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horoscope aesthetics

based on people I know

Aries: red, fast car, black shoes, loud and deep voice, large biceps, simple outfits, sexy outfits

Taurus: florals, primary colours, favourite singer/band/movie characters, food, sleeping in bed, music, hidden talents

Gemini: gossiping, health concerns, books, openly pens thoughts on social media, high-pitched voice

Cancer: cardigans, home-cooked food, comfort food, warm bed and blanket, stout body, pouting

Leo: revealing clothes, skinny or broad shoulders, strong opinions, fashionable

Virgo: potted plants, glasses, excel sheets, binders, healthy food, messy head but neat room, beady and darting eyes

Libra: unique fashion sense, memorable smile, gossiping, social justice talk, instagrammable food, cartoons

Scorpio: simple clothes, dark clothes, kind eyes, thinking about money and personal business, smirk, doing well in school yet not giving a shit

Sagittarius: laughing, positive snapchats and instagram feed, tussled hair, shorts, traveling, wide smile, insulting others for fun

Capricorn: real talk, honest opinions, part-time job, either really cheap or really expensive clothes, study time

Aquarius: snapchat, glued to phone, honest laugh, distant eyes, candid pictures, trendy clothes or nerdy clothes

Pisces: flower crowns, teary-eyed, trying hard to be positive, simple things in life, being in the moment

“Three of a Kind” Part 2 (Wonho/Jooheon/Reader smut)

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Part 1

Rating: Mature. 

When she woke up the next morning, it felt like she’d been asleep for days. Her body was heavy as she sat up and realized she was totally alone, and there was a moment of dismay. She had so looked forward to waking up sandwiched between Wonho and Jooheon.

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“F-uck, Daiki,” Kagami gasped, arching his back so the kitchen counter pressed almost painfully into the small of it. He had his legs wrapped around Aomine’s hips, his hands clucthing onto the edge of the counter that he was barely on.

Aomine huffed a laugh, thrusting into Kagami harder. Another arch, and Aomine squeezed his hold on Kagami’s hips.

“Feel good?” he asked, between breaths, and Kagami didn’t even raise his head, tussled hair fanned out on the counter. All he did was give a loud, obscene sort of moan in response. The kind that had Aomine shuddering. He thrust in particular deep, watched Kagami’s cock jump, flushed and completely untouched against his belly.

It was almost a blur how this had all started. Aomine had tried to lure Kagami when they were still in bed, but the redhead had been so damn cuddly that he’d ended up laying there for a good extra half hour, just enjoying it. After all, one didn’t just deny a sleepy Kagami Taiga cuddles when he asked.

That had turned to Kagami scrambling around his kitchen to get some snacks, to Aomine pressed up against him, rocking his hips gently, and Kagami falling back so easily against him. Then from sweet neck kisses ended in a frenzy tongue fest. And suddenly here Aomine was with Kagami clinging to him with those ridiculous legs gasping and moaning like this was the first damn time Aomine had touched him.

He sounded like this almost every time. It still blew Aomine’s mind. Always would, he was sure. He was in such utter awe of Kagami, even if he kept it to himself. Always had been.

“Dai…Daiki,” Kagami gasped, bringing Aomine back to the present. “…right there…good,” He arched again, the counter digging into his back once more, and Aomine gripped his hips tighter. He was afraid if he let go Kagami would fall- didn’t matter how strong either of them were, maybe this hadn’t been their best decision, position wise. But it was hot, Aomine wouldn’t lie.

“Get yourself off for me,” Aomine breathed and lower his voice, “C’mon Taiga, I know you can.”

Kagami released his white-knuckle grip on the counter edge with one hand, wrapping it around his cock, stroking up and thrusting into his hand, before back down on Aomine’s cock. The bluenette eyes rolled back for a moment, nearly losing himself right then and there with that obscene hip movement.

God, Kagami was a dream.

“That’s it,” Aomine breathed, feeling his own orgasm so close. No, not yet, but it was so hard to keep at bay, with Kagami being so utterly perfect beneath him. “Just like when I touch you.”

Kagami gasped, squeezed the head of his cock, losing his rhythm quickly as his movements became desperate, until he was coming with a loud cry, Aomine’s name broken in the string of sounds.

