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Hyperactive Buttercup…

I guess Layla is looking forward to today, she went to bed early just to wake up and be excited to meet my goddaughter Luna ( @helloitskeetz ) She got her iPad and said she was gonna introduce Lulu to Looney Tunes (Her new favorite, she love Bugs Bunny!) I’ll probably take them to the park then to get some ice cream, then home. I got so much to do including stocking my bar my head is gonna spin.

Anywho, Good Morning Loves! 💋

mj: records spinning, blowing dandelion fluff, white puffy cloudy skies, old films, homemade family films, loud concerts, pastel pink and blue balloons, hugging square pillows, humming, hurting cheeks from laughter, sweater paws, yellow daisies, golden lanterns

jinjin: the sprawling city at night, backs pressed against each other, kisses near the eyes, iced coffee, papers haphazardly placed everywhere in the room, blonde streak, lacing mint colored high tops, yellow notepads, backpacks slung over one shoulder, the familiar smell of home, tripping over nothing, colored pencils, black markers

eunwoo: moonlight filtering through blinds, soft breathing, twiddling fingers, rain against the window, pink flower crowns, swinging intertwined hands, summer nights, blueberry and lemon poppy seed ice cream, tip toeing, sneaking out at 4 in the morning, soft piano pieces, skinny jeans and loose t-shirt, nutella from the jar

moonbin: glasses, fuzzy neon socks, scrap paper cranes, back hugs, the warm feeling of a cafe, large colorful intricate murals, airplanes, hip bumps, midnight strolls, pictures plastered on the wall, running a hand through hair, a shelf packed with books, attempting to hang a large banner on the wall

rocky: throwing fall leaves, headphones, squeezing a hand, brown hair, slow dancing in the dark, a white blanket wrapped around shoulders, festival booths, rhythmic beats, macaroni and cheese, large supportive posters, blue walls, brown roofs, maroon sweaters 

sanha: freckles, obnoxiously loud laughs, mindless guitar strumming, mason jars filled with trinkets, knowing glances, sparklers, sunflowers, portable phone chargers, french fries, flicks to the forehead, rare but warm hugs, fruity chapstick, quickly scribbled notes

Teen Wolf | Kidnapped

// The one where Y/N gets kidnapped//

Y/N stood impatiently, her foot tapping vigorously on the moist pavement. Her clothes sticking to her body while she watched her body rummage through the aisle. His hand reaching for the back of neck giving it a good scratch before grasping a snack. She let out aggressive huff while she kicked the car’s door. She stomped into the cool gas station, she stopped for a moment her body taking in the air conditioning.

She pouted slightly when she caught sight of her indecisive boyfriend, his hand flickering the two snacks while he had four already in his hand. “I wanna go home” she whined, her body pressing against Derek’s back. He let out a soft chuckle before returning his attention to snacks. “Baby please, it’s hotter than a whore in hell!”

“Baby I’m just having a tough time picking the snack, just give me a minute” he let out, annoyance laced in his tone, with a loud huff she knocked her shoulder into his back. He let out a low growl, his eyes flashing blue towards her.

Y/N was look considerable young dispute being two years older than Derek and her behavior did not help with viewing her as a mature adult. Y/N continually begged to be taken home, her hand grasping on his while tanking against his. Capturing the attention of a bystander, her eyes watching the pair. She flinched greatly when Derek grabbed her back of her neck bringing her close to his face, she couldn’t see the visible smirk that rested on her face which was hidden behind her hair and partially the shelf. She didn’t hear the words that came tumbling out of Derek’s mouth.

“You’ve been a bad girl today” his face hard but his tone playful, Y/N tugged on her bottom lip while her hand traveled to his waist, pulling them closer. The only word that the woman was able to hear was “Punishment”, which was the finally straw for her. Quickly pushed her children down the aisle to be hidden from the man, she dialed 9-1-1.

“This man kidnapped this child, they are the in the store and I don’t know how long they gonna be here” she whispered, much to the woman’s luck and to Derek’s dismay there was a police car stationed down the road. They busted through the doors capturing Derek’s and Y/N’s attention, she stepped back slightly scrunching her face in confusion while she study the police.

Before any words were spoken, Derek was pushed against the ground, while Y/N was dragged back, two rough arms wrapped around her. “Are you alright he didn’t touch you did he?” She watched the man in shook, the only thing she could do was shake her head. Noticing the woman behind her she must’ve notice the aggressive behavior presented. With a slight gasp she was being pulled out the gas station, the words were gargling and she couldn’t comprehend anything

Derek sat cuffed and starving, they didn’t offer him a drink or any type of refreshment. Derek also needed to piss but they wouldn’t let him. He was contemplating breaking out of the cheap cuffs they locked him. The man would throw insults at him, calling him a pervert and a criminal. He didn’t understand any of it, but would occasionally growl at the men that would pass by.

