Holtzmann hair take 3 after being at work for five hours (it’s held up really well) plus how I keep doing it because I got asked and just wanted to share

basically I have naturally curly hair and slightly shorter bang type bits in front, so I sorta parted my hair back on both sides starting at above my pupils, and pulled up a lil top section minus some of the longer bits on the back (enough to drape over my head in a Holtzmann-level volume fashion) into a ponytail to keep it out of the way. then, I pulled back the side bits and French braided them down the back of my head, finished the braid, twisted it up in a lil circle and bobbipinned it in place, and started pinning anything hanging around afterwards. I undid the section on top of my head and flopped it over, fluffed it somewhat and underpinned a few longer bits to make it closer to Holtz’s and add more fluff on top.
This time I did it with my hair wet and in a hurry on my way to work, and it took me only maybe 10 minutes at the most. it still turned out pretty well and the more I do it the more I’m figuring out just how to pin everything so it does what I want. ideally I’d like to be able to leave the top completely free like Holtz’s but I haven’t figured out yet how to keep it from falling in my face if I do so without hairspraying it like crazy or something, which I’d rather avoid as I think practically speaking that would make Holtz’s hair more of a fire hazard (and in my headcanon it’s crazy soft lol)


Tumblr makes it look really low quality, but they’re fine if you click on them~ :)

Tutorial time! Here’s a quick hair tip tutorial for eat-my-shxrts (I’m working on the eyes/facial features one, but since I finished this one I thought I’d post it :) Hope this is helpful, I wish I was better at explaining how I draw XD

I also included a process gif! Featuring some of my faves with varying hairstyles~ :) <3


How to hair - Basics

I kinda suck at explaining how I do stuff, but I tried to make a tutorial due to popular demand. I was thinking to add a few more pages with dynamics with stuff in hair/wind/action/etc, but I wanted to start on the very basics. People seem to miss the structure/dynamics part for some reason, and it’s essential if you want to draw hair that looks like actual hair.

If you don’t understand something or you have a request on something specific, feel free to ask I’ll do my best to explain how I do things. :)

Hope this is helpful!

Edit: I love tumblr’s cropping thing, so you can find the steps here:
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3


Three cheers for a Pom Pom Pony on a hot day! Perfectly worn anywhere from the pool to the office to keep hair off your neck!

1. Prime hair with TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Sea Foam and create waves with a curling iron. Finger comb waves to separate them.

2. Tie hair into a pony at the nape of your neck.

3. Hide the tie by wrapping a strand of hair around it and tucking it into the elastic.

4. Move a few inches down from the base of the pony and secure with another clear elastic.

5. Create your first pom by tugging the hair between the 2 ties outwards.

6. Continue adding hair ties and creating poms all the way down your pony. Finish with TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Ultra Brushable Hairspray for a light hold!

So, @twizzlerstriders asked about tips on drawing Dirk’s hair, and I managed to FINALLY throw something together. I hope it helps!

So, I take my Dirk head and pick out his part, which I put far over his right eyebrow. The hair will spread out from this line like ribbons. Then I map out the general shape and size of the hair mass. 

And then I do this big, prominent bang that tends to “pop” out in front of the rest of the hair.

Now I work on texture. I like to give Dirk very fine, wispy hair. Kind of a feathery look. I try to get this across with lots of little flyaways and those faux-Mucha curls. 

And then you pretty much have it! A couple bonus tips: Detail the hair closest to the viewer more, and leave the stuff in back more bare. Don’t harshly outline the hairline where it meets the forehead, especially on characters with pale hair. 

Here are a few more extra angles without his glasses in the way! I hope this helped some people, or was at least interesting to look at!

Hair Tutorial

Three hours into the drawing and Jongin still doesn’t have hair…

I think he’s mad at me, but at least the general outline is there?

Give me hair, now.”


I’ll start with the dark parts first… to define each strand.

[So far I used a 2H pencil (very light) to map out the general whereabouts of each strand. What I’m about to do is use a 2B pencil to redefine those lines - they make up the outlines of each strand of hair, as well as the shadows underneath or in between strands. Imagine each pencil stroke representing one tiny strand of hair, so try not to shade by zig-zagging your pencil across the page. Instead, make sure that your lines are smooth, continuous, and decisive.]

Peep. This is a lot of looking up and down… I have to make sure that the hair is flowing in the right direction…

[Yes, observing lots is very important! Keep referring back to your reference pic (if you have one) so that you know where the highlights and shadows are. Here I am leaving out the highlights completely - it’s so that I don’t have to erase later on in order to obtain highlights. This is a stylistic choice and you don’t have to leave the highlights unshaded at this step (I just find it easier). However, keep in mind that if you’re going to use a darker pencil to shade hair (the B pencils), be careful that it might be very hard to erase later on.]

alsdkjfkd he’s staring D: and glaring at me to fix his hairline lmao 

[Make sure to hold your drawing up once in a while to make sure the tonal balance is okay. You don’t want to have such a big contrast between the tones in the face and the darkness of the hair! Tip: the darkest parts of the eyes should be around the same intensity as the darkest part of the hair, though it may vary depending on who you’re drawing. I used HB and 2B pencils pretty much throughout this whole shading process so there isn’t such a drastic difference in tone between different features.]

Hairline fixing, final touches~ 

[Pay attention to small details such as fly-away wisps of hair. And don’t forget about the hairline! The shape of the hairline contributes to the likeness of the person so be careful how you go about it. In the step below I took an HB pencil and shaded in some of the highlights that I had left out previously. This lessens the contrast so that he doesn’t look like he has super blond highlights + black roots.]

He looks so smug now >:)

alsdkfj - done!

anonymous asked:

houdi-chan if you ever have time can you show how you draw hair? sorry

Hey anon! I’m not very good at explaining but I’ll try my best.  

My previous hair tutorial, it’s changed a bit but I think the principal is similar. And here is a gif version (I’ve talked too much about hair lol…)This is a more updated version, sort of.

And for colour principles.

Pls note that this is how I personally paint hair, I would encourage you to experience with how comfortable you are. Anyway let’s get started, featuring generic elf girl from 2012.

WARNING: EXTREMELY USELESSLY DETAILED PICTURES. And vry vry vryrvyrvyr long. Let’s take a look at one of my older piece where hair was just askfhaslkfjal???? The hair looks overdone and is really dry. Not very..desired….

Here’s a sketch. At some point it is better to look at hair as a unified unit rather than individual strands or you’ll drive yourself insane. AND WORK FROM BIG TO SMALL.

Since we’re not talking skin or anything I’m just gonna… paint it. Put hair in a different layer and then lock the opacity so you can paint in the shape freely.

Fill in shadows.

Work back the shapes, eye dropper tool is your bestest friend.

This is where your hair parts, and it can be the make or break for your hair form. The place where the strongest contrast happens makes the strongest form.

I don’t really mark where my light is I just… instinct it (not recommended). Anyway, add highlights.

Notice how only now that I start zooming in. Don’t get yourself caught up with small details, you’ll lose HP and motivation very quickly. Anyway, below is how I shade highlights.

Thin shading give hair the characteristics that it is, infact, hair. They also makes great direction tools, indicating which parts are in front/back. But be careful not to abuse it.

Now is the time to put a song on repeat forever and render everything out. Requires patience and hydration.

Smallest details comes in last, they are the rewards for your hard work because they are the most fun part of the entire process!!!

Now add half ass BG and effects.

And now quit drawing for roughly 3 weeks before you realize you’re doing this for a living and the rent isn’t gonna pay for itself.

Side note: Look at how pretty I used to paint eyes lol wtf.