Aomine didn’t even make it three more thrusts before he was following suit, bowing his head down and groaning, hips jerking a few times as he filled Kagami, before stilling. They were both panting, and carefully, Kagami released his other hand from the counter, managing to push himself up on his elbows, glancing up at Aomine through his tussled hair, smiling.

Aomine was smiling back when there was a key turning in Kagami’s apartment door, and a moment later it was open, slamming shut, and a voice was calling out, “Hey Taiga~ you up?” Neither could move before Alex rounded the corner to the kitchen, pausing with her mouth open, ready to say something else. But the words were lost.

He stared for a minute, both Kagami and Aomine staring back, before she grinned.

“You guys better sanitize that counter really damn well. I make food there.” she pointed out, and Aomine glanced down at Kagami, saw his cheeks flushing deeply. His own cheeks felt hot- god, he was still inside Kagami, and Alex just folded her arms, staring at them with a smug smile.

“Uh,” Aomine started, before Kagami cut in,
“Can you give us a minute?”

“Yeah, sure,” Alex said, turning and waving her hand behind them. “Seriously guys. Clean the counter. I mean scrub. Clorox wipes aren’t enough.”

Alex walked out of the room, and Aomine slowly pulled out of Kagami’s body. The redhead shuddered, once, hating that empty feeling, as Aomine helped to support him as he untangled his legs, feet planted firmly on the floor a moment later. He tried to straighten up, felt his his liquid trickling down his thighs, and shuddered. His lower back ached, and he knew he’d feel it even more later.

“You okay?” Aomine asked, grabbing their clothes off the floor. He handed Kagami’s to him, and he stepped into his underwear, not bothering with his sweatpants.

“Yeah. Just gonna feel this later.” He reached back, rubbed at the small of his back. “I forgot I gave Alex a key. Since she’ll be here for a while.”

“Well. We won’t forget that again.” Kagami nodded, running a hand back through his hair.
“I’m uh…gonna go clean up.” Aomine nodded, watching Kagami hurry from the kitchen. He stepped into his own underwear and sweatpants, before leaving the kitchen, heading towards the living room and finding Alex sitting on Kagami’s couch, her laptop pulled from the bag, which she’d left on the floor.

“You know, when Taiga gave me a key, he said just make myself at home and don’t be a stranger.” She glanced up at Aomine. “Probably should have figured I should still call. Or something.”

Aomine shrugged a shoulder, walking around the couch and sitting down.

“We uh…probably would’ve missed your call,” Aomine admitted, and Alex grinned.

“Uh-huh. I guess it doesn’t matter then.” She didn’t look up from her laptop, but continued speaking. “Not that I blame you Daiki. I mean. Points for holding him in that position and all.”

"Fuck….” Aomine felt his cheeks going hot again, glanced away.

“Dammit what’s Taiga’s wifi password?” Alex glanced up now, “I forgot and my laptop didn’t save it last time.”

“Uh…” Aomine shrugged. “I’ll go ask him.”

“Thanks Daiki!” Alex kissed his cheek.

He pushed himself up, heading towards the bathroom and leaning against the door. He could hear the shower running. He knocked once, then, “Hey, Taiga?”

“You can come in.” Aomine opened the door, shutting it behind him quickly. The room was hot, filled with steam already, and Aomine could see Kagami’s silhouette behind the shower curtain.

“Alex wants your wifi password,” he started, as Kagami pulled the shower curtain back, just enough so that Aomine should see a single shoulder, his pretty eyes, the way his wet hair clung to his forehead and neck. There might have been more to his speech, a comment or something, anything, but it died in that moment. All he could do was stare.

Kagami said something, and Aomine barely registered. Only when it was his name did he snap out of it.

“Oh, uh.”

Kagami rolled his eyes, repeating himself.

“Keep staring like that and you might forget how to breathe, Daiki.“ Kagami chuckles at him.

God that smile. Aomine cleared his throat, fighting down the urge to just pulled Kagami and making him a mess again.

“You’re just…you know. Pretty and all. And sometimes I can’t believe I’m actually here. With you.” A nervous shoulder shrug, and Aomine watched Kagami blush. He’d probably blame it on the hot water.

