Shea Hair - Comes in 18 EA colors + 100 Colors

This is what i was doing the last 5 days lol I know i got carried away by the colors but i couldn’t help it!

  • New mesh, Base Game Compatible
  • Comes in 100 colors: 18 EA’s colors + 24 crayolas Naturals + 20 8Bitto colors + 20 Anathema Naturals & Unnaturals.
  • You should download the EA colors for the mesh if you want the other colors.
  • For females, from teen to elder
  • Custom thumbnail
  • Fixed bump map, shadow and Lods.
  • Enabled for random
  • New texture (By @simlaughlove)

More details and downloads at my blogger

Palettes by: @mxrdor @pxelscythe @colormysims @pastry-box