the 1920’s


More Sports

1920’s Sports

Sports Culture


yEAH yeah hairdresser syo for the dr1 punk/pastel goth+sdr2 scene kid au based off princelupin’s fantastic sprite edits! syo begrudgingly helps them w their bright, usually-terrible hair styles at her place bc its decent practice and it ccould be worse. not much worse but it could be