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It’s no secret, coconut oil for hair has been a true blessing for women wanting to bring their damaged curls back to bouncy life.

Many things can cause your hair to look bad. Straightening your hair too often of even an illness can cause your hair to lose its life and luster. If your hair ever looks dull or starts feeling brittle or straw-like, this new coconut oil and honey hair recipe works wonders and usually only after using it twice, you can have your bouncy curls back and have hair that looks ready for any beauty magazine photo shoot. I recommend this to ANYONE with damaged/fuzzy hair, undefined curls. So many ladies who are new to this hair revitalization method are absolutely AMAZED to see the quick and gorgeous results. 


Coconut Oil & Honey Hair Mask

What You’ll Need:

•3 tbs extra virgin coconut oil

•1.5 tbs honey

•2 egg yolks (optional if you need protein)

•Hair Therapy Wrap or a heated towel. ( I prefer a heated towel)

•A few drops of essential oil for fragrance (optional)


•Melt the coconut oil in the microwave for a few seconds – Don’t cook it, just melt it.

•Pour the coconut oil into a bowl, add the honey, and mix. (You may have to work at it, as the two don’t easily mix.)

• Add the essential oil at this point if you wish. (The mask does not smell bad if you don’t add any fragrance!)

•Apply the (still hot) mixture to your wet hair from ends to roots.

•Put on your Hair Therapy Wrap, alternatively you can warm a towel in the microwave and wrap your hair in it.

•Wait 45 minutes, or for really damaged hair you can leave the treatment in overnight (just wear a shower cap)


One thing to note:

Coconut oil can make tubs and floors very slippery! It will drip, even with a shower cap on, so be careful. Also, if you take a bath while the coconut oil hair mask is absorbing, some of the oil will make its way into the tub, giving your skin a hydrating treatment. Remember, using coconut oil for hair is only one of its MANY uses, besides using it for conditioning and hair growth treatments, using coconut oil for skin and face brings many beauty benefits like soft younger looking skin. But avoid using it on your face if your skin is naturally oily.

Pokemon characters described simply (based off the games)
  • White: angry ponytail and razor shorts who has to be the neutralizing force between Cheren and Bianca; prone to disappearing acts of at least 2+ years at a time
  • Black: generic BW interpretation of Red; follows White around and usually runs into her because he doesn't pay attention
  • Serena: French girl stereotype whose got the ponytail of White but no curl; all treble and no bass in that pony; the nagging mom friend who thinks she sees and knows all
  • Calem: cool boy stereotype who thinks hats are overrated as well as everyone around him; misplaced sense of arrogance and pride
  • Red: the original Pokemon master - should be feared but also questioned for his lack of suitable attire for staying up on Mt. Silver
  • Blue/Green: cocky v-neck asshole suppressing his sexuality under layers of insults towards Red
  • Leaf: shady hat, sweaters on her legs, and generally won't put up with everyone's shit; so done with Green in every way
  • Cheren: salty mom figure; learned his multiplication tables at age 3; has no idea what empathy is most of the time; be the very best like no one ever was
  • Bianca: actual, radiant bundle of sunshine; character development is A+; best friend of the year award; likes to help people; as a result, is attracted to lost causes
  • Lyra: lives to get under Silver's skin; tomboy fashion icon; hides under Lance's cape and causes trouble
  • Silver: angst but as a person; "it's not a phase, mom"; reluctant to admit that he is wrong; just needs a hug honestly
  • Ethan: the likeable kind of cocky; sometimes; "making my way downtown" *trips and falls and rolls down the hill*
  • Dawn: so done with everything; fashion is on point; poster child for selective listening, thanks to Barry; likes nature
  • Barry: GOTTA GO FAST; horseshoe hair; dresses like a prep but does not conduct himself like one; talks 24/7; supportive friend tho
  • Lucas: Professor Rowan's 5 senses in his old age; a lab assistant who got "lucky enough" to get promoted; smarty tardy
  • Shauna: indecisive silliness; kept inside most of her childhood but yearns for love, friendship, romance and basically a shoujo manga life; wants to do all the things
  • Tierno: would rather own a club than be a trainer; gotta party like it's 2012 up in here; always up for a good time; he has literally no other characterization
  • Trevor: pls do not fight; his hair is a protective helmet from bullies; read during recess always
  • Rosa: smiles all the time without even being aware; ditzy but could easily kill a man, probably by accident; trips over air; has a big dumb crush on like five people
  • Nate: just trying to live his life; never asked for any of this, but that weird hairstyle did; team plasma were like moths to a flame; sighing
  • Hugh: eats, sleeps and dreams revenge; best older brother you could ever ask for tho; gotta go fast; hair is a qwillfish; under the impression that those pants were a good choice
  • Lance: gay for Dragonite; wants to be Red; still pretty cool even if he's not; plays dungeons and dragons with the so-called Blackthorn Dragon Taming Clan; wears a cape because why the fuck not
  • Steven: powered by rocks and minerals alone; his name is a pun that he doesn't seem to acknowledge; pretty boy who went to private school; tuxedo mask; too much money; cries at Steven Universe episodes; wants to be a Crystal Gem
  • Cynthia: Too cool for school, but went anyway; every guys dreams girl; too bad she's gay; yeah, you heard me; fashion is on point; rocks that long ass fur-trimmed coat better than any model ever could; so strong omg
  • Iris: kawaii catgirl princess that tames dragons and is capable of mass destruction; protector of Bianca; eater of ice creams; runs a pastel anime blog in spare time
  • Ghetsis: should've died in the war of 1812; too bitter and mean for this world; 10/10 would get written up by child protective services; the deadly sin of wrath as an old, decaying man with green horns for hair
  • Colress: Internet fucking Explorer; morals? what morals; did it for the science; was never meant to escape the lab; idolizes Team Galactic fashion
  • N: green haired trash baby; daddy issues; only talks to his pets; needs therapy; won't pick the twigs out of his hair
  • Lysandre: *Thom Yorke voice* "but I'm a creep..."; throws away entire drawing if he gets one line a little bit wrong; trendsetter; suppressed angst and self-loathing
  • Cyrus: thousand yard stare; *marina diamandis voice* "teach me how to feel...real."; lost all faith in humanity
  • Archie: wants to wrestle Kyogre; don't look at me like that, you know I'm right; has a big gay crush on Maxie; was once a pirate, then decided it was time for a more "streamlined" *cough cough*-- SPANDEX-- approach; major muscle man
  • Maxie: skinny tadpole who hates water and acts like he hates Archie; that is a blatant lie; he's totes gay for that fish man; the only person to actually pay attention in earth science
  • Giovanni: *evil cackling*; closest thing to American gang evil that you can imagine; ???has a son that ???... what even is that relationship; Al Capone of Pokemon (idk who that is really but I think he was a mafia dude or something)