Aomine didn’t need to get into the crush he had harbored on Kagami when he’d been his rival, when Kagami had become Kuroko’s new light. Kagami knew everything. He knew it all, from weak moments in the dead of the night where Aomine opened up, far more then he ever meant to. But really- so much had gone wrong in Aomine’s life, that it was strange to think something as right as Kagami Taiga could actually happen to him.

“I’ll…go tell Alex,” he said, but Kagami shook his head, lifting one hand so it was visible and gesturing Aomine over with a curl of his fingers. Aomine listened- was there ever a question of him not- stepping closer until Kagami would reach out, sink a wet hand into his hair and pull him in, kissing him. Slow, sweet, the kind that had Aomine feeling like his inside were melting, mixing together, diluting into an utter mess of everything he was.

“You know,” Kagami whispered against his mouth, “I love you, right?”

Aomine nodded, slightly, felt a single drop of water roll down his neck, from Kagami’s wrist. And Kagami smiled at him, the kind that stopped Aomine’s heart. The kind that was just for him. He’d seen it so many times and he could never have hoped he’d see it now.

“Now, go tell Alex before she goes into a rampage not getting to catch up to her soap series.”

Aomine chuckled, pulling back, turning and walking to the bathroom door. He tossed it open, calling out to Alex the password.

“Thanks! Took you two forever.” came from the living room, followed by, “Now go clean the counter! I want Taiga to cook me something.”

Aomine rolled his eyes, but walked towards the kitchen anyway. Smiling. He wasn’t sure he would wipe this smile from his face, even if he tried.

** I know it’s cliché. Tell me what you think of it? :)

I’m jealous of everything that surrounds you. I’m jealous that the wind gets to tussle your hair and kiss your lips every day, when I can’t. I’m jealous that strangers in the street get to look at your beautiful face; they might not even consciously realise they’re looking at you, but I’d do anything to glance over and physically be like ‘that’s my beautiful girl’. I’m jealous that when you look at the stars, they look back at you and make you smile, and I can’t. I’m jealous of the sun that slowly creeps through your window in the morning and places warmth upon your skin, I wish that was me. I’m so jealous that people get to see you, hear you, smell you, encounter your presence every day - sometimes completely disregarding the little things about you - and I simply can’t. I am jealous.
—  By Tish, for my girl Talie

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I dare you to share a something from a WIP if you have one (please pleaseee im so curious!!!)

I don’t usually publish my writing, like at all, but i actually like this part a lot so here you go. :) Oh, also context, this happens after Harry and Ginny go clubbing and Ginny kisses a woman for the first time. Harry’s very happy for her.

They walk in comfortable silence the rest of the way. Only, Ginny stops him before Harry can step into the apparition point. He comes to a halt and waits for her to talk.

“Do you ever…” she breaks off and huffs. “Have you ever felt like you could like someone, even if they aren’t, you know, a woman?”

Harry thinks about it. He remembers Cedric Diggory for some reason, his dark tussled hair and bright grey eyes. Ginny speaks up before he can say anything.

“Sorry. I knew it was stupid.” she says, rushed, and turns away from Harry. “I’m just tipsy. Let’s go.”

“Maybe.” Harry says instead.

“Maybe what?” Ginny looks back to Harry, clearly confused.

“Maybe I could like someone, even if they weren’t a woman.”


“Really.” Harry shrugs.

Ginny’s eyes widen, looking curious and a little hopeful.

“That’s cool,” she says after a breath.

“Is it?”

“I guess so. It was cool kissing Olivia.”

They stare at each other for a second and promptly burst out laughing. Harry doesn’t know what exactly they’ve learned about each other today, but it makes him feel lighter somehow. 

Clingy (Jeno x Reader)

Scenario: Fluff. Jeno is a clingy person and an even clingier boyfriend. 

Word Count: 522

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Warmth. That was the first thing you felt as you slowly pulled yourself out of your deep slumber. Your back was warm and something heavy was laying across your waist. Turning your head carefully, you could make out the short, dark, black strands of tussled hair sprawled across the white pillow of your bed. You almost instantly knew who it was and smiled to yourself as you reached for your phone.

1:47 PM

The smile quickly fell from your face and you looked back at the boy laying beside you with a murderous aura. “Jeno, did you turn off my alarms?”