“He didn’t kidnap me, he’s my boyfriend” Y/N let out for the millionth time, the woman gently pressed her hand against her shoulder. A sympathetic look falling over face. “I don’t have Stockholm Syndrome, he’s really my boyfriend and the lady was just mistaken!”

“The woman mention, punishment and aggressive behavior” the woman stated, Y/N let out a soft moan, her face burning with embarrassment while she watched the men realizing the predicament she was in. Their smirks pressed against their face while they chuckled lightly.

“I think we’re done her Detective Reed, it’s alright. I think she’s.. telling the truth” he chuckled, she groaned loudly pressing her hands against her head, listening to the loud laughter of the police force.

“Don’t ever! Ever! Ask me to go to the beach with you! I swear I do one nice thing and I get arrested for kidnapping you! You, of all people! God I love you so much but I swear, the weirdest stuff happens when I am with you! Never again Y/N never again!” He ranted while driving us down the road

That Connection [6/6]

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Tech!Reader

Warning: Swearing, angst (come on guys it wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t a little drama in this) and umm sassy, witty, playful banter.

A/N: This is a spin off of Criminal Minds Penelope x Morgan relationship, only they end up together at the end. haha. There will be a sequel to this!! If you want to be tagged just let me know!!

You being the tech analysis for the Avengers, you’re at their call 24/7 specially when they take off on missions. You have a great relationship with the whole team, but the playful, witty banter you have with Steve is next level, your his favorite girl and he’s your blue eyed god. Little does he realize you’re harboring a deep, brooding love for him, now if only he returned the same feelings.

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“Stupid techs.” You grumble as you give a pull on the shelf, checking to see if it was sturdy. Before you lift one foot putting it on the shelf, pulling yourself up. Grumbling to yourself as you brush back your loose wavy hair, still climbing the shelf, eyeing the box on the top shelf.

“What are you doing?!” The voice startles you, your daisy printed heel gets stuck in the small holes on the metal shelf you struggle to get free of its hold your foot pops out as your other heeled foot slips from under you.

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chariot and croix in the hair product aisle at tesco at 11:55PM, chariot picking out different brands of hair spray from the shelf and showing them to croix like “this one?  this one?” croix looks like an unkempt dog and has tears quietly streaming down her face and shakes her head, hiccuping back a sob every time chariot shows her a different bottle.  the clerk at cash is getting anxious b/c they’re closing soon but is too scared to tell them to leave b/c he’s intimidated by the bdsm gear and the sporadic whimpers of anguish coming from the purple one and the redhead looks like she cld beat him up

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Superhero, hyung, romantic Jungkook and nerdy, innocent, and sweet high school student Jimin? With smut, please. They meet in the library when Jimin couldn't reach a book. Thank you 😘😍😚

+ Jungkook wipes his chin as he stuff his mask into his backpack.

+ Honestly, this supper hero thing kinda sucks when he needs to be at school at 7am.

+ Jungkook groans rubbing his thighs before walking in. Well at least its his senior year.

+ Jungkook barely makes it to class and sits in the back by the door so he can leave quickly if he gets called to fight crime.

+ “Remember to turn in your essay by this Friday!” Jungkook hears the teacher say and the hero curses.

+ So after class Jungkook uses his free period to go to the library to write his essay.

+ It’s quite for the most point and empty. Jungkook drops his backpack at a table before making his way towards the history section.

+ “c'mon…” Jungkook hears a strain voice and pauses. He hears a struggling whimper and makes his way to the biology section.

+ Jungkook looks down the aisle and feels his stomach drop.

+ The male has a pout as he tries to reach a book on the high shelf. His hair was fluffy and soft. Jungkook felt a coo bubbling in his throat.

+ “Here.” Jungkook says grabbing the book and Jimin jumps turning to face Jungkook who was beside him. Jimin blushes softly and Jungkook could feel a squel coming up. Jimin smiles taking the book. “Thank you sunbaenim.”

+ Jimin bows before leaving with flush cheeks. Jungkook coos as he slowly follows him out of the aisle. Jungkook sees Jimin run to a table and watches him sit down. Using his super vision Jungkook narrows onto the notebook Jimin picks up “Park Jimin.” Jungkook whispers with a smile, “cute.”

+ Jungkook goes to the history section and finds the book he needs to do his essay. During his hour he notices Jimin look his way a few times and smiles at how cute he is.

