hair that i wanna eat

-women like her drown oceans

requestJuggie imagine where you act like you hate each other and Archie asks you on a date so you say yes and Juggie gets really jealous and admits how he feels about you and you kiss and stuff pleeeeease ♡♡ 

( i changed it to Reggie who asks her out instead of Archie and I also made them be best friends because I’m horibble and I can’t stick to half of what I’m supposed to ) 

pairing: jughead jones x reader 

a/n: if you’ve sent in a request, don’t worry! I will get around to writing them all and if any of you want to request just jump on into my ask box, it’s always open!! and guys thanks so much for the support, I appreciate it so much

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Connor Brown - Hockey Game

anon request: can you do a Connor Brown one where you watch your twin son’s first hockey game together ?!

up next is a jonathan drouin imagine!!

requests are open:))

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“daddy! daddy! are you coming to my hockey game?” ben my five year old son yelled to my husband of three years. yes connor and i got married after having a kid, well not just one kid. two. just as that thought crossed my mind hunter came running in the room. ben got connors red hair and hunter got my y/h/c hair.

“he better come! i want him to see me play like uncle freddie” hunter said proudly walking around the kitchen. “you wanna know why uncle freddie plays so good?” connor asked walking into the kitchen picking up hunter and resting him on his hip. “why?” both of our sons wondered at the same time. “because he has these before every game” connor said opening one of the dark brown cabinets.

ben made a face at the drinkable apple sauce that connor pulled out but hunter was ready to drink both. “ill take them!” he shouted loudly which caused me to laugh. “well what does uncle willy eat before games?” ben asked as william walked into the house through the garage.

“you don’t wanna be like him do you?” connor made a disgusted face. will stopped in his tracks after a moment realizing what was happening. “wait wha- hey!” william laughed finally getting up to speed and pretending to be offended.

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anonymous asked:

who in houseki no kuni has the best hair

this is an umpossible question…. they’re all great in different ways.i like bort’s hair because it makes their design instantly recognizable. i like diamond’s hair cuz everyone colors it a different way. i like rutile’s hair because it’s like a weird undercut. i like the hair of like a half dozen characters who i haven’t actually reached in the story yet. i like phos’ hair cuz i wanna eat it

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“Well aren’t you a cute little fellow! Nothing like my Bendy... what’s your name? I’m Sugar!” She smiled and giggled a bit, floating around to get a better look at Sappy.

“Wha–ghost?” Sappy stared blankly at the flying lady and tried batting his hand at her hair. “I’m Sappy. Do you taste like sugar? I wanna eat sweets.”

Slippin’ Away

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Slippin’ Away
[Sequel to Go│Flowsik returns home after five years]

♫ ♪ So do we try to make this work or do we part ways
Cuz as much as it hurts, what we have’s worth all the pain flowing through the blood in my veins
And it’s not enough, feel the melody of love through the beat of my heart
We can never be apart, from the lands to the seas, to the stars, wherever you are ♪ 🎶

You moved the tables along the sides of the restaurant so you could mop the floors properly. It was tedious but no one else in the restaurant gave a damn. “Don’t forget to lock up” the chef gave you a little pat on the back before he headed out. “I hope you brought an umbrella” he opened up his seeing the sudden downpour.

“I did~” you chimed happily waving him off. You really didn’t but your place wasn’t too far. So what if you got a little sick, it wasn’t exactly going to put a downer on your social life. You placed your headphones in and mopped the floor.

About half way through you heard the chime of the restaurant door. You turned around and sighed. “We’re closed.” as your eyes met with the stranger standing by the door you dropped the mop in shock. It had to have been about five years since you’d seen those eyes. “Jay…”

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Adrien was so exhausted.

His whole day was a mess. Arguing with his father, two akumas in a row, Chloé being mean to his Princess as always, and also a massive schedule for the day: Fencing, Piano and a summer photoshoot.


So. Fucking. Tired.

After a cold shower, Adrien didn’t even bother to brush his hair. He just dressed up with some random clothes and transformed, jumping from roof to roof ‘till he was at his Princess’s balcony.

When he dropped in her balcony, he knocked three times on the trapdoor. She screamed:

— Chat, I’m a little busy in there! Just get in, Chaton. — she said.

The cat opened it, too tired to say something. He just dropped in her bed, closing his eyes and sleeping silently. When Marinette got out of the bathroom, after drying her hair, she didn’t see her Kitty anywhere.

— Chat? Where are you? Today, mom made a lot of chocolate chip cookies and dad made quiche. I think you would like to eat before sleeping, you know. — the bluenette said.

She didn’t find him anywhere. Indeed, she heard him opening the trapdoor. Maybe, he was in her bed.

She checked, then saw the stray sleeping in her bed, still transformed. Biting her lower lip, she knew it. He was exhausted, and she knew why.

Two akumas. Gabriel being an asshole. Fencing, Piano and a photoshoot. You can’t blame her, she still had his schedule.

Poking him, she started to get impatient. Then, she kissed his nose, waiting for the flirt-monster.