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Being You (M)

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» (sub!)jongdae x reader
» 1.6k
» hello, could I please request a steamy Chen smut where he wakes up with morning wood, so you decide to give him a handjob? ;)
» warning: smut (& kinda femdom)

Jongdae just had to look like this when he was sleeping. He just had to look like the one of those male models even with his eyes closed and with his lips slightly agape (he slept like that even though you told him countless times spiders were probably going to crawl in there) and hair tussled all over the place.

It was most likely the after effects of the night before that had you gawking at your sleeping boyfriend. Those performances for the new Lotto release meant that Jongdae was looking so, so hot and you just couldn’t resist him last night – and the same could definitely be said about him for you.

He’d been hard for so long last night that you could only imagine he was still hard under the covers right now.

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When the door of the Embassy slammed shut behind him and cold winter wind tussled his hair, it hit Arcandil.

What in the name of Anu was he doing? Why had he come running as soon as he had heard word of the Imperial delegation’s arrival? Why was he standing here, out of breath and covered with nothing but his morning robes? And why did he feel a silent sigh on his lips at the sight of the human Legate?

The man had noticed him as well, and after a short moment, his confused face broke gently into a smile.

Arcandil’s senses returned to him, and with them the feeling of goosebumps tingling up his spine. Indeed, what was he doing? He was a Thalmor Justiciar, an Aldmeri diplomat of some renown, and here he was, behaving like a smitten boy.

With a frown he turned away and headed back inside, ignoring the way the warm creases around Marcius’ eyes deepened.


It’s not every day that an elf of over five hundred years gets caught off guard, much less by a human.

Alas, Marcius does not play by anyone’s rules.

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Ooh! To add onto your latest hcs: -hanging out with Tyler before a group video and having a jam session -everyone walks in as one of you say "great, now my throat is going to kill me during this shoot" - Mark and Ethan are like "uHM WHAT??" Bc y'all are both flushed with messed up hair (because head banging is life) - You two trying to explain yourselves - Nobody believes it

Yes please, I added more 😊😊💕💕


- Being really loud but having an absolute blast

- Despite drinking tons of water you’re throat is sore

- Hugs and kisses before going to the shoot

- Having tussled hair for the both of you and it’s kinda suspicious

- ‘My throat hurts…’

- Ethan’s virgin ears


- Blushing cause that’s not what you were doing at all

- 'Ya little nasty’

Wandering Eyes

At Ruby and Belle’s engagement party, Robin teases Regina about her wandering eye.

For @rcgalbeliever​ who requested, Robin playfully calling Regina out on her casual crush on David.

Robin watched Regina from across the crowded room—watching the way she sipped her wine, swaying gently to music that seemed to be in her head as her lip caught between her teeth and her eyebrow arched. A smirk formed over his lips as he followed her gaze—following it to Charming who was bending down to tussle the hair of Belle’s young son. He laughed quietly to himself and he shook his head, reaching for the mug of beer the bartender had slid across the counter to him.

This wasn’t the first time something like this had happened—in fact, he’d come to expect it whenever she’d had too much to drink. It didn’t bother him—it was all perfectly innocent—and it had become something of a game he played, making little bets with himself over how many glasses of wine it would take and who would be target of her wandering eyes. He chuckled softly as he looked back over his shoulder and watched her stare—she was clearly enjoying her view.

Grabbing the glass of merlot he’d ordered for her, he said his thanks to the bartender—and it’d been then that he decided to make this little game a bit more interesting. He took a long sip from the frothy top of his beer, clearing his throat as he approached her and stifling his urge to laugh out when her shoulders straightened, and she tuned to look at him.

Plucking her empty glass from her hand, he leaned in, reaching back around her to set the glass on one of the tables. “I saw that,” he whispered as he pulled back, brushing a feathery kiss along her jaw. Her brow creased in confusion as he pulled away, but nonetheless, she accepted the new glass of wine and took a little sip. “You are not nearly as sly as you’d like to think.”

“I… have no idea what you’re talking about,” she said to him, looking quickly to his beer and then back to him. “You must be drunk.”

“Hmm, awfully defensive, aren’t we?” He asked as a low but rumbling laugh rose into his voice. “And I am drunk,” he confirmed with a quick nod. “But so are you, and you were checking him out.”

“You’re delusional,” she gasped, her eyes widening indignantly, “Drunk and delusional.”