+ The next day Jungkook was in class when there was a explosion on the other side of the school. Jungkook shot up with the rest of the class but dips out before anyone else.

+ Jungkook sees students and teachers running away but Jungkook runs forward. One girl was pulling another one but the girl kept telling “wait! Jimin is in there!”

+ Jungkook slips on his mask and his suit appears (like a magic girl transformation) and sees the part of the building that’s exploded. He heard the laughter of rapmonster, his enemy, and the sound of desk breaking.

+ Jungkook flys in and gasps. Rapmonster has Jimin by his arm and Jimin looks terrified. RapMon throws another desk and Jungkook growls.

+ “Let him go RapMon!” Jungkook says flying towards rapmonster. Rapmonster smirks as he flys out the hole he made earlier and takes Jimin with him. “Make me hero!”

+ Jimin is sniffling as he stares at Jungkook with pleading eyes. Jungkook frowns as he flys after him. Jungkook picks up speed and is faster then RapMon can react. Jungkook rips Jimin of his grasp before kicking RapMon across the field.

+ “Are you ok?” Jungkook asks as Jimin clings to him. Jimin sniffs as he looks at Jungkook. They stare at each other for a moment before Jimin smiles “Yeah, thank you sunbae.”

+ Jungkook looks at him in shock before he moves out of a way of Rapmonsters laser. RapMon curses then fades. He got away but Jungkook is still hung on how Jimin seem to recognize him.

+ The next day Jungkook sees Jimin in the library again and goes to sit in front of him. Jimin just smiles shyly at him while Jungkook runs the back of his neck.

+ “I didn’t tell anyone I promise.” “Uh thanks…” “no, thank you for saving me yesterday.” Jimin smiles as he pulls a cupcake from his bag and hands it over to Jungkook “I know it isn’t much but I wanted to give you something in return.” Jungkook whimpers at the yummy desert before taking it. Jimin giggles as Jungkook eats it like a animal.

+ Jimin and Jungkook meet in the library everyday after that flirting and giggling before eventually they start dating.

+ “Jungkook Hyung.” “Hm?” “Can I ask you something embarssing?” “What is it?”

+ Jimin blushes as he plays with Jungkook’s fingers

+ “you know how you can fly…” “yeah?” “Um…i…was…thinking…” Jimin blushes as looks down “Can we do it in the sky?”

+ Jungkook stares at Jimin before picking up the younger boy. Jimin yelps but Jungkook is already carrying them away.

+ That night someone thought a bird shit on them but it was Jimin cum.

Family doesn’t end in blood, they said.

There was a boy, a prophet, with dreams of college and a normal life. His body may lifeless on the bunker floor, eyes burnt out.

There was a girl with red hair and a shelf full of collectibles. Dean called her the little sister he never had. Gutted in the bathtub, taken long before her time.

There was an angel in a dirty trench coat. Always happy to be bleed for the Winchesters. He did, many times. Never asking for anything in return.

That’s the problem when your family is the Winchesters, family always ends in blood.

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Hi again (´• ω •`)ノ. So if you like Dake, maybe you have some headcanons? I would love to hear them out, your posts are amazing ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡

Aaand hi again honey ! I’m so happy you asked me that, honestly. I was waiting for the first general headcanon, so here it is. I hope you will like it !

Thank you so much for your support and kindness, you are an angel !


  • Dake could have discovered his passion for the surf with Boris’ help. 
  • He was completely fan of him when he was a child, he was always asking to see him or call him. “Uncle Boris” is like a second father to Dake, and if he had to hear what people can tell sometimes about him, he would definitively kick some asses.
  • Dake was quite appreciated at school during his childhood, had a lot of friends. With years, when he became a (sexy) teenager, he fuelled the other boys’ jealousy and had been quite criticized. He secretly still suffers from that. 
  • He made a lot of friends with older people from the surf, was always with them, even younger. It can explain why he sometimes gives the impression he knows so much more than other people of his age. 
  • He could totally work during summer at the beach, as a monitor. 
  • He has actually a lot of argues with his parents about school, because of his grades and his nonchalance.  
  • He pasts minimum one complete hour on his hair when he washes it, and have a whole shelf of hair products. 
  • He could be vegetarian, or even vegan. He is totally horrified by what people do to others, to animals and to earth. 
  • He is a huge defender of genders’ equality. Despite what his womaniser side could let think, he campaigns to speak freely and respectfully about the woman’s sexuality and her pleasure. He can’t stand people who have macho speeches about how things should happen in bed. 
  • He hated Fifty shade of Grey, he is so uncomfortable about how people romanticize the psychological violence in a couple, and can’t support the fact that young ladies all around the world believe it is a sane and cute relationship.
  • He hated doing sport before discovering the surf. After that, he took a closer look at nautical sports and literally felt in love. Diving, surfing, paddle, swimming, rafting, everything in connection with the sea is the perfection for him. 
  • He cried each time he made a tattoo. 
  • The tribal designs could maybe represent his desire for freedom and his connection to the earth. 
  • He always starts his day with a fresh orange juice and a coffee, reads the newspaper everyday on his terrace. 
  • He feels quite lonely, since he doesn’t have really closed friends, and wish he could find someone to who he can speak freely.