Suddenly, she felt his cheeks heaten up. He woke up jumping back, like a scared cat.

— Good morning, Kitty. How are you feeling? — Marinette said, approaching the cat.

— M… Morning, Princess! — the hero said, laughing awkwardly — Uh… Is it morning already? I’m so tired, My Lady.

Marinette laughed, kissing his cheek and touching his forehead with hers.

— Silly Kitty. I was drying my hair! Wanna eat something? Dad made quiche today.

Chat just yawned, closing his eyes for some seconds and opening again.

— I’m just sooo, so tiiired, My Lady, but i would love to. — Chat said, releasing his transformation a few seconds after that.

— Come on, Agreste. You need to eat something! And then, we could play games, and… — she was cut off by a long groan coming from her partner. Huffing, she just covered him with her fluffy blanket and walked downstairs, to catch some movies, games and food. She knew Adrien very well because of the two years of their partnership, and she knew that he loved her parents’s food. She also knew that he was planning to quit modeling for a long time and probably this is why he argued with his father.

She knew when that happened. He would always come to her trapdoor, knock three times and fall asleep in her bed. And she would always give him food, play games with him and cuddles.

Lots of cuddles.

And sweetness between the two of them.

When she got upstairs again, she just turned the computer on and put everything on her table, walking in her Kitty’s direction with a smirk.

Kissing his neck, she watched as he turned into a red mess, moaning to her. And she always liked that.

— Wake up, My Kitty. Eat something, then, we can sleep. I promise. And tomorrow, we can watch some movies. Just call Nathalie later, okay?

They ate everything together(mostly Adrien), then, got to bed. With legs tangled and lots of kisses, they were relaxing. Marinette was teasing her boyfriend so much. Leaving hickeys on his neck, kissing him with passion, sharing caresses…

But he was almost too tired to it.

At morning, Adrien was still undressed and asleep, embracing Marinette and moaning random things. He always did that.

When Marinette got up, she had do get out of his arms, giving a peck on his lips before she dressed up and got downstairs, making some hot chocolate — she knew he liked it — and getting some croissants from the fridge. Then, she got up and started tickling him till he woke up. He smiled, smelling the food.

— I’m so lucky to have a baker’s daughter as girlfriend. — he grinned, slightly opening his eyes before yawning — Good morning, M'Lady.

— Don’t forget I’m a hero. — she said, smiling — And you, Mr. Black Cat, has got tons of fangirls all around France.

— You’ve got fanboys.

— Well, I guess we’re even.

Adrien got up, using some pink pajamas pants.

— Yes, My Lady. We are even. — he said, embracing her and giving a peck on her cheek.

— I love you, Minou.

— I love you too, Princess.

sjokohama  asked:

How would you fuck the Star Wars: The Force Awakens main characters?

You’re my kind of kinky fuck up. It’s weird, but I kinda like NSFW questions like these.

Rey: I don’t know if she ever had sex before, so I would assume she might be a virgin with her sweet 19. I would make love to her, trying to find out what she likes, what I like. So, lots of lovemaking and sweet, innocent kisses, before we would take the next step and try out the more ‘advanced positions’. What I’d like to try out with Rey is facesitting and/or the 69 position.

Finn: If he’s a virgin, I would totally go soft on him with careful caressing and kisses to not make him uncomfortable. I would make him enjoy sex and oral sex. And if he’s not a virgin, holly molly, I would make him beg for sex, make him scream and moan under me.

Poe: Poe is probably an expert and I would let him be the dominant part in our sex life. I would let him teach me. We would do pretty much everything, especially oral sex. It’s passionate and there is so much love making, but Poe can be rough, too. He would fuck me to the outer rim and back, making me scream until someone would calls the space police because they’d think someone got murdered. BUT I still wanna be on top of him as much as I can. I’d really like to see his face twist in pleasure.  

Kylo Ren: Honestly, I would let him take me from behind. Rough or cuddle-sex, I don’t care, as long as he’s dominant. Oh, and many quickies and passionate, deep kissing. Also, experimenting much (Positions, hard or soft, toys, bdsm and whatever). I would make him wear his helmet and gloves when he fucks me. 

General Hux: No lie. I would ogle his fire crotch before taking action. I freaking love gingers, so he’d get a special treatment and many, many bj’s. But beside that, I’d like us both to be dominant and submissive. I want to sit on his face, riding him hard and I want him to wrap his gloved hand around my neck while fucking me raw. 

(Captain Phasma: Sweet, sweet Phasma and her beautiful short blond hair. I’d love to pull her short hair (if possible) while she’s eating me out. I wanna tie her up and sit on her face, or scissoring her with a double dildo. But at the same time I want her to grab my short hair and pull it back, while she fucks me with a strap-on from behind.)

(Han Solo: I would never steal my Queen’s man.

Sometimes I get tired of life. I wake up in the morning and I’m  too lazy to put some makeup on, too lazy to dress up so I look my best. I only wanna stay in bed, have messy hair, eat chocolates, watch romantic movies and cry over love.