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Putting your hair in a protective style doesn't mean that it will grow faster.

A protective style helps to RETAIN LENGTH, that is the most important thing. If you don’t RETAIN LENGTH then it will seem as if your hair is not growing, when this isn’t the case.

Many people have the misconception that if they wear a protective style for 2 months, their hair will grow 2 inches.

If you’re doing this, you’re going to have a lot of breakage to a point where it looks like your hair hasn’t grown. Even if you’ve had them for 6 weeks and they still look fresh, take them out!!!

It is also vital that you moisturise with water, oils etc. whilst your hair is in a protective style so that you’re taking care of your hair underneath (if you’re wearing braids or whatever)

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How to “Grow” Hair

For people with long hair, whether relaxed or natural, the first question they seem to be asked is, “how did you grow your hair so long?” However, the question should be, “how did you retain so much length?” Whether your hair grows 10 inches a year, or 4 inches a year, you must retain the bulk of it to see results. What is the point of growing 10 inches a year, to have poor haircare… 

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If you have natural hair and are not seeing growth

Leave it alone.

Put it in a twist out or braid out for 5 days. Unravel on the 6th day and on the 7th prep for your wash day.Its how I grew my hair to shoulder length in a year and its what I’m doing again. Wigs and twist outs. Not touching my real hair for days at a time.

Moisture isnt a huge deal for me since I sweat at work and go for a run everyday *not sunday* and if it is getting a bit dry I will spritz my water/leave in mix and bam. DONE. Sometimes I keep my twists for 2 weeks just to leave my hair ALONE. I clip out 1 strand knots when I see them and heaven forbid I use heat. 

Just find a style you can deal with for the week or weeks and do it, LEAVE YOUR HAIR ALONE.

I see youtube videos with people have breakage and nape problems and edges missing… why are you messing with your edges? I havent used my edge control in 6 months because there has been nothing that was so fancy I had to lay them flat. Even so shea butter will keep them flat for me… me! With the 4b/4c I do what I want when I want hair!

Again I will say leave your hair alone, I wash mine oce every 2 weeks with a cowash and once a month with a sulfate free shampoo. If its getting really dirty I bust out a regular shampoo to get rid of all the nasty on my scalp. Even then my hair is in twist and I aim for just my scalp while I am washing. 

I hate when my hair isnt twisted… it looks like a city after Godzilla is done with it AND you can see all the different textures like.. a great divide.


Natural Hair Challenge || 6 Month Hair Therapy

In order for your hair to be healthy and retain length you have to care for it like it like you would a child. Some of you may have looked at that in confusion but your hair is something that can not care for itself and can only thrive and flourish it is trained and cared for in the right manner.

Here are the guildlines to the challenge:

● Use a ACV rinse once a month to get rid of product build up.

¾ water in a spray bottle

● Deep condition once a week for at least 30 minutes

Rinse with cool water

●NO EXTREME HEAT (constant blow drying and flat ironing at high temperatures)

●Protein treatment every two weeks

Protein strengthens your hair and promotes hair growth

●Drink at least 8 cups of water a day

Water is great for your body and is essential to your health. Healthy body, healthy hair.

●Trim your hair only when needed

Every 4 to 6 months

●Protective style at least 2 weeks out of the month.

Flat twists, mini twists, braids, and twists. Avoid keeping. Twists and braids in for longer than 3 months to avoid locking.

●Wrap your hair with a silk or satin bonnet/scarf every night for bed

Unless you have silk or satin pillow cases tie your hair down. Cotton can dry out and pop your hair.

●Low manipulation

Do not stress your hair by over working it with different styles and tools. Keep it simple.

●No shampoo

Shampoo drys out and tangles your hair. Co-wash instead.

●Moisturize with the L.O.C method ●DRINK WATER

To participate in the challenge just post pictures of your progress with the tag #NNPCChallenge


In this one I’m sharing how I do my hot oil/pre poo treatment and how I easily turn it into a deep conditioning treatment when needed. This treatment is great for all hair types and definitely caters to dry, frizzy, or damaged hair. Applying this treatment to your hair routine regularly will give noticeable improvement in hair growth, a healthy scalp, moisturized hair, and length retention. 


How I was able to grow my natural hair over 20 inches long =)

I have been natural for four years and have been able to retain an average of 20 inches of growth.


