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Blogsimplesimmer Aloy Hairs - Recoloured

  • Comes in 16 swatches of the Saccharine Palette by @pastry-box
  • Requires Mesh by @blogsimplesimmer get it here
  • Standalone recolour with custom thumbnail
  • There are 2 versions no braids and with braids I have recoloured both!

Download: Braids | No Braids [simfileshare]

Enjoy! <3 5k followers gift pt 2


1.5 Followers Gift - 4 recolored hairs

Once again I just want to say thank you! So, as a gift, I decided to recolor some of my favorite hairs :3.

  • 16 swatches in my kinda “modified” @pastry-box‘s saccharine palette
  • Standalone // Custom Thumbnail
  • You’ll need the meshes: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4
  • don’t steal and all that stuff and tag or @me if you use it
  • Credits: @lehgaming, @simduction and @megansimmer12

Download - Simfileshare


Me: I have no ideas for content

Me at the same time: starts like 5 new things and gets halfway through, then a pack gets released and I drop them all and work on new stuff

Anyways this bun was HUGE when I started, and I shrunk it down as much as I could so it could kept a gaping hole covered. I might shrink it more, who knows. This won’t be hat compatible sadly, I had to use the hat texture space for some of the long texture stands since the bun from Bowling Stuff literally stops every inch and I couldn’t fit some of the UVs on it. I am thinking of making a version 1 and 2. With version 2 having a ponytail instead. Thoughts?

If you wanna see it without the GIF and in slightly better quality, click below

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Sociable Celery//A recolour

the bad ombres are baack

  • don’t ask anout the name idk either
  • i’ve been pumping out content like mAd
  • it’s weird
  • requires this mesh by @ivo-sims :^)
  • 16 swatches
  • custom thumbnail (i think?)
  • tag me if you use this !!


@lexiconluthor‘s Girl Next Door Bun - in pastrybox’s Saccharines

A simple recolour of one of my favourite maxis-match hairs!

  • 16 swatches (palette here)
  • Custom thumbnail for easy access
  • You NEED the mesh here
  • YA above
  • Pretty sure it’s BG compatible!

Download: SIMFILESHARE! :3

Please let me know if you run into any problems when using my cc <3 Thank you!

anonymous asked:

how did you get the hair recolor swatches to stay on your toddlers? every time i click out of cas the swatch goes back to a default color.

Hey nonny, there is a little trick to it, but here it is in 4 easy steps! This works for toddlers and children!

Edit: You can also use this process with sleepwear and it usually sticks on all outfits.

snackplanetsims  asked:

Hi Sandwich! I have a recolors question regarding kids/toddlers hair. I've been playing the NSB challenge and when I try to change the hair colors as toddlers or kids, the recolors of the hairs don't seem to stick? Like the game automatically changes it back to EA defaults. I'm not sure what's going on but I hope you might be able to help! Thank you so much, and I really want you to know that you're one of my favorite creators!

Hi! Unfortunately that’s a known bug that’s existed since the release of the game, it’s not any CC in particular that does it but rather all CC and for some people (like myself) it even happens without any CC installed. So far there’s been no fix from EA because they claim it’s a CC issue and they don’t offer support for that and no modders have come up with a way to actually fix it permanently.

There are a few “workarounds” (they don’t fix the problem permanently) but I’ve found the best way to deal with it so far is to create a single recolour of the hair in the colour I want to use for my toddler/child, because if the hair only has one swatch the game can’t change it on you!

Hope that helps somewhat =D


Justice for Cheese Hair Tag, created by @wackysimmer

I was tagged by @geek-trait (thanks sweetie!)

To be honest, I always hated this hair color, and whenever I download a cc clay hair, I remove this swatch on s4studio before I put it in my mods folder. So, this is why I used on my pics a hairstyle from a game pack and not a cc one.

I refer to it as pee yellow actually ( @bowl-of-plumbobs, fight me bb!!!!)

So….If you strongly dislike this hair color like me, if you love this color, or if you just wanna give it justice, consider yourself tagged! I dare you to embrace it :D


Hanna Spencer - Justice for cheese hair!

So @wackysimmer came up with a cool challenge to make cute cheese hair simmies! Nobody really uses this color but it can be really pretty! :D I was tagged by @freezer-bunnyy, @comfysim and @foxbie (thank you! ❤) The rules can be found here.

I tag @dummysimmer, @simprising, @pxelmango, @shysimblr, @our-dazed-sims, @laenyrie, @sugarinesssims, @purplesimmer455, @forgottondawn, @koffeecake @purrsephonesims and honestly anyone who wants to do this! Feel free to skip the tag if you don’t feel like it because it can be a lot of work haha ❤

~~ CC list below! ~~

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Dressed To The Nines

Based on this imagine from imaginexhobbit.

Characters: Bilbo, Dwarrow!Reader, Fili, Kili
Location: Erebor, post BOTFA
Warnings: A big ol’ bowl of fluff.
Word Count: 1427

A random Bilbo fic appears! I think I set a personal speed record writing this one. It just kind of happened. *shrugs*

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