“Am I?” He challenged, his eyebrows arching as he shook his head and an amused grin twisted onto his lips. “Are you really going to deny that you were just admiring Prince Charming’s ass?”  

Regina’s cheeks flushed and her dark eyes grew even wider. “That’s…”

“Completely true.”

“Ridiculous,” she scoffed a bit too loudly to be convincing. “I was…”

“So you admit it…”

No… I… was…” she began, her cheeks flushing a deeper red and she searched for an excuse. “I admit nothing.”

“You are such a terrible liar,” he says as free hand finds her hip, kneading at the fabric of her skirt, “An adorably flustered and terrible liar.”

Swallowing hard, her eyes cast upward. “I don’t have a thing for that… shepherd.”

“I didn’t say you had a thing for him,” Robin countered. “I just… said you were checking out his ass.” He watched as she hesitated—sucking in a short breath as she debated what to say in return. His fingers pressed harder at her hip and a smile stretched across her lips. “No… no, it’s not him you have a thing for. Well, not just him…”

“Are there others?” She asked, laughing as she eyed him. “Others I am unaware of having caught my eye?”

“Oh, don’t be so coy,” he murmured. “The way you look at him is nothing like the way you look at Maleficent…” Her lips open to protest and another grin tugged onto his lips, “Or one of tonight’s beautiful brides-to-be.”

“Okay, I’ll own up to the others—to David and Mal—but I have never given Ruby a second glance.”

“I meant Belle,” Robin countered as his eyebrow arched and Regina’s cheeks flushed an even deeper shade of red as she stammered in an unsuccessful attempt to find her voice. “You’re adorable, you know that?” He asked, drawing her in by the waist as he leaned in to kiss her.

Truth for a Truth

The first time he said it, Neil was half-asleep.

“Truth for a truth.” The same deadpan voice as ever.

Neil hummed a noise in the back of his throat and turned over onto his side to face him. “What?” he said, quiet and sleepy.

“Truth for a truth,” Andrew repeated. Neil opened his eyes and took in the sight. He could see the sweep of Andrew’s hair over his eyes, tussled by sleep yet soft in the moonlight. He could see Andrew’s eyes, piercing as ever. He could see the tension in Andrew’s shoulders.

“Okay,” he said, straining his eyes through the darkness for any sort of reaction. There was, of course, none.

“You start,” Andrew said, and then, after Neil’s okay, “Tell me what happened to you in Evermore.”

Neil sputtered for a moment, trying to regain the composure that Andrew seemed to have mastered. Andrew looked at him with the same level of distain he always did, albeit ready to ground him if Neil needed him.

“I- I don’t know where to start. What do you want to know?”

“Start with Jean.”

“Jean? He was my partner.” Andrew didn’t say anything, so he continued on. “At the Castle, no one is allowed to be alone. He was- He was always there.”

“Does that mean he was there when Riko took out his knives?”

It was amazing to Neil how a question said so calmly could knock the wind out of him. “I- Yes, he was there but- He-,” it was as if the words were trapped in his throat. Andrew continued to stare at him impassively. Neil gulped for air before he began again. “Yes, he was there. He - Riko I mean - would tell him to watch or hold me down. He said something about partners always having to share punishments.”

“Doesn’t sound like he was having much of the punishment to me.”

“No, he was, it’s just that-”

“It’s just that what?” Andrew cut in, his expression cold and hard.

Neil closed his eyes and breathed deeply a few times before continuing. “It’s just that I don’t remember much of my time there. I get bits and pieces once and a while, but most of it is just a blur,” he said, shakily.

Andrew looked at him for a long moment, as if he were trying to decipher something from Neil’s weary face. Then, before Neil could say anything, Andrew spoke in the quietest tone he’d ever taken with Neil.

“I’ve never had that.”

“Had what?”

“Been able to forget that much.”

Neil blinked. In that moment, Neil remembered that this had all been for the truth game. If Andrew had cut in so deep with a question about Evermore, what was he planning on telling Neil? Thoughts raced through his head, but he settled to ask dumbly, “What?”

Andrew cut him off with a quick, “That’s enough of your turn. Go to sleep.” Neil took this as a cue for him to look away from Andrew, who refused to speak more. He looked out at the closed door in front of him. If Neil could tell that Andrew stared at him all night, he never mentioned it.