What is this? A Nutrition Talk Tuesday post?!? Yes it is!! I apologize for my hiatus but I am back! The thing I love MOST about nutrition is how it plays a role in everything! Today’s NTT topic is HAIR GROWTH! With all the blue gummies and magic hair oils claiming to grow your hair, how can you know what really works? If I have an external problem I always see if I can solve it internally! Above there are a list of supplements that can improve hair growth and retention!
1. PROTEIN: you’re hair is mostly protein, without a steady intake of protein hair growth can slow
2. IRON: low iron can cause many other problems, when it comes to hair growth low iron can reduce the oxygen supply to your scalp slowing growth and making it hard to retain. Taking an iron supplement without sulfur can boost your levels w/o constipation
3. OMEGA 3s: fatty acids make up the cell membranes of your scalp, follicles and the natural oils produced by your scalp. Our bodies do not produce omega 3s naturally. Supplementing a fish oil, eating more fish and nuts can help
4. COLLAGEN: Collagen is an amino acid that is a building block of hair. Our collagen levels begin to decline 1% after age 25 which can eventually cause hair thinning over time. Maintaining collagen levels can improve hair growth rate and thickness. Supplementing collagen in powder form like Vital Proteins can yield significant results
Forget the magic shampoos, conditioners, oils and gummies. A sure way to maintain hair health and increase growth starts within! The amazing thing is that these supplements come with more benefits than hair growth. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments drop them below!

Natural Hair Length Retention

As a woman with 4C Natural hair, i’ve done my FAIR share of research. Here are just a few tips to retain the length of natural 4B/4C hair.

1. Wash in sections

Because our hair type has a tendency to shrink and tangle easily, washing in sections is ideal for retaining length.  Whether you section your hair in big braids, big twists, or via hair clips/holders, keeping the hair stretched and bound will help to prevent detangling nightmares and breakage.

2. Stretched hairstyles are your friend

This tip may sound obvious to some but still warrants mentioning.  Stretched styles – twist-outs, braid-outs, bantu knot outs, etc. – are good go-to styles when you want to wear your loose and free.  Why?  Because when our coils and kinks are stretched, they are less likely to interact with each other to form knots and tangles, which in turn can lead to premature trims and breakage.

3. Bounded styles are also your friend

Buns, twists, braids, and many other styles in this category restrict our super coily strands from interacting with each other as well.  Some bounded styles may be more effective than others depending on your hair density and texture within the type 4B/4C category.

4. Avoid harsh tools (or tools altogether) when detangling

Wide tooth seamless combs and/or our fingers are amongst the most gentle tools for our hair.  The widely spread apart teeth on the comb minimizes snagging and snapping during a detangling session.  Our fingers can do the same but more effectively (when done properly) for many of us.  As for brushes?  While not all brushes are created equal, I rarely (if ever) see a type 4B/4C natural achieve long hair using any sort of brush during detangling sessions.

5. Try to style with your fingers (instead of brushes and combs) 

Too much combing and brushing (in addition to over-stretching the hair) can contribute to mid-shaft splits.  Our kinky tresses are more prone to these kind of splits, and so we need to be more careful of using such tools excessively.  If youmust use a comb or brush to style your hair, keep it to a minimum.  

6. Manipulate your hair as little as possible

The more you manipulate your hair, the more likely you are to, not only get breakage, but tangles and knots due to the nature of our tight coils.  This tip corresponds with that of number 3 – wearing bounded styles, styles that restrict our strands from interacting with one another.  Additionally, wearing such styles for a good amount of time can prevent you from over-manipulating your hair.

7. Moisturize and seal thoroughly

Every natural can probably benefit from this tip, but it is especially important for type 4B/4C hair.  Why?  Because our tight coils and kinks do not allow for as much sebum or moisture distribution as, say loose curls or straight hair.  That being said, applying some moisture and sealant to the top, sides, and bottom of your hair is not sufficient.  For some of us, separating our hair into two or three sections is not enough either.  While you obviously do not have to work strand by strand, be sure to really get “in there” AND all the way down to the ends when moisturizing and sealing.


How To Grow Your Natural Hair With Braid & Twist Extensions

Braid and twist extensions are great protectives that can help you retain length - but you must install and maintain them correctly.

bcwizzle  asked:

Can you explain what oil rinsing is?

Oil rinsing is when an excess amount of oil or oily butter is added to the hair before shampooing in the shower, let it sit for 5-15 mins then shampoo or rinse off with water then condition.
You can also apply oil before shampooing leave on for 5 mins shampoo. Then apply more oil in between conditioner, sit for 5 mins then condition.
You can do it as many times as u can, don’t need to mix special oils and oil will do.

The purpose of this is
1) helps your hair to moisture retention
2)Helps with easier detangling especially natural hair
3) helps lessen with knots and tangles.
4) helps to eliminates frizz
5) will leave your hair smoother & softer
6) since it’s oil, it will add shine to your hair as well.


A Complete Week In My New Hair Washing Routine

Naptural85 writes:

This is my NEW Natural Hair Washing Routine for Hair Growth and Moisture Retention! I’m still in the testing stages of this, but a lot of you guys wanted the details, so after months of doing this routine, I’ve finally put this video together for you. It shows a COMPLETE week in this routine, as well as some Do’s, Don'ts, and things to avoid so you have a positive experience. There’s also a bit about the “Water Only Washing Method”! It took me a really long time to get this all together for you guys so I really hope you enjoy it, and most importantly, I hope it helps!

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LOC is an abbreviation for leave in conditioner, oil and cream. It’s name is in the order you should apply your products, which makes it an easy-to-remember curly routine! The LOC layers products in a specific order to maximize moisture retention.