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is it too late to add some black ballerina magic for blackout?

Excerpt from Robert Garland’s “Joplin Dances”, staged and coached by Tai Jimenez

Boruto Ep. 3 Recap

“Metal Lee Goes Wild!”

•Shino is a certified grown ass man & people still don’t listen to him. HALP! I was yelling, “Say it with your fuckin chest, Shino!”
•baby Metal Lee has anxiety. 😭
•I cannot deal with Boruto’s antics. He is a STUNT QUEEN!!!! My guy said he found that wind shiruken in someone’s locker. SIR. it’s called stealing!!!! Hicconwkqosvvdhd
•Shino’s leg cross >>>
•I thought Boruto was being a little sarcastic shit when he called that purple hair girl, “Miss Class Rep” but he’s serious. Manners.
•Boruto had coupons for hamburgers. Omg. He’s so cute. & I KNOW that Hinata gave them to him.
•Shikamaru is the chillest dad ever. I thought he’d be more strict since he’s the Hokage’s advisor.
•When Shikamaru said there’s no such thing as a perfect kid & getting scolded is part of becoming a great ninja, I felt like he was talking about Naruto. Cause that boy, whew. Lmao
•& really quick, when Temari poured that drink for Shikamaru, I was like let’s get LIT!
•Shikadai is a great kid. He truly felt bad & basically got himself together. I’ve only known him for three episodes but I’m so proud!
•When they ran away >>> lmao that was some Little Rascals shit
•Inojin’s drawings are so cute but honestly, who has time to use & blend all them damn colors???
•"Knock him out, Boruto!“
*Boruto hesitates*
Inojin “IDGAF” Yamanaka: Want me to do it? when I say that I HOLLERED!
•Shikadai got on his knees & begged Metal Lee for forgiveness. 😭
•Metal Lee almost whooped all they ass & still told them to get their shit together & be better. I lived. SPRINGTIME OF YOUTH!
•When Boruto said that he couldn’t play with Himawari because he had to study, that shit threw me OFF. When has Naruto Uzamaki ever dedicated time to study?! When?!
•when Metal Lee threatened to snitch on all of them, I was like ok, let’s relax & then resumed to smooth breaking Boruto’s game in half
•Like, honestly, these kids are amazing! They’re so inherently good! Naruto & em too but let’s be honest, they were bad as hell! Lmao & rude!

Next ep. thoughts:
•they’re gonna fight over a sandwich??? That’s so dramatic??? & I’m here for it.
•that is a lot of tension between Boruto & Sarada. 🤔 I’m interested in seeing as to why.

So the president of my school’s theatre arts club said this:

“Theatre kids are the leaders of sacrifices, orchestra kids sacrifice others, and the band kids get sacrificed.”

It’s true for our school, but is it for others?? I wanna know, tell me

I ship clone Shiro’s hair with Lotor’s hair. Just. Just the hair. Hear me out, okay? Softest hugs and cuddles, bc we can clearly see both hairs are Very Good And Luscious. We have that blessed height difference too, since Lotor’s solidly reaches his middle back, and Shiro’s is only about shoulder length. HOC rep y'all!!! (Hair of color, obviously)