Wooly jumpers and cheeseburgers

It had been somewhat of a surprise when a very miserable looking Lily Evans had turned up on James Potters door step. Her cheeks were tear stained and her hair wind tussled. Not a look he was used to seeing on the feisty red head. She had mumbled something about flowers and a falling out and a pig in a moustache through hiccuping breaths. It took him until a few seconds into the ramblings to work out she was talking about her sister and the sister’s pompous boyfriend.

Without a word he opened the door wider but left her stood on the door step. Sirius said nothing as he passed. He returned moments later putting a jacket around his shoulders and passing her a wooly jumper which was at least two sizes too big. She accepted it gratefully. He walked with her quietly to the place down the street, placed a handful of assorted muggle coins and notes on the counter and ordered two cheeseburgers, telling the cashier to keep the change.

They walked silently hand in hand back to his house. Her over sized sleeve enveloping both their hands. He let her carry the burger bag. Once inside she crawled onto the sofa and between bites of greasy goodness she told that her sister was getting married. That she was not to be a bridesmaid. That’s what the fight had been all about. James had still not met either of the people that Lily was discussing with him but he held a distaste for them all the same. How dare these people let this sweet petal cry. But all in all, despite the drama, he was quite grateful to see her sat in his wooly jumper eating cheeseburgers with a twinkle in her eye.

She is a lion.
Her tussled golden hair resembled that of a mane.
Her voice a loud defiant roar.
Her walk is strong yet relaxed.
Her light brown eyes pierce right through you as you try to impress her.
She can sense weakness the moment she walks into a room.
She is a lion,
What makes you think she is afraid of a wolf?
—  Lion // Alexandra
Snowbaz Valentines Day HC’s

-okay guys but Simon on valentines day 
-he’s all nervous because it’s his first with Baz and he doesn’t want to mess it up 
-so he goes all cliche because why the fuck not 
-he’s dressed in a sleek grey tux, hair all tussled from running his hands through it 
-he bought roses (obviously) orange ones. Because they smell nice and they remind him of the sun 
-simon even bought this really expensive chocolate 
-he doesn’t even know if Baz likes this type of chocolate 
-but he does it anyway because “everyone likes chocolate right??!” 
-he ends up surprising Baz who honestly did not see any of this coming 
-Baz just stares at Simon as he stands on his doorstep, wide eyed, his cheeks flushed from embarrassment 
-Baz couldn’t speak. He’s too stunned to even make a sound. Because he never thought that Simon would do this for him. (Although he’d certainly dreamt it)
-But Simon thinks that something is wrong and tries to talk his way out of it, mumbling something about “valentines day” and “thought it’d be nice” 
-Baz ends up crushing Simon in a hug. 
-a bone crushing “I love you hug” with one arm around Simon’s waist and the other gripping the back of Simon’s jacket 
-Baz’s face is pressed into the crook of Simon’s neck. And all he can think is “gods I’m so lucky. I love him so much, the idiot” 
-and Simon just stands there, saying a thank you to every God because “at least I got something right” 
-after a while he just relaxes into Baz, wrapping his arms around him as best he can with the presents in hand 

Jealous much?- Derek

Imagine Derek liking you behind your back, and when you were about to have sex with a random guy, Derek stops it and takes over.

Originally posted by grantrogerrs

A/N: No copying or stealing without permission or credits.

Warnings: smut, cursing etc.


Dancing to the rhythm of the beat of the song, you felt two hands warp around your waist. You instantly smirked to yourself seeing your plan working already.

You couldn’t deny how easy it was to get guys on your feet but the only person you actually wanted, wanted nothing to do with you. So what do you decide to do?

Get over it.

Even if it was difficult. You turned around , looking up and down at the ‘victim’ for today. You smiled at him, seeing he was actually good looking. His brown tussled hair was put back into a styled quiff, and his piercing green eyes stared intently at the cleavage showing. You started to slowly grind on each other, while looking around you saw Kira and Scott dancing randomly at the dance floor. While Stiles and Lydia where at the bar scanning around, and Derek nowhere in sight. You quickly came back to life when you felt his bulge right at your core making you silently moan. You saw him smirk leaning down to kiss your lips.