  • He could had his first huge crush on his windsurfing’s teacher, when he was younger. Of course, she was older and had that sexy boyfriend he hated. 
  • The day he discovered Candy was dating that baby boy, if he poorly smiled in front of her, in backstage, it was another (really sad) story. He really hoped things could work between them, he though they had a great connection. 
  • Maybe, for the first time, he understood what he could make feel to other guys. Because, let’s be clear, from his point of view, he had a chance, Candy didn’t send him back in Australia as soon as he opened his mouth. He maybe felt… used? (Of course, it is in the case you actually liked him and had a great match with him in the game)
  • He needs to seduce girls to improve his self-esteem, even if he is aware it is not the best way. 
  • Dake already kissed a boy, to see if he could also be attracted by men. 
  • He is totally open-minded about that part of his life. He doesn’t want to wear a label and encourage others to do the same. 
  • He never presented a girl to his family, this is the biggest step in his mind. 
  • His ideal first date would be laying on the beach during a sunset, speaking about life, gently teasing each other and looking at the stars (because time pasts so fast when you have fun). 
  • He secretly desires to meet a person who will say "I want to wait”, because he completely adores when someone maintains his positions if it was he wants. It would be quite challenging for him. 
  • He is a mess when he has to act in front of his real crush. 
  • He is afraid to fell in love. He doesn’t trust himself at all, thinks he is not mature enough to take care of someone who gave him his/her trust. He can have a really low self-esteem. 

Global summary


Your name: submit What is this?

It was not your fault for falling on the black ice in front of your apartment building.  It was not your fault you fractured your left elbow and forearm, which also happened to be your dominate arm.  It was also, beyond shadow of a doubt, not your fault all the guys were staring as they skated past during warm ups for practice.  You could feel how red your face must be from the heat across your cheeks.

Olli was to blame for all three, well two out of three because who can really control which arm you break.  Olli was the one who decided on the apartment when you moved in together so he was the one responsible for your fall.  You had told him this multiple times in the past four days of moping, he always responded with a silent nod accompanied by the wide teeth baring grin of his.

The staring was his fault more than anything though. Your cast went from your upper arm down to your knuckles meaning no bending and limited mobility.  You had moved to Pittsburgh just before you met Olli, away from the Midwestern city you grew up in, therefore you didn’t have anyone in the vicinity that could help you out while recovering.  This meant Olli was your only option and as much as you loved the boy, he really wasn’t suited to help you.

“Do you want me to brush your hair?” Olli asked as he watched you from the bedroom.

“I’m good.” You answered looking back to him from the mirror.

“You sure?  The different expressions you’ve got going on are interesting.” He said coming into the bathroom.

“Just because you washed it with no problems doesn’t mean you are automatically a hair professional.” You said trying to brush out the long, wet mess you had.

“I do brush my hair everyday though, which should count for something.” Olli said placing his hands on your hips as he stood behind you.

“Used a hair dryer recently?” You asked lifting your head to look up at him.

“No, but how hard could it be?” His response came from over his shoulder as he pulled your hair dryer from the shelf.

“More than you think.” You mumbled to yourself, preparing for what should be an experience for the ages.

“How can this take so long?” Olli yelled out as he shut the dryer off for the third time to check your hair.  It had only been 15 minutes or so, no longer than usual to you but for him it was beyond the realm of reason.  Your hair came down to your lower back and was a lot thicker than the average head of hair meaning extra time to dry.  His growl of disapproval along with the hair dryer starting up once again almost made you laugh.

You let him dry it out a few more minutes before waving to get his attention. “Brush it, it’ll help dry it.” You said holding the brush up in the mirror.  Olli nodded his head as he shut the dryer off and set it in on the counter.

“I think it should be good now.” He said letting you run your hand through it.

“Perfect, thank you for your help.” You said leaning up to kiss him softly.

“Okay, you’re going to talk me through the ponytail though right?” He asked.

“No offense, but I don’t think you are up for that task quite yet.” You said while running your fingers through your hair softly to get any leftover knots out.

