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Cress portrait practice, she’s adorable ♥


Sintiklia - Hair Safire @TLC by Sintiklia
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My new hair realese for The Laison Collaborative:) Hair has styler with 4 variants and 2 attachable bangs in each pack. 3 breast sizes. I also decided to add tint color picker as separate add on(150L). GO Head - CATWA - Catya Skin - PUMEC - TCF4 gacha Rare - February tone Choker - CHAIN - Space necklace Dress - Blueberry - Piki

I wasn’t sure what to draw for my birthday, December 4th, so I just drew the book characters that were the most fun to draw this year: Iko, Wylan Van Eck, Lady Fire, Ululenia, Penny Bunce, and Briar Moss.

Iko is gossiping with Wylan.

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You're one of those artists who inspires my reading list :) like, Ill be scrolling down my dash and I'll see one of your drawings and I just go 'well, time to get into that fandom so I understand the context of that gem' hehe, man you're awesome! I bought one of your pieces with cinder and Kai as a phone case and I absolutely love it, I hope you have a great day!

That’s so great!! Here have a quickly drawn Kai because it really cheered me up for some reason:


I need answers; I’m going to clarify too that I have only read the first three books and this is an actual question because I’m curious and I feel like it hasn’t been addressed yet in the series but..

 is Cinder actually Asian?

Because she is Lunar..until she went to France for surgery..THEN she was adopted by an Asian family..

I’m not dismissing anyone’s opinion if they do think she is Asian, I just want an explanation as to why you do or do not think so ?


B O O K S : The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

“You can help me pick out a tiara when we’re done saving the world.”

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Jason comforting a crying Dickie???

I’m comfortably ahead on schoolwork so I’m tackling my inbox. Thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoy!

Jason hadn’t wanted to come to the cave, he actively avoided the cave and the manor and their inhabitants on a daily basis. His motorcycle had other plans though, ones that really made him mad because there was no way he could avoid the cave once it started making that weird clicking sound that meant a breakdown was imminent. So Jason devised a plan that would result in the least amount of human interaction as possible, showing up at 2pm on a Tuesday. 

He’d gotten the mutinous motorcycle there and was just pulling the toolbox over when he heard the tell-tale sounds of fists against a practice dummy. Jason froze, trying to judge if the cave’s other occupant was far enough away that they wouldn’t overhear his work. Jason was considering the cave’s acoustics when the punching stopped and was replaced by quiet sobs. 

He bit his lip, he knew that voice and if Dick was upset Jason didn’t want to just leave his brother hanging; even if it meant risking dealing with the rest of the family and Bruce. Setting the wrench he’d been toying with back in its place he walked over to the practice area on the other side of the giant dinosaur. Dick laid flat on his back on the mats, an arm flung across his eyes and chest heaving with barely restrained cries. 

Jason crossed his ankles and lowered himself onto the mat next to his older brother. Reaching out a scar-covered hand he gently patted Dick’s shoulder. The older man startled and shot the arm that had been covering his face towards Jason’s nose. Jason just managed to block it as Dick stopped himself.

“Jay?” he croaked. “What- What’re you doing here?”

Jason shrugged and awkwardly ran a hand through his hair. “Bike needed some tlc and I, uh, heard you…” He trailed off and refused to meet Dick’s eyes. Dick swallowed and sat up, nodding. “So… do you- d’you wanna talk about it?” Jason asked, ducking his head. The tension and mutual embarrassment was so heavy it felt like Dick’s pet elephant Zitka was sitting on them. 

Dick scratched at his nose and spoke into his hand. “Um, if you’re offering I’d… yeah I’d appreciate it.”

Jason nodded. He and Dick never really bothered to truly bond when he was Robin and had only recently started rekindling the beginnings of that brotherhood since he was no longer listed in the Batcomputer as a villain. “So what’s up?” Jason asked, nerves creeping into his voice.

Dick barked a short laugh and shook his head. “Sorry, it’s just, I dunno, you sound so… I dunno, like we just ran into each other at the coffee shop or something.” Dick gave him a watery smile and Jason couldn’t help but return it.

“I’m sorry? How do you want to start this conversation?” Jason knew that his voice had just a tad too much sarcastic bite in it but he always got defensive around Dick.

“No, it’s fine. You’re fine. I’m just not myself.” Dick said. “It’s- Today would’ve been my parents thirtieth wedding anniversary.” 

“Wow,” Jason blinked. “That’s pretty impressive.”

“Yeah,” Dick shrugged and smiled at his feet. “They got married pretty young and had me pretty soon after that. But they really did love each other. And I miss them everyday but days like today more so than normal. I, uh, even took off of work for the day cause I knew something like this might happen. I was going to hideout at the Tower but Wally, Roy, and Gar are having some eating competition and I didn’t want to be a burden.”

Jason raised an eyebrow. “I’m not going to get into how messed up that logic is but ok. Do you wanna spar or something?” 

Dick rolled his eyes but smiled. “Yeah actually. Thanks Jay.”

Jason stood and slipped his leather jacket off, flinging it to a far corner of the mat. “Don’t thank me yet, you’re going down Grayson.”

“We’ll see,” Dick responded and Jason could tell he was already in a better mood than he had been a few minutes before.