evilduckie227  asked:

Does Will know how to braid Grell's hair? X3

Haha, yes! She taught him how to handle her hair to help him relax after a hard day of work. William always has to braid Grell’s hair when he’s stressed and overworked like some kind of anti-stress therapy. Before bed Grell needs to have her hair braided anyway to avoid split ends and snarls. She tries to avoid sleeping with open hair, so William is her man to do the job. He loves to run his fingers through it, and he is very careful and gentle with the comb or brush. Sometimes it’s a real challenge to smoothen Grell’s long hair. It takes some time but the relaxing session is a win-win situation and worth all the trouble. 

Grell gets her hair braided elaborately and the hairy therapy helps William to relax and calm down. (If he’s not too distracted by her gorgeous scent…because that would lead to another “problem”, hah.)

“In her own words”

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson/Perry (mom’s maiden)

Nickname: Bird, Feather, BB, Kitty Purry, Kittles, Mom.

The most fabulous thing in my closet is: My 90s chanel handbag collection.

And the most embarassing thing in my closet is: My fuzzy mom socks I wear on planes.

The food I couldn’t live without is: Pizza, Truffles, Bfast Burritos, Thin Mints from the Girl Scoats!

Here’s my recipe for getting over a breakup: Work on yo self, no drinks, meditate, work out, go to therapy, hike, be w/friends, family… *Create*

The one hair color I need to try but haven’t yet is: Clear.

The coolest thing in my latest fragrance, Katy Perry Killer Queen, is: Blackthorn.

Because: In the dark ages it was known to have magical powers and was used in spells!

The person I dream about doing a duet with is: I swear one day I’ll actually do the Riri duet.

The best thing about being me is: Sharing all this with the people I love.

A dress for your cake topper is reasonably priced. For you? Different story.

5 Insane and Expensive Things Women Don’t (Admit They) Buy

#4. Wedding Dresses (and Weddings in General)
When the “special day” finally arrives, women aren’t shy to spend a small fortune on a dress they’ll wear only once. According to a recent poll, 80 percent of respondents think Americans spend too much on weddings. Only a measly 12 percent feel that we spend a justifiable amount.
The wedding dress is a huge contributor. On average, women spend $2,000 to $5,000 on this otherwise useless garment, and that number isn’t even taking into account alterations, veil, shoes, hair, makeup, and the therapy you’ll need after dealing with the wedding-planning drama.

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