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If you missed my ’Jillian Holtzmann Transformation’ from Ghostbusters, go check it out on my channel now!
In the video, not only do I show you how to replicate her effortless natural makeup, but I also show you how to achieve her distinctive hairdo!
Here is a quick breakdown:

Start off with your hair on a side parting, section off the top and pull the rest of your hair back into a ponytail.

1. Divide your hair into 3 separate sections, then use a conical wand to curl each section over the barrel. This will create height at the root.

2. Pin each curl in place and leave to completely cool. If you remove the pins too early the curls will drop due to the heat.

3. Remove pins and backcomb each section at the root to get some lift to the curls. Don’t forget to spritz in some hair spray for durability. Then smooth the front and top layer of the hair with a comb.

4. Use grips to pin the curls in place. A tip is to lift the curl up so it’s in line with the top of the ear and then pin it to the head. This will help keep some height to the quiff.

5. Wrap your ponytail into a bun and use pins to secure it.
Voila! Jillian Holtzmann inspired hair.

Don’t forget that Ghostbusters is out now on Blu-Ray & DVD!


Niall’s snap from yesterday had me feeling some type of way, so here’s some smut for y’all. Enjoy!

Italics= your texts
Bold italics= Niall’s texts

You had gone with Niall to the Modest!Golf offices that day because you couldn’t bear to be away from him that day. You had walked out of the bathroom, dressed and ready, to see Niall shrugging on his coat. You stopped in your tracks, mouth slightly open. He looked positively amazing. His new haircut, which you already loved, was styled in his usual quiff. His hair was now a gorgeous dark brown, with loads of natural highlights that were gleaming in the light of the room. He was wearing a cream-colored collared shirt with buttons, dark skinny jeans, and lace-up shoes. The coat completed everything. You knew that minute that you weren’t letting him out of your sight for the rest of the day. He noticed you staring at him and smirked. “Like what you see?” he asked. You snapped out of your stare and went about finding your coat and shoes. “Yeah, babe. You look good,” you responded, downplaying the fluttering in your stomach that he had caused. “Not so bad yerself there, love.” he told you, and you could feel his blue eyes raking up and down your body. You had opted for gray Vans, leggings, a white henley that was actually Niall’s, and you’d thrown a button up over top of everything. He walked up behind you and helped you into your jacket, placing gentle kisses on your neck as he did so. You moaned lightly, letting your head fall to the side. His lips coasted up your neck, by your ear, and on your jaw. You spun around, ready to lay one on him. “We gotta go love,” he said quietly. You pouted and rested your hands on his face, feeling the tickle of his stubble under the pads of your fingers. He smiled at you and placed what he thought was going to be a quick kiss on your lips, but you pressed yourself against him, deepening the kiss. Your hands ran down his body to rest on his chest. His resolve crumbled instantly, and his arms wrapped around your waist. His hands rested just above your ass, one slipping down to squeeze your bum. You smiled against his lips and slipped your tongue into his mouth, tasting his toothpaste and something distinctly Niall. He pulled himself away from you, trying to regain his bearings, and rested his forehead on yours. “Yer killing me, darlin’” “Sorry. You just look so good. I want you so bad, baby,” you told him. “I know, and God I want you too, but we’ve gotta go to the office.” “Fine,” you sighed dramatically, exaggerating the injustice of not being able to jump your boyfriend’s bones.

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OK so imagine at some rehearsal Johnny comes in late with his fur/hair quiff all messy and his jacket haphazardly on and shizz-

And out of nowhere Mike or Ash just say ‘Here’s Johnny~’ but in the same tone of voice as the guy from The Shining (I’m blanking out on his name rn I think it’s Jack or smth) like all creepy and menacing-

And Johnny completely freaks out, throwing out apologies left and right like 'Oh my god what did I do am I in trouble Mr. Mike/Ms. Ash I’m sorry-!’

And Meena and Buster are just like 'No, no, it’s OK it’s just a joke they’re not mad’-

And Rosita just has a glare like 'How dare you hurt my baby boy’ and let’s just say Mike or Ash are afraid for their lives.

Tbh Johnny is my child but I feel that this could happen.

Like A Shibe

Rating: PG-13 (for some oblique references to sex)
Word Count: 2K or so
Summary: After TATINOF, Phil’s feeling insecure about how fans think of him compared to how they think of Dan. Why didn’t he ever get to be drawn like a French girl in the stage show? Dan’s always the sexy one. Dan tries to reassure him.
Author’s Note: Just a quick little scene I wrote. You can alternatively read this on AO3 (where my username is kimberly_a) here.

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mahomedjezzini: This is how it happened: I was at the Starbucks in Opéra Avenue in Paris, minding my own business. I stare out the window to see a stylish man and a skinny lady with a pixie cut and pink hair. My brain does the working and shouts: IT’S ALEX TURNER. Next thing I know, i’m packing my shit and getting mentally ready to talk. I approached them with a «hey, Alex!». And we then engaged in the best 5 minutes of my year; we talked about his show and the city; I then hugged him twice and said thank you for Suck it and See. He said he was glad their music helped people like me and he then asked for my name and some basic questions. Just before leaving, @thetaylorbagley asked if I wanted another photo other than a selfie. I accepted of course! (August 25, 2016)

slice-of-bread  asked:

I LOVE THE GENDER BEND BECAUS ETAEHYUNG!! SEOKJIN!!! ALL OF THEM JUST YESS!!!and i've always thought that a girl Jeongguk would have really short, spiffy hair, like in a quiff so I LOVE THAT YOU SEE THAT TOO OMG!!

THANK YOU A LOT!!! I didn’t really want to draw long hair for everyone bc boring, and very short hair is cute, kook is cute i mean???? i thought it would look rlly great, im glad u like it too T-T