hair stylist

When is Pledis going to understand that Wonwoo’s predebut hair slays all hairstyles he’s had after debuting?

Wonwoo for hair stylist (At least his own)

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A fact about me, I color my own hair. No one touches my hair unless I trust them. But my exploration in hair color has always been an experiment to me. I switch things up once in a while.

P.S. Natural lighting and no edit.
Also I am no professional nor a hair stylist.

like, read this shit

I’m sick and tired of seeing all these posts about how a hairstylist has fucked up.  It totally happens, and I get that.  But really.

SHOW them how much is a “trim” to you.  Most stylists consider that to be an inch or two.

TELL them what kind of hair style you want, and then SHOW them a picture.  “Pixie cut” is WAYYYYYYY too broad.  Narrow that shit down.

When you say a couple “inches” is that a literal couple, couple meaning 2?

Invest time in figuring out a color level, not just saying “blonde, red, black, brown.”  There’s literally a plethora of those colors.  Look at a level chart.  “I’d like a 4 RB.”  That’s a dark red/brown.  That leaves less room for miscommunication and the color turning out differently than you want it.

If something is wrong JUST TELL US.  We’re humans.  We do things wrong too, but for fucks sake, if you don’t like something, tell us.  Often times we can fix or correct something, but we can’t do jack shit if you don’t tell us anything!

This became really personal, sorry.

So when I was in hair school, ‘cuz I’m a guy, whenever a creepy dude came in just to see pretty young girls (Which was often) they’d send them to me. They were always homophobic and I would turn the gay WAY up to see them squirm.

Extended scalp massage, sir?

Wow you seem tense.

You must work a really physical job, I can tell.

Your eyes are so blue!