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2014 Hair Trend: The Bob [Short, Shorter & Shortest]

Featured above are a few of the recent celebrity bob hairstyles that I am currently obsessing over. Some are more recent than others, but all look amazing. Emma Roberts and Beyoncé went short in 2014 with asymmetrical bob cuts, while Ciara and Kat Graham chopped it all off with super-short bobs. Either way, this short of a haircut is difficult to pull off but frames certain faces in a way that is very flattering.

Some of these celebs have grown out their short hair today, or have added extensions for length, but I personally prefer their hair styled short. For instance, Julianne Hough works a bob better than most. Why hide behind massively long hair extensions when you can show off your facial features with a cute cut like Ashley Benson’s? 

I cut my long hair short in January, but it grew rapidly and is at chest level now- blame it on the cut for making my hair so healthy! I was scared to lose my length because my hair tends to get curlier (frizzier) when it’s short, but with Boston’s cold air my hair has taken to the cut in a great way. I’ll definitely be going shorter again soon, once I can save the money for a cut (gotta have the right stylist for curly/wavy hair). Look to celebs like Ashley Benson and Beyoncé for curly bob inspiration. I see this cut trending even more in 2014 than it did in 2013.  

Long hair is the best! 

Want your hair long without waiting? Try extensions!