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Another Recolor Dump pt. 2

Buenos días :3 Heres another recolor dump of some of my fav hairs atm :D

Download - Simfileshare


Me: I have no ideas for content

Me at the same time: starts like 5 new things and gets halfway through, then a pack gets released and I drop them all and work on new stuff

Anyways this bun was HUGE when I started, and I shrunk it down as much as I could so it could kept a gaping hole covered. I might shrink it more, who knows. This won’t be hat compatible sadly, I had to use the hat texture space for some of the long texture stands since the bun from Bowling Stuff literally stops every inch and I couldn’t fit some of the UVs on it. I am thinking of making a version 1 and 2. With version 2 having a ponytail instead. Thoughts?

If you wanna see it without the GIF and in slightly better quality, click below

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anonymous asked:

how did you get the hair recolor swatches to stay on your toddlers? every time i click out of cas the swatch goes back to a default color.

Hey nonny, there is a little trick to it, but here it is in 4 easy steps! This works for toddlers and children!

@lexiconluthor‘s Girl Next Door Bun - in pastrybox’s Saccharines

A simple recolour of one of my favourite maxis-match hairs!

  • 16 swatches (palette here)
  • Custom thumbnail for easy access
  • You NEED the mesh here
  • YA above
  • Pretty sure it’s BG compatible!

Download: SIMFILESHARE! :3

Please let me know if you run into any problems when using my cc <3 Thank you!

Justice For Cheese Hair!

If you saw my last post, here’s the challenge I talked about!

You know that super ugly yellowy, gross, unused blonde color in The Sims 4? Well, it’s time to show it some love! 

We all know that Babs L’Amour can rock it (that’s the nice way to put it…), but can your Sims?

                                                  The Challenge!

-You must make a Sim that looks good with the ‘cheese hair’ (the swatch situated between the honey blonde and bleachy blonde color in CAS)

-All types of CC works, but maxis match works best! If you do use alpha cc, make sure that the ORIGINAL 18 swatches of EA hair are included in it! 

-You can use nocc as well! 

-You must use the original cheese hair swatch (As that’s the point of the challenge silly!) If you have recolors that make it less, er, cheesy, don’t use them! 

-You can tag however many people you want for this! (Or none at all if you want!) And you don’t even have to be tagged to do this! You can just do it for fun <3

-When doing this, link back to this post to spread it around! I wanna see your cheesy Sims!

-Tag me (wackysimmer) so I can see! (Or use JusticeForCheeseHair!)

-You can put your slices of cheesy Sims up for download as well to give others the power of cheese!

(Send me an ask if anything doesn’t make sense! I’m not good at writing challenges as this is my first one!)

Now, time for me to tag some people!

(Ps: This is somewhat of a joke, if you really truly enjoy cheese hair, I won’t mind! Just don’t do this challenge! I for one hate cheese hair, thus why I made this!)

I tag: @cartersims @blushingpxels @undertalesimmer @lolitaplum @lunarplumbob @lilsimsie @alwaysimming @sim-pi @dewdropsimsie @thesimlove @fantayziamaxismatch

May the cheese hair be forever in your favor! <3

So Here You Go! Uekiya Engeika Set! And This is a Promotion To Check My YouTube Channel! <3 Plz Subscribe! Help Me Reach 100 Subs!



  • Hair (No Swatches)
  • Flowers
  • Gloves

Uekiya Engeika Set

Enjoy <3


Justice for Cheese Hair Tag, created by @wackysimmer

I was tagged by @geek-trait (thanks sweetie!)

To be honest, I always hated this hair color, and whenever I download a cc clay hair, I remove this swatch on s4studio before I put it in my mods folder. So, this is why I used on my pics a hairstyle from a game pack and not a cc one.

I refer to it as pee yellow actually ( @bowl-of-plumbobs, fight me bb!!!!)

So….If you strongly dislike this hair color like me, if you love this color, or if you just wanna give it justice, consider yourself tagged! I dare you to embrace it :D


Hanna Spencer - Justice for cheese hair!

So @wackysimmer came up with a cool challenge to make cute cheese hair simmies! Nobody really uses this color but it can be really pretty! :D I was tagged by @freezer-bunnyy, @comfysim and @foxbie (thank you! ❤) The rules can be found here.

I tag @dummysimmer, @simprising, @pxelmango, @shysimblr, @our-dazed-sims, @laenyrie, @sugarinesssims, @purplesimmer455, @forgottondawn, @koffeecake @purrsephonesims and honestly anyone who wants to do this! Feel free to skip the tag if you don’t feel like it because it can be a lot of work haha ❤

~~ CC list below! ~~

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anonymous asked:

re: hair swatches - would you please consider making a true light brown swatch? i always find the ea swatch to be quite orangey. i don't want to deal with tumblrs' link shit but the first kind of cool toned pictures if you google "light brown hair". thank you xx

this is the most cool toned swatch i have! hopefully it’s close to what you’re after :’-(