hair bows

“I love when I get the opportunity to strike up a conversation through a mutual love for something like disney. I always point out disney merch my customers have with them while I’m at work and it brightens up their day, or vice versa when I’m out of work. I struck up a conversation with a Starbucks barista that lasted a couple minutes based solely on a hair bow she got from hot topic and how they sell cute disney accessories.”

anonymous asked:

So just some advice not meaning to be mean. But if your want a boyfriend, then going around wearing bows at 25 isn't going to get you one. And I know everyone is probably going to hate on this, saying don't change or be yourself and I totally agree. But blys dont want a 25 year old girlfriend wearing children's bows. Not meaning this to be hate, just some friendly helpful advice

No guy would ever be worth becoming a false version of myself for, so if I want someone to like me I’ll have to bin all my hair bows, my plushies and my Disney collection??! I’d be miserable as hell trying to be “just like every other 25 year old is supposed to be” I’m a proud autistic who shows off and embraces all my special interests and own self of style.