hair typing system

Hair Typing System

I use it and I both like and hate it at the some time.

On one end it’s supposed to be this system that makes it easy to identify your hair type so you can figure out how best to care for it. It also helps you find other people with your hair type so that you can make friends and share tips and shit.

On the other side there are times when It feels mad annoying a complicated for no reason. and I’ve got a sneaking suspsion that most of us are not even using it right.

I can’t tell you how much time I sit in front of my mirror trying to decide if I’ve got 4A or 4B hair. 

Or How many times I’ve gotten into arguments over what mine or someone else’s type is.

Or going through the type 4 tag and seeing girls with these loose ass curls and some with these soul sista afros. 

I’ve just come to the conclusion that i’ve got all types of crazy going on in my head. And I get why some people don’t even bother with the hair typing system. 

I hate the beauty industry. I hate makeup artist. They are all about women feeling insecure. The makeup artist tell women they need makeup to invent fresh face. Most of the ingredients are toxic. I hate beauticians who make slick comments about black women. Natural hair does not look feminine to them unless it loose curls. A lot of them are not knowledgeable of coily or curly hair. The beauticians overcharge women for basic hair styles. I hate the hair typing system by Andre walker. Why does the natural hair community use this guide. We should throw it away and only include wavy to coily. Who is spreading the lies that coily hair does not grow ?