“You wear a ponytail every day, I can do this.” Olli’s confidence was adorable but there was no way he could handle a ponytail.

Hence, the stares all of this teammates were giving you as they warmed up.  Olli’s puppy dog eyes had warmed you over and you allowed him to attempt a ponytail with your hair.  It quickly became apparent he got himself into more than he ever could’ve imagined.

“I did pull it all back!  What do you mean I missed some?” He asked clearly over the attempt of helping with your hair.

“You need to pull the hair from the back upwards so it’s included.” You said grabbing the strands that already falling out in the back.  You hadn’t mentioned the fact he couldn’t smooth it out on the top of your head as he pulled it back or the sides were sticking straight out not brushed into the updo.

Olli attempted to follow your instructions once again.  This had been ongoing for longer than you would have liked, but he was determined to accomplish this for you.  He grabbed a hair tie off the counter and decided he was pleased with his effort.

It was bad, way more than bad but the smile on his face made by his accomplishment had you deciding you couldn’t say anything to him.  “Great job!” You said sounding enthusiastically as possible.

“I told you I could do it!” He said happily as he spun you around and leaned down for a kiss.

“How could I have ever doubted you?” You asked as you headed into the bedroom to find clothes to change into in order to tag along with him to practice.

You were drawing enough attention from the guys, Geno knocked Patric over as he stretched and Beau nearly tripped upon looking in your direction.  Trying to seem uninterested in your surroundings you turned your complete attention to your phone.

The guys finally started to head off the ice and you threw the phone into your purse as you went to head towards the locker room.  The sudden pound on the glass in front of you nearly knocked you over.  Looking up you saw Beau, Kris and Sid looking at you.

“Ugh.” You groaned to yourself heading down to them.

“What the heck happened to your head?  I thought you just broke your arm, not your brain too. It looks like you stuck your finger through the light socket not just into it!” Beau said as he emphatically pointed towards you.

“Beau!” Sid yelled pushing him.

“I know you guys, Olli did it and he was so proud I couldn’t take it out, it would have crushed him.” You said looking in Kris’s direction.  He was just staring at you silently.

“Well, don’t let him do it again.” Beau said skating off.

“He means well.” Sid said shooting you a smile.

“Which one?” You asked causing him laugh to loudly.

“Both.  Olli because he wants to look after you, especially now that you are injured and Beau cause he, well, it’s Beau.” Sid said leaning in to pat your shoulder before skating off.

“You don’t have anything to say.” You asked Kris as you turned yourself towards him.  You and the defenseman had a friendship you enjoyed, he was one of the quieter players and you could actually have a conversation without interruption with him.

“That’s really bad.  Do you want me to fix it?” He asked coming closer to you.

Your eyes grew wide with from the idea.  “I’ve had more than enough experience with hockey players playing with my hair for the day, thanks though.”

“I had long hair you know, I know how to pull hair up.” Kris said turning you around.

With efficiency you had never expected, he corrected your hairdo.  Looking at it in your phone’s camera you were beyond impressed.  “This is better than I can pull of sometimes.” You said as you wrapped your arms around him in a tight hug.

“It’s not a big deal.  I can do it for you from now on if you like, while you only have one arm.  Olli is not someone I would consider helpful in the hair department” He said returning your hug.

“Seriously?  I would appreciate it so much, I love Olli but there is a reason he has super short hair.” You said thinking about your experience that morning.

“Yes, if it saves us from having to look at the mess on your head, I’ll do it.” Kris teased you.

“Thank you.” You said as he headed into the locker room.  You weren’t left by yourself for long as Olli came out shortly after.  He looked at you intently as he approached.

“What happened to your hair?” He asked as he reached you.

“Uh, Kris fixed it.” You answered shyly looking at him.

“Finally, I couldn’t believe you left it in.  I love you but please don’t ever let me help with your hair again.” Olli said wrapping his arm around you softly and avoiding your left side.

“What do you mean you couldn’t believe I left it in?  You were proud of what you had done, I couldn’t take it out.” Were you really hearing this?

“I couldn’t do any better, trust me, I didn’t know what to do when you left it in.  The guys thought you maybe concussed yourself in the fall and no one caught it.  They were truly worried and I had to confess it was me, and they told me to never touch your hair again.” He said leading you out.

“Can we stop in the team store for a minute?” You asked walking in the other direction.

“What do you need?” He asked following behind you.

“I want a Letang jersey; he is my new favorite defenseman, I mean do you see this ponytail it’s professional level.” You answered him walking faster.

“What?  I will always be your favorite defenseman.” Olli said catching up and turning you around.

“Well…”Your reply was cut off by Olli’s lips on yours.