“Wanna go find a room?” He asked, while your breathing was slowly becoming normal due to the lack of oxygen. You quickly nodded, taking his hand finding an empty room at the back of the bar.

He roughly pushed you on the bed, making you silently gasp. He hovered over you slowly kissing your neck. Once he started to unzip you dress. You saw him roughly being pushed back. You quickly got up from the bed, and looked up at Derek, you furrowed your eyebrows but quickly anger took over you seeing he had ruined the fun you were about to have.

“What the actual fuck Derek!?” You yelled furiously, he ignored you walking up to the guy, and picked him up by the collar of his shirt.

“Never, ever get near her!” He said angrily, you saw him trying to keep himself calm from wolfing. You were about to yell at him once more, but he quickly beat you to it, seeing him throw the green-eye boy out of the room, slamming the door furiously, he turned back at you with his eyes glowing bright red.

“What the hell is wrong with you!” He yelled at you, looking as if he was about to rip someones throat out.

“What the hell is wrong with me? What the hell is wrong with you! You literally ruined my chances of having fun!” You screamed angrily. You saw him raise his eyebrows.

“Fun? What kind of fun?”

“Nothing now.” You sighed, walking past him to the get out of the room, you suddenly felt him tug you back and slamming you to the bed. You widened your eyes slightly.

“Y/N what type of fun?” He said lowly, you felt his hot breath right at your neck, making you shudder.

“I don’t know why you do this to me, seeing you with a guy that’s not me.” He said brushing his lips against yours. “drives me crazy.” He finished before smashing lips towards yours. Kissing him back, savoring the taste of his lips mixed with alcohol but yet slightly minty. You moaned against him, you felt his hands roam around your body pulling you closer to his if possible.

He let go of your lips, making you almost whine out loud missing his touch, but that vanished when you felt his lips brush at your neck. You moaned again, lifting your his to his bulge. You felt him groan at your neck but you still felt him nipping at your neck, making sure to leave as many marks as he can. His hands slid at the back of your dress where the zipper was at, he pulled back looking into your eyes as if asking for permission. You nodded slightly making him grin back at you. You felt his hands pull down the zipper of your dress.

Once the dress was gone from your body you felt his lips roam around every piece of body he haven’t touched. When he reached down your panties, he slowly slid it out, throwing it out of the way.

“You’re so fucking beautiful.” He murmured, before attaching his lips to your core, you moaned out load, you felt his tongue swivel inside of you. You bucked your hips closer to his mouth. He kept eating you out, making you reach down to his hair slightly tugging at it. He groaned at your core making your stomach erupt with pleasure before letting go.

In one swift motion both of your clothes were off, and he was slowly entering you, you took a deep breath at his long member. Once he was fully in, he started to buck his hips meeting yours. You moaned his name slightly.


He grunted going faster, you felt yourself close to your climax, seeing him slowly getting sloppier, both of you came at the same time. Feeling the hot liquid flowing inside of you both.

He slowly pulled out of you, saying your name one more time. You felt him lay right beside you, hugging you close to his side.

“That’s definitely not going to be the last time.” He said kissing your neck.


I am a jealous person.

But not in the way you would think. I am jealous of the sheets on your bed that entangle themselves with you each night; the glass that feels the kiss of your lips in the morning; the morning light that illuminates your face, making it glow; the doorknob that feels the grasp of your hand every time you enter a room. I envy the walls that resonate the sound of your voice; the seat that feels the warmth of your body; the brush that runs itself through the locks of your hair; the air you breathe that gives you life. I am jealous of the things that experience what I cannot with you. That should be me wrapped up in your arms at night, kissing you in the morning, holding your hand until the break of dawn. I wish to hear your loving whispers and earnest laughs, feeling the heat of your proximity to mine as I comb my fingers through your tussled hair. I hope to be what breathes life into you, giving you a reason to see the beginning and end of each day.

So yes, I am a jealous person.

—  But not in the way you would think.

anonymous asked:

Please, tell me Killian's hair won't be like Colin's in these IG pictures, this kind of curl on the top of his head. I hope he will have is normal hairstyle for the wedding.

No that’s his wedding hair. It totally makes sense that they’d make him look like a bafoon for his biggest episode ever as a romantic leading man.

Obviously not. I think we saw a glimpse into how they give his hair that fabulously tussled, artless Zhoosh!!